Eden’s Chief Delegates Plan New Support Roles for Eden

London May 5th, 2022: Eden’s Chief Delegates have announced proposals for new accounting standards and the recruitment of a support team. The announcements came during their third weekly meeting and will provide Eden with greater transparency and an ability to implement key proposals more effectively.

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LONDON (Bywire News) - Eden’s Chief Delegates were elected in the most recent Eden meeting on April 9th and are tasked with allocating funds to support the development of the EdenOnEos community. As part of this, they have been establishing roles to support the group in their work. 

Bywire’s Michael O’Sullivan has been appointed as Treasurer and Communications lead. His role will be to lead communications and outreach for the chief delegates and manage social media activity via a number of different channels. As the founder of pioneering independent news platform, Bywire, he brings a wealth of experience in media and communications to the role and will help expand Eden’s profile in the blockchain community and beyond. 

The group also agreed to appoint Chris Barnes as secretary. His role will be to review meetings and take notes of all the key points. As a member of the previous group of Chief Delegates, he also brings valuable continuity of experience to the role and will be in a position to support the group with any queries they have. 

The group is also considering other spheres which may be beneficial and has proposed the creation of a technical support function to oversee the implementation of the new set of bylaws that were recommended by the previous group of chief Delegates. Edenia, the development company of which Edgar Fernandez is a partner, has been proposed as a lead, but applications remain open. 

“I am honoured to take on the role of communications lead and Treasurer within Eden,” said Michael O’Sullivan. “I’m a passionate believer in the potential of Eden and EOS, as well as the potential of the Blockchain to change the world for the better.” 

New accounting standards

Meanwhile, Head Chief Delegate, Edgar Fernandez, has proposed a new set of accounting standards to communicate how Eden funds are distributed. It will comprise three distinct parts: 

  • Identify transfers that count as chief delegate expenses. 
  • Categorise the expense into predefined categories. 
  • Describe with additional information on the nature of the expense. 

“What we’re trying to do is bring transparency to the use of funds by Eden delegates,” said Fernandez. “I think this is key because transparency leads to accountability which leads to more funding.”

Other items discussed during the meeting included the work to ensure all account permissions are transferred to the new set of chief delegates automatically. As things stand, assets such as the website, Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn channels are currently owned by various different entities. O’Sullivan reported he is currently working with each of these organisations to arrange the transfer of permissions to the new set of chief delegates. 

Further information 

The weekly meetings of the Chief Delegates can be viewed on their Odysee Channel. For further information about Eden contact Michael O'Sullivan, michael@bywire.news, M. 0786 9666 955

About Eden on EOS 

Eden is a community working to maximize the power and independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. It is governed by a revolutionary process of Fractal Democracy that enhances the independence and power of those who join. This process is used to elect a group of Chief Delegates who are allocated funding to support projects within the community and develop the growth and evolution of Eden. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, Editing by Cléo Celeste)


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