Briefings: Antelope Leap 3.1 THIS WEEK, TOKEN2049, IBC+EVM, Scam Warning, Helios, Hypha, EVMxIdeathon

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Countdown to the New EOS Consensus Upgrade (Hardfork)

As the community counts down the final days to Antelope Leap v3.1, key personnel begin preparing for their spotlight moments. Huobi X-change interviewed ENF CEO Yves La Rose to discuss the early vision of a small development team, who together, inspired the reinvention of the mainnet. The article also goes into what to expect in the year(s). Yves pointed out that the crypto space fails to recognize EOS’ accomplishments. He goes on to describe how Antelope will turn the table in EOS’ favor. Here’s a quote illustrating EOS in a truer light:

“$EOS is the only DAO, that was exclusively launched, owned, operated, and continues to be governed by token-holders…” - Yves La Rose

In another tweet, Yves discussed GameFi’s bright future, citing the EOS’ ecosystem’s 50+% market share, and highlighted TrustEVM’s impact in this area. Bywire helps the community prepare for the new EOS in a featured article. Node operators may wish to view EOS upgrade FAQs by EOS Support.

Token 2049 and More!

Premier ENF product Trust EVM is a TOKEN2049 title partner. Yves revealed some of what to expect in his upcoming presentation in a tweet:

“Imagine if you could build on Ethereum, but benefit from the performance of #EOS. Well, soon you won’t have to imagine!”

He went on to tout the new EOS EVM as the most performant, reliable, and low-cost solution on the market. All this is made possible by launching Trust EVM following the September 21 hardfork. Bywire, the most downloaded news app in the UK, reported on EOS at the Euro conference. Representing EOS will be Zaisan’s CEO, Rhett Oudkerk. A go-to-market strategy will be among the items discussed. Listen to what Rhett had to say on a recent Fireside Chat. The Zaisan team will also represent EOS in Amsterdam leading up to the day of the launch. EOS Nation connects with young minds at the Université de Sherbrooke Career Fair for Engineering and Computer Science. Btw, EOS Nation is hiring.

IBC and EVM to Follow Hardfork

The ENF confirmed that an IBC product will soon follow this week’s hardfork. An EOS EVM is expected around the same time. Bywire news spotlighted EOS Fireside Chats, the latest of which discussed inter-blockchain communication (IBC) among other things. Increased finality speed and IBC were also among the topics the ENF called attention to this week. Once smart contracts begin operating across different chains, advanced concepts of transaction finality will become substantially more powerful. Imagine designing apps knowing that not only are transactions processed in fractions of a second, but they’re irreversible within a few seconds (rather than a few minutes) as well. Imagine the possibilities.

Helios Investors Report and EVMxIdeathon Update  

Who better to lead Web3 development than EOS. Thanks to Helios, that reality is ever more likely. The Helios Investors Report surfaced this week. Helios is important to the EOS (and the greater ecosystem) for a variety of reasons. Most notably, Helios’ incubator program and marketing efforts are second to none. Individuals can help lead by participating in events like EVMxIdeathon. The combo hackathon-ideation commences on September 19, just two days before Antelope Leap v3.1 goes live. Help the developer community ensure EOS EVM arrives soon after. Watch the EVMxIdeathon opening ceremony on Helios YT.

Hypha DAO: Organizations-in-a-Box

Bywire dug into the $850k ENF grant awarded to Hypha for bringing organizations-in-a-box to the EOS ecosystem. Read the article for details. Highlighted was the introduction of:

“…a robust suite of tools for structuring and managing their DAOs.”

Brandon Lovejoy commented on the plethora of recent development

“Lately, it just feels like Christmas every day for the #EOS Community…”

ENF’s CEO described the introduction of super easy DAO creation on EOS: 

“Starting a DAO …as easy as creating a Facebook group or Discord chat!”

Combine EOS’ speed with virtually instant DAO creation, an IBC, and larger community thanks to an EOS EVM, and very quickly EOS delivers on even some of the most fantastic blockchain dreams.

SCAM WARNING, EOS Respect Election#2 and EOS Support Learning Center

EOS Support identified a new scam asking users to migrate to v3. Don’t fall prey! Only node operators need to participate in the Antelope Leap v3.1 consensus upgrade. Node operators are encouraged to fill out a hardfork upgrade survey. EOS Respect held its second election this past week. 2nd election stats are now available. EOS Respect uses a modified version of EdenOS software for the purpose of providing funding accountability. Members elect delegates who are to be held to their pre-election promises and must also follow-up with fund distributions. EOS Respect was founded by EOS Support squad members. Funding options are limited to those projects that choose to affiliate with EOS Support. 

Eden on EOS: Gliding through the Turbulence

Excitement around Eden currently centers around the Antelope launch. Looks like updating the Eden peace treaty won’t see action until the new EOS is live. With all the turmoil that surrounded the last election, coupled with the chaos of a ‘hardfork’, this term's delegates really have their work cut out for them. Good thing all are dedicated and well-connected within the community. On the Eden fractal front, a steady gain in momentum seems to occur with each passing week. There’s a clear uptick in interest. Existing members continue to organize themselves, most recently with several proposals for an interim consensus process. Below are consistent providers of community information:

In addition to the above resources, Helios hosts weekly discussions on emerging topics. Members may also wish to check out a bit of Eden history and an Eden election site.

Fractally Latest

As with Eden, the still yet tiny Fractally ecosystem appears drawn into a slumber in the wake of this week’s Antelope launch. A test version of the software is rumored for use in the near future. The development team maintains a somewhat synchronous product release alongside Antelope. Eden fractal was briefly discussed in the previous section. At the most recent Alien Worlds fractal, focus areas were discussed and identified:

  • Bot prevention
  • Security and identity
  • Accountability

In general, key members of the AW fractal and core development team said that the concern is “fairness for all” (for both players and land owners alike). This is the kind of environment that future GameFi can look forward to by employing fractally software. The interim (council) consensus process has been put on hold as the team addresses concerns from the community. The Bitshares fractal finds it best to refocus some of its efforts toward education/onboarding and NFTs. The new initiative comes a week following the announcement of the first Bitshares NFT issuance app. Events surrounding both the Hispania and Russian fractals remain somewhat isolated to those respective communities. Each fractal below offers their own participation rewards across different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) - learn consensus fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) - contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) - a gaming DAO experiment
  • Bitshares (back in the hanger) - exchange, NFTs and onboarding
  • Hispana - a unique process by Spanish speakers

For those wanting to learn more directly from the community, check out new Hive articles by seymour (Genesis meeting), mikelennie (recaps), auguerrido (Hispania), and highsteam1900 (Bitshares); also, fractally Telegram recaps (same as above). Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.



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