Voice.com Reveals Key Learnings from Community Reporting

Community reporting is Voice.com’s new approach to preventing abusive content on its platform. Here’s what they’ve learned so far.

Take Back the Power: With Blockchain Backed Fashion

Designed in collaboration with British influencer Zuby, each piece is linked to the VeChain blockchain for “Proof of authenticity”.

Voice Announces Results of Community Reporting Tool

Voice announces the early results of its community reporting as it attempts to build a community-based self-governing platform in which extreme conte...

EOSIO Helps to Bring Election Reports on the Blockchain

Blockchain helps bring election results on-chain as Everipedia aims to use the blockchain to fight the spread of misinformation online.

Why Firms Need Digitally Savvy Lawyers

The pandemic has compelled the legal sector to overcome its uncertainty about digital technology and become digital savvy at speed.

Bitcoin Surges as DeFi Drops Back

With investors turning back to the biggest cryptocurrency of them all, many believe it represents a safer investment than gold or oil.

DBS to Offer Digital Asset Exchange

DBS could soon be offering a major new digital asset exchange which could offer businesses a new way to raise funds.

Why the Cost of Bitcoin Transactions Is Surging

According to a recent report on CoinDesk congestion is sparking a surge in the price of Bitcoin transactions.

It Lives: JPM Coin to see First Commercial Use

JPM Morgan announces the first commercial use of its JPM Coin as well as a new division to house its growing list of blockchain projects.

Voice Adds Communities

The new feature will help users find people and content which are more in tune with their own interests.

Facebook Purposefully Suppressed Left Wing Sites

The social media giant has declined to comment after reports surfaced that it had purposefully suppressed left-leaning media on its platform.

US and China Set to Battle it out over the Blockchain

The blockchain looks set to become a battleground for a new tech war between East and West.

Brendan Blumer: The $4bn Dollar Dream

The Forbes profile of Block.one head Brendan Blumer suggests EOS is really making its bow on the mainstream.

Introducing EOSIO For Business - BaaS is HERE

Block.one aims to help businesses harness the benefits of the blockchain with a new suite of services called EOSIO for business.

Voice Asks Users to Vote on Objectionable Content

Blockchain-based social media platform, Voice, will ask its user community to weigh in on whether it believes a post is objectionable and should be r...

DOJ’s Attack on End to End Encryption Should Worry us all.

Donald Trump is trying to tear down end to end encryption and he’s using child sex abuse as a pretext for doing so.

Eosfinex Brings New Opportunities to the EOS Community

Eosfinex is bringing Bitfinex liquidity to the EOS community as it officially launches a beta version of its main net.

New Blockchain Bills Pass Congress

The pressure to provide closer regulation of blockchain technology builds as two new bills have been passed by the US Congress.

Block One Headed to the Moon - Google set to become EOS Pub...

In a major breakthrough for the EOS network, one of the biggest companies in the world says it wants to become a block producer.

Blooming Marvellous: Godfrey Bloom Gets Involved in Bitcoin

A former MEP and renowned investor, Godfrey Bloom, has announced he is the latest to get involved in the Bitcoin craze.

Friend or Foe: China’s Crypto Confusion

Conflicting statements coming out of China make it difficult to tell whether the authorities see crypto as a great opportunity, a dangerous threat, o...