EOS 3.0 and the New Breed of Dapps: Gamebox, 100x, EOS Support, Violet Garden

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The Eden governance protocol hit the ground running. After just one official election, arguably more has been done for EOS within the past couple of months than over the past couple of years. ClarionOS is designed to complement the EdenOS protocol. Together they form a solid foundation that’ll allow the mainnet to reach its full potential.

What to Expect in EOS 3.0?

How exactly will the Clarion team help propel EOS? A communication protocol is ingrained into its early development. Other key ideas and applications pertain to things like insurance and infrastructure. What promises to ignite a spark throughout the community is the advent of DAC tokens. Details of a plan for community/company tokens was introduced by Dan Larimer just days ago.

The EOS developer community has blossomed since Clarion, Eden, and the EOS Network foundation joined the mainnet. Together they are instituting protocols, initiatives, and resolving issues dating back to the earliest days of the mainnet. The community is larger, more talented, and better funded than ever before. 

Far from a maintenance overhaul, EOS 3.0 has a personality all its own. The mainnet already exudes the inspiration and character of those daring dreamers of an almost forgotten DAWN. Forging ahead, Eden, Clarion, and the ENF will branch off the underlying program known as EOSIO. No name has yet been chosen. Mandel 3.0 is the current placeholder for the protocol fork.

New Breed of dApps

Gamebox. GameFi expects to expand upon DeFi in ingenious ways. The Defibox team outlined their plan for Gamebox to support the rapidly growing decentralized gaming economy.

100x. It’s not enough to expand the mainnet economy. Users (e.g. onboarding) must be a focus as well. Consider 100x app. It recently launched with the capacity for onboarding new crypto users via Paypal and Zelle. A peer-to-peer community is at the heart of 100x. It makes it easy for anyone with an email to purchase their first crypto. 100x leverages the power of EOS. The team believes 100x will help showcase the power of the new mainnet. 

EOS Support. A solid economic plan and financial onboarding app are just the beginning. The next challenge is an education portal. EOS Support maintains live agents ready to field questions around the clock. EOS Support is a multilingual venture. A team of writers regularly update FAQs and the most relevant topics of the day.

Violet Garden. Recall the above mention of ClarionOS as a communication protocol. Violet Garden set off to finish what the Voice team started. Blockchain-based social media with core NFT functionality, this is Violet Garden. Recently, Dan Larimer announced that John Williamson, Violet Garden’s founder, had joined Team Clarion. Dan, the architect behind not only EOS, but also DPoS and social media platform Steemit, expressed his excitement:

Twitter avatar for @bytemaster7Daniel Larimer @bytemaster7I would like to welcome John Williamson (@velua) to the @clarion_os team. He is working with us to build the next-generation of #DAC (#DAO) on #EOS. The combined power of @VioletGardenEOS and @EdenOnEOS with enhanced core #EOSIO system contracts will be unstoppable. More to come!

January 7th 2022

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Web 3.0 with EOS at the Helm

EOS and Web 3.0 have had their share of bumps and bruises. Even ‘old’ techies like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey find the new crypto reality a challenge. While both can be classified as pro crypto, neither truly get it. Complacency in their success within traditional Internet spheres may have clouded their vision.

Web 3.0 needs to base itself on blockchain for global networks to take the next step. An interconnected world has limited growth potential when there’s little economic support for the information age. Value based networking needs to develop alongside the information highway.

How EOS Can Leverage Existing Tech Like WebAuthen

100x maintains key on ramps. By using merely a smartphone key and WebAuthen, anyone can purchase their first crypto. No banking information is needed to convert between fiat and crypto (or vice versa). Paypal only requires that its users maintain an email account. Zelle is also available for those who have bank accounts. Note that using Zelle with 100x means banking information needn’t be revealed. It’s straightforward innovations like these that can quickly bridge the gap between crypto and the rest of the online world.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s numerous other decentralized projects developing on EOS. Applications extend far beyond what’s been touched upon here. Consider Pomelo and EOS Bees. Pomelo is at the forefront of community-based funding. EOS Bees hopes to do the same for marketing. New projects running on the EOS mainnet already profoundly advance conventional thoughts about blockchain.

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