Brock Pierce Goes ‘All in on EOS’

B1 transfers 8 million EOS to Brock Pierce’s new fund, Helios. As EOS goes from strength to strength, is this cryptocurrency the most undervalued of all?

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - What on earth is going on at EOS? After years in the doldrums, it’s suddenly sunny day after sunny day. Following hard on the heels of Eden on EOS and the EOS Network Foundation, the EOS community has even more to celebrate thanks to Brock Pierce, going ‘all in’ with his new initiative Helios. The momentum in the EOS community is frankly staggering.

One thing is clear, B1’s announcement that it would be transferring 8 million EOS ($39 million) to Helios – run by their cofounder Brock Pierce – is a big step forward.

In a statement, B1 explained its decision:

“Over the last three years we have watched the EOS community and network evolve, and we have put a great deal of consideration into how we can leverage our own EOS token holdings to help further fuel the network’s growth,” they said.

“We are now looking at a series of transactions that we hope will empower the EOS network to bring new participants and opportunities into the ecosystem, bootstrap new and exciting decentralized governance initiatives, and increase the liquidity of EOS-based projects.”

Pierce was quick to welcome the news.

“I am all-in with the EOS community. With the progress made by @EosEden and the @EosNFoundation I am bullish about the future of $EOS and our ability to positively impact the world.”

According to the statement by, funds will be put to work through a number of ambitious projects including an EOS Venture Capital fund facilitating the creation of infrastructure, tooling and documentation for developers. There will also be events aimed at education, networking and use case development.

There’s more coming. B1 has promised to keep the resurgent community updated on coming developments.

Earlier in the week, Yves La Rose criticised for making false promises to the EOS Network. For him, the future of EOS lies away from the influence of B1, regardless of this latest move.

Elsewhere, optimism was tempered by bad experiences in the past as this response from @EOSBull shows.

In reply Pierce stated: “I’m running it this time. Also looking for members of the community to get involved.”

The message, then, is that this time things will be different, and the market has responded bullishly, with EOS jumping around 10%. This is, then, another in a series of major developments. It follows on from Eden and the ENF to bring the kind of support the community has been crying out for. Although the devil will be in the detail, right now there is real energy surging through the EOS community. Funding is flooding into the network in a way which seeks to empower the community. For those who have long since bailed on EOS, now may be the most advantageous time to get back involved.


(Writing by Tom Cropper and Michael O’Sullivan, editing by Michael O’Sullivan)

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