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From the PlayStation 2 to Google Glass, these innovative devices set records and shaped the technology we use today.
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The use of fake bylines and AI-generated content in local news raises concerns about trust, accuracy, and transparency, prompting journalists and media companies to reevaluate their approaches to reporting.
UK's AI Safety Institute expands to the heart of Silicon Valley, aiming to collaborate with tech giants and address challenges posed by frontier AI.
With lightning-fast speeds, robust backing, and cross-chain compatibility, MNEE is set to redefine the stablecoin landscape.
Hex Token Founder Seeks Dismissal, Raising Questions About Regulating Decentralized Finance
Nearly nine out of ten UK business leaders are experiencing tech-related stress severe enough to disrupt their sleep, posing significant economic risks.
Unseen photographs of Colossus, the pioneering machine that helped the Allies win WWII, are released by GCHQ.
LONDON (Bywire News) - Welcome, fellow Mac enthusiasts! Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Mac? Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newbie, this guide will walk you through 50 of the most powerful Terminal commands that will elevate your Mac game. Let's get started on this exciting journey into the heart of macOS! Understanding Terminal The Terminal app in macOS is a gateway to the underlying Unix system. It allows you to input commands directly, offering more control and flexibility over your system. To launch Terminal, simply hit the Command key and space bar, search for "Terminal," and press Enter. Essential Terminal Commands 1. Speaking Mac Say: say [text] - Make your Mac recite any text out loud. 2. WiFi and Clipboard Find WiFi Password: security find-generic-password -wa [WifiName] - Retrieves the password for the specified WiFi network. Clipboard Copy: [command] | pbcopy - Copies the output of any command to the clipboard. 3. Screenshot Mastery Chang...
Greater Manchester Police grapple with cyber burglary as third-party supplier succumbs to ransomware attack, compromising thousands of ID badges.
This was supposed to be different. Outsiders often label cryptocurrency-maxis as cult followers. An easy dismissive tactic, but relatively true. Not because of the fanboy mentality but rather the ethos of what it represents. Thanks for reading Cryptowriter! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.
Decentralising AI could indeed mitigate some risks, but it's crucial to acknowledge that in the global geopolitical landscape, adversarial exploitation of this technology could lead to a new form of arms race.
- British advertising group WPP said on Monday it has acquired Obviously, a New York-based social influencer marketing agency, for an undisclosed sum. The deal comes less than a week after WPP agreed to buy Goat, an influencer marketing specialist, which focusses on marketing campaigns that aim to improve customer engagement for brands including Dell, Tesco, Uber and Natura. Obviously's team of nearly 100 people will join WPP subsidiary VMLY&R, a marketing agency with over 13,000 employees, WPP said. WPP said Obviously's proprietary "next-generation" tech platform helps the agency service large-scale complex campaigns for enterprise clients including Google, Ford, Ulta Beauty and Amazon. Obviously was founded by Mae Karwowski and Maxime Domain in 2014 and has operations in San Francisco and Paris. WPP's shares were up 1.5% at 931 pence as of 1415 GMT.   (Reporting by Muhammed Husain in Bengaluru; Editing by Shailesh Kuber)...
- Housing markets in tech hubs are cooling more rapidly than other parts of the United States amid a wave of layoffs in the technology sector and elevated mortgage rates, according to real estate broker Redfin Corp's report on Monday. Decades-high inflation leading to interest rate hikes, weak consumer demand and the possibility of an economic slowdown have forced big tech firms such as Inc and Meta Platforms Inc as well as banks to trim their workforce. Seattle, San Jose, Austin and Phoenix are among metros that have been affected the most as high mortgage rates, turmoil in the tech sector and unavailability of homes deter buyers, the report stated. Layoffs in the tech industry, concentrated largely in the Bay Area and Seattle have led to some buyers bowing out of their search for a home or cancelling contracts, Shelley Rocha, a Redfin manager, wrote in the report. The most recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this month, from which a lot of Bay Area startup comp...
BENGALURU - Softbank-backed Indian hotel aggregator Oyo Hotels and Homes Pvt Ltd is cutting the shares it planned to sell via an initial public offering (IPO) by about two-thirds as tech valuations plunged, Bloomberg News reported on Monday, citing people aware of the matter. The company is preparing to file a fresh IPO document as soon as this week, Bloomberg reported. Oyo did not immediately respond to ' request for comment.   (Reporting by Varun Vyas in Bengaluru)...