Briefings: ENV AMA, Pomelo, Websummit Highlights, and EVMxIdeathon Finals

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EOS Network Ventures AMA

With everything going on around the community, for EOS Network Ventures to garner most of the attention this week is telling of how important the newly passed proposal is. Maybe the biggest takeaway from recent events is that the community voiced its concerns and were heard. The effort amounted to changing account permissions from 2/3 to 4/7. Yves said the new requirement makes funds more secure while holding the ENV to greater accountability. Yves also was present on Fireside Chat to field questions from the community in AMA format. The exchange lasted for 2 hours. Given all that was discussed, Fireside Chat host, Stephane Bisson, did as well as can be expected in compiling a quick recap. His lightning recap starts here. For the full AMA, you’re encouraged to listen to this week’s Fireside Chat.

Pomelo Applications Open

Pomelo applications are now open. Season 4 promises to outdo the last quarter, as has become typical of each Pomelo round. The team remains professional, innovative, and engaged with the community. From helping new projects find their way to listening to the community’s needs and even hosting a fun NFT collection, Team Pomelo is as integral to the success of EOS’ future as any organization. Illustrating Pomelo’s importance are improvements made by EOS Bees, RECAPS and Immutable Realms. Pomelo impacts individual creators more than any other effort on EOS. For those wishing to get involved, there’s still more than enough time to set up a solid proposal for Season 4. Check out Pomelo’s Medium blog, especially the recent post on Rules. New in Season 4 is Collections. Already having some fun with that.

ENF Tour: Websummit and TOKEN2049 Feedback

Actions taken by the ENF are calculated, but that doesn’t mean the foundation shies away from spontaneity. Passing the ENV proposal and holding the EVMxIdeathon final ceremony just as TOKEN2049 (London) commences illustrates both traits. Coordinating efforts between ENF working groups, Helios, and Ziasan is another profoundly impactful talent that’s helping take EOS mainstream. Check out some of the feedback from the Euro Websummit:

EVMxIdeathon Final Ceremony

For those who didn’t follow the EVMxIdeathon from the beginning, the part hackathon/ideation explores what’s possible between the New EOS and its Ethereum Virtual Machine. Tabbed the Trust Network, EOS EVM is faster, cheaper, and as secure as any other solution. EVMxIdeathon participants prove it. This week saw the final ceremony. Top projects were selected and allotted time to make last pitches before the judges made their final decisions. Helios founder, Brock Pierce, also attended and spoke to the community. Watch the EVMxIdeathon Final Ceremony in its entirety on Helios VC YouTube.

Ecosystem Project Spotlight: Bountyblock and Psibase

Two projects lingering around the EOS ecosystem are Bountyblock and Psibase. Psibase is EOS-friendly coming from the original DPoS mind, Dan Larimer. Watch the highly anticipated Bywire interview with Dan discussing what Psibase has to offer. Bountyblock made news around EOS for its progress over the past couple of years. Among the blockchains Bountyblock serves are EOS, WAX, Polygon, Proton, and Hedera (soon). Listed tools are:

  • Distribution Tool
  • Enterprise APIs
  • Contest/Giveaway Tool
  • Gift NFT

ENF Updates

Leading other ENF news this week is a new version of Antelope Leap. At the weekly Leap meeting, the team announced that Leap v3.2 is near ready for release. It took years for the old EOS (under the leadership of B1) to complete a couple of version updates. The ENF just had its first anniversary and already built a new blockchain and is ready to deliver on a 3rd, improved, version. Amazing what can be accomplished when blockchain is done right. In other ENF news:

Eden on EOS

Weekly Eden meetings have taken on a bit of a different form. Yes, we still deliberate via breakout rooms and reward for past contributions. Characteristic of meetings now is a sort of transformation/evolution (opposed to establishing a new community). Probably a testament to the fractal process’ nimble dynamic, Eden efforts rarely stagnate. It’s a good thing too, considering how fast the ENF and Antelope move. Eden on EOS is still refining what it means to participate in weekly meetings. The increasing focus of Consortium is an example. An idea for matching gaming with engagement is another. Come join a meeting and share your vision of EOS. Note that weekly Leap developer meetings were rebranded to ‘Leap EOS Node Operator Roundtable’. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:




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