ENF Launches Global Conference Strategy for EOS with Major Events Across Europe & Asia

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September was full of huge developments for the EOS Network, bringing hard-won code  independence and a long-awaited return to the blockchain conference circuit!

In the first stage of the ENF strategy to reach the global blockchain audience with “boots on the ground” on every continent, the ENF began working with Zaisan as a trusted partner in Europe, establishing a framework for handling all conference logistics including marketing materials, booth design and setups, staffing of events, securing speaking engagements, and following up on business development leads.

This framework is meant to serve as a model that will allow us to expand the EOS Network further with other teams in Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania. North America, where most of the ENF team is based, will receive strong coverage from the core team as well as support from additional partners as we move forward.

A Key Presence in Europe—London, Amsterdam, Cologne

From September 12th through the 22nd, Zaisan made the EOS Network’s presence known with staff on the ground and some notable speaking events and panels with Zaizan CEO, Rhett Oudkerk Pool. 


Returning in good form to the crypto conference circuit, veterans of the EOS community, Zaisan, staffed three major events across Europe over 10 days. The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London, UK, the TECHEX / Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the W3 Vision / Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference in Cologne, Germany.

“The vision is still alive!” 


Zaisan Engaging with Attendees at TECHEX—Amsterdam

Reaching Out To Asia—Seoul, Busan, Singapore

ENF CEO Yves La Rose traveled to South Korea to meet with the EOS community there and join The UpBit Developer Conference in Busan. Yves also spent time in Seoul, and shared his key thoughts and takeaways from his journey in this excellent Twitter Thread:

Singapore’s Premier Crypto Event: Token2049

With over 7,000 people in attendance, at the largest crypto conference in Asia since the world began opening back up for travel and business, Yves La Rose and members of the ENF team joined up in Singapore for Token2049.

With CMO Patty Fisher, VP of Comms Zack Gall, the team of Trust EVM, and several other notable figures from the Antelope ecosystem, the ENF represented EOS as title sponsor of Singapore’s premier crypto event, Token2049.


Take The Power Back: The Community Takeover That Brought EOS Independence

Yves La Rose appeared on stage with Itai Elizur of Market Across on the topic, “Take The Power Back: The Community Takeover That Brought EOS Independence”, and shared the good news that today’s EOS is a brand new EOS, reinvigorated by a community that has taken control of its own destiny.


With renewed development, code independence and serious engineering resources on hand, EOS is open for business.

Yves and Itai don’t sugar-coat the EOS story, telling it like it is for those who want to understand the history, and the future trajectory of a battle-tested network on the rise after a long fight for self-determination.

Trust EVM represents alongside EOS at Token2049


The Trust EVM team was a co-title Sponsor alongside the ENF at Token2049 and raised awareness about their highly performant EVM solution throughout the two day event.

“Trust EVM is exploring possibilities on the EOS network with Ethereum-compatible chains, having massive high-quality projects in the ecosystem, opening doors to developers and users, and more.”

In Trust EVM’s recent post on Medium, the team announced they will be launching on EOS in Q1 2023. The team also give a thorough overview of their experience at Token2049, and lay out the benefits of deploying on “Trust EVM — The Enterprise-Grade EVM based on Antelope.”

Yves Talks EOS and the Multi-chain Future on Panel with Fellow Blockchain Heavyweights

Yves shared his message of collaboration, scalability, and a multi-chain future on this panel alongside representatives from Solana, Algorand, StarkWare, and Mysten Labs entitled: “Scaling Blockchains: Building the Decentralized Economy“.

Yves addressed the intense throughput of EOS, how the network has learned to manage that enormous amount of data, and how the industry as a whole is hitting the boundaries of current network and hardware architecture.


“We’re talking about hitting the limits of what’s possible. We’re all taking a different approach in order to be able to scale, but it’s important to remember that we’re pioneering a lot of things that nobody else has done before. Anything we’re doing today is at the forefront of what’s possible.”

Yves La Rose

CEO, EOS Network Foundation


“If we’re talking about hundreds of millions of users, we’re nowhere near being able to do that, none of us, at all, at any given time right now. This idea of multi-chain: inevitably if you’re in a decentralized system you will not be as efficient as a centralized system, you just cannot be, that’s one of the premises, but you somewhat can be if you end up being multi-chain. If chains start interconnecting with one another, you might not hit the same throughput, you might not be as efficient, and that is the tradeoff, but you will bring about other value propositions that the current Web2 cannot provide, and really that’s what we’re all here about anyway.”

Yves La Rose

CEO, EOS Network Foundation


Yves also remarked that Antelope is deploying funding to IBC and developing horizontal scalability by necessity and multiple blockchains all running on Antelope are now moving towards a multi-chain future organically.

Check out Token2049’s Youtube channel for a comprehensive selection of videos including those from the TrustEVM Stage and other EOS related content.

DeFi Conference 2022 — Belfast, Ireland

Going into October, the conference circuit continued as Zaisan arrived at DeFi Conf in Belfast, Ireland where they engaged conference goers on the incredible DeFi capabilities of EOS and hosted a panel discussion on the future of DeFi.

The EOS World Tour Continues

At the time of writing, Zaisan is wrapping up their appearance at The Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE.

A Variety of Big Events Coming Up through the Remainder of ’22.

Stay tuned for more content and videos from the Web Summit in Lisbon where ENF Director of Developer Relations, Nathan James, will be doing an EOS Developer Workshop.In November, CEO Yves La Rose will be joining another big panel at Token2049 London.Zaisan will handle the speaking opportunities at the remainder of the European conferences on the calendar through December.

The ENF is planning to expand our EOS events strategy to even more continents in 2023! As we continue to add new conferences to our event calendar, we’ll be sure to keep the community posted.

Look out for updates and details, and we hope to see you soon!

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