Can Labour Keir Starmer Steer Karma Back for the Party? Comedian Explains

Labour Party News: Time for Keir Starmer to find Labour’s karma?! Not The News with Jolyon Rubinstein is back with a bangin new episode. This week we take a forensic look at the Labour Party and its leaders past and present.

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Since Keir Starmer, or perhaps, ‘Steer Calmer’, became the Labour Party leader, replacing the outgoing Jeremy Corbyn, he has received a delude of hostility from many within his own party. Over the past few months #StarmerOut and #StarmerGo have both trended on Twitter more often than the forensic slickback legalese leader would like or expect given his fledgling leadership, an all too common problem from within the Labour Party. Made up of a broad church, yes, the members and supporters seem hellbent on destroying each other in lieu of their political opponents. If they can just will the most perfect version of democratic socialism, then every little thing is gonna be just fine...Don’t worry...Keir’s happy. 




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Written by Jolyon Rubinstein;

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