Elisabeth Murdoch Could Head up the BBC

Impartiality becomes a thing of the past as Rupert Murdoch’s daughter lined up to be Director General.

CREDIT: SAMIR HUSSEIN/WIREIMAGE - https://variety.com/2015/biz/news/elisabeth-murdoch-fox-rupert-james-lachlan-1201517474/
CREDIT: SAMIR HUSSEIN/WIREIMAGE - https://variety.com/2015/biz/news/elisabeth-murdoch-fox-rupert-james-lachlan-1201517474/
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LONDON (Labour Buzz) - Staff at the BBC will have been horrified to learn that the Murdoch’s could be getting their hands on the BBC. Elizabeth Murdoch, who used to run Shine TV until her Daddy gave her £415million for it, is among the contenders to become the new Director General. 

The move would delight both the Murdoch’s and Downing Street both of whom have been looking to destroy the BBC for years. It comes as headlines splash across broadsheets warning that the license fee may come to an end as Johnson strives to scale back its scope.  

Murdoch’s supporters would argue that her career in TV and the fact that she has sold countless shows including Master Chef to the Beeb means she ticks all the usual boxes. She also fulfils the desire of BBC bosses to find someone who has experience and influence in Whitehall. 

Given that Boris Johnson tends to meet with her father before making big decisions such as calling an election, she certainly offers that.  

However, at a time when media independence is more threatened than ever before the idea of the name Murdoch taking a place at the top of the BBC should horrify everyone. 

The Murdoch’s have always hated the BBC. It stands as a previously unreachable oasis against their ongoing attempts to take control of the British media. Shortly before George Osbourne decided to force the BBC to meet the £700million cost of funding the license fee for the over 75s in 2015, he met twice with Rupert Murdoch.

The impact would be devastating. The political influence of the Murdoch’s are profound. They’re very proud of the fact that nobody has won an election without the backing of his flagship tabloid the Sun in as long as anyone can remember. Before Murdoch took over the Sun it was firmly behind Labour. Since then it’s been Tory all the way except for a brief interlude under Tony Blair. 

The intention is not to make money. If it was, he’d find another line of business. Media companies are not great money spinners at the best of times, but they do give tycoons such as Murdoch something they crave even more: power. 

Anything which extends that power should be resisted all costs and, while the BBC may have had a wretched election, they are still a barrier to that power. We may feel that it showed shocking bias during the election, but it still stands as a vital institution in holding power to account. It is the most used media organisation in the country and has the kind of reach which even Murdoch can only dream of. 

For the entire Murdoch clan destroying the BBC is another step to dominating all media coverage. The idea that they could actually take control of it goes beyond even their wildest dreams, and our darkest nightmares. 


(Written by Tom Cropper, edited by Michael O'Sullivan)

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