Briefings: ENV $100M, TOKEN2049 Part 2,Yield+ Report, R+, Hypha, Pomelo

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EOS Network Ventures $100M Funding Solely for EOS Development

The EOS Network Foundation announced $100M for an EOS ecosystem fund headed by EOS Network Ventures. The amount printed to this point is 68,277,906 in EOS (valued at less than $1 when minted). The multisig transaction was executed on November 9th. The ENF described the ENV’s mandate as making:

“...strategic equity & token-based investments into tech startups across the Web3 space…”

Key areas identified were: 

  • GameFi
  • Metaverse
  • eSports
  • NFTs
  • Fintech

Reception was mostly positive but there were concerns. Among the issues was the procedure taken to pass the proposal. Helios made a symbolic gesture to bring awareness to the speed and lack of notification that the multisig took place. Read the brief discussions (1, 2) thus far. Eden Capital and GenerEOS also asked for clarity (1, 2).

ENF on Tour: TOKEN2049 London

The ENF continues to build upon a successful tour. At TOKEN2049 in London, CEO Yves La Rose again showed his prowess on the stage while discussing the Future of Blockchain Protocols. Throughout the tour, attendees flock to the team’s booth to find out what’s going on with the New EOS. See the crowd gathering to find out how to: 


Zaiasan joined the party in London and shared the booth with the ENF. Here’s some of the key faces and more onsite images.

Recover+ Successfully Corals Varmints for a $2M+ Warrant

There’s a lot of confidence in the ENF. When the foundation says it’s launched a product, the community believes it will live up to expectations. For good reason too; the ENF’s track record is pristine. This week’s successful Recover+ recovery is a perfect illustration. EOS as a blockchain has never been hacked. Unfortunately, few centralized entities use EOS to secure their operations. R+ was designed (partially) with this in mind. As reported by ENF CEO Yves La Rose:

“On November 5th, Pando Rings, a lending platform was exploited for more than $70M. Pando Rings is not an $EOS application, but the attacker was able to steal more than 2M #EOS tokens. The Recover+ team quickly intervened and froze the stolen funds.”

Amazing! And with this, EOS sets another new standard for blockchain.

Hypha Still Making Waves

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. It’s a company, foundation, or group of like minds who’s governance is determined by a blockchain’s keyholders. Participant authority is determined by the rules of the blockchain. Hypha automates the process of creating a DAO. It’s a game changer on EOS given unmatched agility, functionality and security. Projects can now make their visions a reality much quicker while holding the power to protect their investments. Hypha has been among the most talked about organizational efforts outside of the ENF. It’s been a nice surprise and universally recognized as a positive for EOS and the ecosystem. The ENF recognized Hypha with an $850K grant for the purpose of bringing an organization-in-a box product suite to EOS. Revisit the September interview on the ENF YT.

Pomelo 1 Year Anniversary

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of Pomelo. In celebration, the team prepared a series of videos showcasing successful grants. EOS Support got things rolling. Pitch sessions are back for season 4. Accepted grant applicants can present their project pitches to the community in a variety of ways:

Pomelo Rapid Fire Pitch Sessions (15 projects over 60-90 minutes each week):

  • Nov. 24
  • Dec. 1
  • Dec. 8
  • Dec. 13

Pomelo Pitch Sessions (hosted by EOS Nation Asia) Chinese Edition and Korean Edition (with Max from Eden Korea)

  • Nov. 26
  • Dec. 3
  • Dec. 10

There’s also Pomelo Pitch Deck Interviews hosted by GenerEOS where projects get 20–30 minutes each to present an overview. Team Helios holds a Pitch Deck Workshop for helpful tips. Visit the Pomelo Pitch Session Medium post for how to apply, important dates and other key information. 

Yield+ October Report

The verdict is in for Yield+, well a small one at least. The first report, October, recorded 11 participating dapps. Note that 7 dapps were considered in good standing through the month with 4 others qualifying after the full launch (or fluctuating). Yiield+ emerged from its testing phase on October 17. The attention it's received, while impressive, merely scratches the surface of what’s expected. Inspiring innovations in DeFi remains a key objective. October allocations of Yield+ subsidies amounted to $50K EOS. Another 300K EOS was recently added to the treasury.

ENF Updates

Can’t say it enough: there’s a lot going on at the EOS Network Foundation. The team gracefully managed a modestly, controversial VC fund while reaching the peak of its months-long tour at TOKEN2049 in London. This section is about more regular ENF news. Though, the foundation has been so active at the start that one must wonder if any month will ever feel ‘regular’. Noteworthy events include:

  • RFP for reprioritizing Antelope Coalition goals to improve P2P discover across chains
  • Defibox Vault (sToken)
  • New CTO, Bart Wyatt, intro
  • Build on EOS
  • Accelerating blockchain adoption with the VCABB (an independent venture from the ENV)
  • (looking back) Architects of Consensus series: Director of Engineering, Areg Hayrapetian

Eden on EOS

Pomelo is as big a part of EOS as any organization. Eden members increasingly turn to Pomelo quadratic funding to provide public goods that are good for both EOS and the growth of Eden. This week’s Eden fractal meeting felt a bit laid back. Maybe it was a focus on Pomelo. In any regard, the fractal process demonstrated its effectiveness in agreeing to a new meeting time, 16 UTC. The hope is that the later start will allow others to join. There’s also been a call for a weekend meeting when people typically have more time on hand. A brainstorming session is already in the works. Feel free to inquire further at Eden on EOS telegram or discord. Read more about what’s going on around Eden on EOS and the mainnet community:



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