Cryptowriter Pomelo Grant is LIVE!!!

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Our Pomelo Grant is now LIVE!

The magic of quadratic funding means that every donation no matter how small can make a huge difference. Follow this link to learn more about quadratic funding.


Cryptowriter was born out of the EOS ecosystem, with its humble beginnings as EOSwriter dating back to 2018. Over the years EOSwriter has covered all aspects of the EOS ecosystem, supporting up and coming EOS projects and initiatives, gaining a large organic following and the trust of the EOS community. 

With Cryptowriter now established as a blockchain agnostic, community driven publication we have kept a focus on EOS, producing over 120 articles and 17 podcast episodes in the past 8 months. |

Our Company 

THE WRITER COMPANY mostly consists of talent recruited from the EOS community. All our C-level executives, Kenny Lienhard, Sean Ballent, Chaney Moore and Nathan Rempel being early and long term supporters of EOS. 

We have not only supported the EOS ecosystem through the generation of original content, but also through NFTs. We launched “Finney'' the first generative NFT project on the EOS blockchain as a free distribution back in March of this year. This helped to kick start NFTs on the EOS AtomicHub platform. During this time with the help of our community we’ve guided countless WAX collectors to set up EOS accounts and use wallets for the first time. 

You may have seen our Pomelo Finney on AtomicHub, minted to help promote this platform back in July.

We were also recognised by the EOS Foundation receiving a 100K grant for our work over the years.

Our company has HUGE plans for the future, and we plan to continue to support and increase the adoption of new users to EOS through high-quality content and NFTs. 

Use of Funds 

The primary use of funds from this round of funding would be to directly pay for the production of high-quality EOS content to be published on the Cryptowriter publication. 

Comment & Earn!

Share your thoughts and opinions on the topics covered within this blog in the comments below for your chance to win yourself an NFT. Click here for more information on our engagement rewards.

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