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As EOS marks its Independence Day there was a real air of celebration in this week’s fireside chat.
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The Chancellor has announced a series of massive tax cuts for high earners and corporations, which have seen the pound slump and the value of Government bonds fall. Why is the Prime Minister risking turning an economic crisis into a disaster?
PC Jonathon Cobban is still on the Metropolitan Police’s payroll, reveals Sascha Lavin
Frances Crook, co-convener of the Commission on Political Power, sets out why incremental shifts in the role of monarchy and an over-powerful executive could strengthen democracy in the unlikely event of wholesale reform
As the latest Conservative regime takes office, Rachel Morris considers one of the starkest failures of its predecessor
Sam Bright considers the benefits of taxing the richest people and corporations
A successful upgrade puts the future of EOS firmly in the hands of its community.
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FV Bank customers will now be able to instantly convert one of the fastest growing stable coins into the market into USD.
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Nafeez Ahmed investigates Jacob Rees-Mogg's relationship with his former hedge-fund mentor and political donor Robin Crispin Odey
We are now living through the bleak predictions made in the Brexit contingency report in 2019, says TJ Coles
Sites including the Daily Mail and Metro maintain the presence of RU Target, a data specialist advertising company owned by sanctioned Russian state-controlled bank, Sberbank
The mourning of the Queen’s death has been, largely unconsciously, a nation in a state of 'appearing', writes Joe Haward
EOS formerly declares independence with the successful hard fork and Antelope rebrand.
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A number of arrests have followed violence between Hindus and Muslims in Leicester – a city traditionally associated with successful multiculturalism. Adrian Goldberg speaks to Shockat Adam, a Muslim community activist, who grew up in the east of the city, for the Byline Times Podcast, about his belief that the fires are being stoked by […]
As Putin announces plans to annex more Ukrainian territory, Paul Niland exposes one of the most persistent Russian propaganda ploys which tries to turn victim into perpetrator
Florence Scott reflects on why it is time to discuss the underpinnings of the British monarchy – Christianity, wealth, class, imperialism
Under pressure from Downing Street, the newspaper withdrew a story about Carrie Johnson being offered a lucrative role by her future husband when he was Foreign Secretary
As Labour's Chris Bryant accuses Liz Truss of misleading a select committee about her challenging Gulf leaders on human rights, Sian Norris reports on the impact of Saudi Arabia's armed violence on Yemen's children
The new game will be the first NFT game to appear on Epic Games and is due for full launch before the end of September.
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While the highest offices in Whitehall are well populated by military veterans, there are dwindling numbers of former key workers. Why?