President Nayib Bukele bet the house on Bitcoin – now it’s all blown up in his face.
FILE PHOTO - A sign reading “Pay with Bitcoin here” is set in a furniture store in San Salvador, El Salvador March 10, 2022. REUTERS/Jose Cabezas
Technical support structures, and non-producing block producers were top of the agenda for the fifth Chief Delegate’s meeting.
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Sony is getting itself ‘metaverse’ ready to cope with the rise of web 3.0 technologies.
A view of the Sony booth during the 2020 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. January 8, 2020. REUTERS/Steve Marcus/Files
An article in Wired is the first time a major publication has presented EOS in a light its community recognises, adding fuel to the biggest critics of
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A fork submitted to a vote that is far from being unanimously approved by the community.
Season two of Pomelo sees more than a million dollars raised for EOS projects.
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An Italian version of this article is available at the bottom. LONDON (Bywire News) - One of the problems that afflict the crypto and blockchain sector is the number of attacks on smart contracts carried out by various methods. Some might be caused by errors; others by malicious activity. Whatever the cause, though, they both erode confidence in cryptocurrencies.  Every year, we can see how various projects and smart contracts suffer attacks resulting in millions of dollars worth of losses. Criminals often get away as they can use various techniques to hide the funds and cover their tracks. Unfortunately, when something like this happens, recovering those lost funds can be extremely difficult. Projects often do not offer any insurance or compensation which means victims often find themselves left on their own.  The structure of the blockchain can lend itself to such attacks. Criminals know all too well that it is impossible to turn it off or roll back transactions because these proced...
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EOS Fireside Chats

Catch up with some of the highlights from the most recent EOS Fireside Chat including updates on Mandel, EOS and much more.
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TOP HEADLINES Rebranding EOS: Historical Significance and Look Forward The EOS mainnet community patiently awaits the next upgrade of EOSIO in Mandel. Note that the name Mandel is a placeholder for the rebranded version of EOSIO. The ENF retweeted $4 Billion DAO’s Medium
But you will wait until its price goes up anyway
Welcome to the first information centre created in EOS, feel yourself free to look at the most recent news about EOS and its Blockchain.
From working groups to working together, the ecosystem’s new motto: “action, action, we have action”. EOS Shareity delivers its report while ENF goes sight seeing for developers. Eden being down by law nicely compliments Yield+ liquid refreshments and EVM token capital demand. On the horizon, Mandel and fractally gain momentum.
It may disappoint you
There’s no stopping EOS momentum. What will the ecosystem look like with a TrustEVM token tied to EOS? Greymass stealfully advances Unicove. The party quickly grows as EOS Coalition and Yeild+ advisors settle in. Hope the Bees can keep pace with the new dapp map. Tip bit: Bywire goes mobile.
Up in a bear market, down in a bull market?
(*): If you fundamentally believe in the Bitcoin revolution.
And on the illustration, the right path is on the left.
HAVANA - The Cuban central bank issued regulations on Tuesday for virtual asset service providers, after giving a nod last year to the personal use of cryptocurrencies, a move some experts said could help the Communist-run Caribbean island skirt stiff U.S. sanctions. Cryptocurrencies, which allow financial operations to be carried out anonymously in a decentralized manner, have been used in the past to get around capital controls, as well as to make payments and transfers more efficient. The bank authorization, published Tuesday in the government's official gazette, requires those wishing to use cryptocurrencies to obtain a license. The bank said it would consider the legality, socioeconomic interest and project characteristics of any request before granting a license, which would be valid initially for one year. The roll-out of mobile internet three years ago has opened the way for cryptocurrency transactions in Cuba, and enthusiasts on the island are growing in number as the currenc...
News that Ethereum’s PoS merge is getting closer is creating excited chatter, but other blockchains are already well ahead of the game.
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