Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 10th meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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16 June 2022 - VIDEO LINK



Present: Edgar Fernandez, Brock Pierce, Chuck MacDonald, Michael O'Sullivan, Gracie Lau

Not Present:  None

Meeting Chair: Gracie






Michael: Will reach out to the ENF to try to set up a meeting between the CDs and the ENF.

Michael: Will write up a more formal proposal of the Eden Member Services.



with Notes


Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each)


Gracie: EdenCN conducted their second trial election on June 12. EOS Papa was supported from their first trial election with 1000 EOS, and finished their account creation too on schedule. Over 3000 new EOS accounts have been made with this tool already. The other two projects have completed their technical plans. 2nd trial election is to build an estore on EOS. Their next election is on Aug 13. 

Michael: Used fund to produce weekly Eden Discord show with Felix and Dan. Open invite for any Eden Delegates to join. Published the Declaration of Independence. Continuing to work on the Bylaws. Gather info for the MSIG required to transfer account permissions. Made a CD MSIG account if needed. Entered the previous meeting and shared. Started recording community feedback on the Declaration and the Eden Member Services. 

Brock: Treasury update, 2119 EOS available to be spent. The Ideathon planning is still under way. Open meeting each Tuesday on the ENF Discord. Still looking at conference attendance options with Jesse from the EOS Bees. Zack mentioned that the ENF is looking to participate more at conferences and speaking about EOS more broadly which Brock will support where possible.  

Edgar: Claimed Head Delegate funds and shared the overage as per the bylaws with the other CDs. Created a repo for the multisig considering that many permission exchanges will take place within Eden. This can be a bit of a tool that others could use for permission updates. Need to define the accounts and token transfer info for the Eden permission update. 

Chuck: Been traveling, working on something to present as a bit of a summary of being a CD. Noting the unintended consequences of ratifying the bylaws as they did. There is fair amount of concern about the safeguards, time-delays, and other oversight related to the Active permissions for the Eden account. Noting its good to have brainstorming sessions even though not in a crisis situation.


Transfer of Eden Account Permissions to CDs
(15 mins)

Account Permissions: Gracie: Need to prioritize getting these permissions. Looking for an update about the recent Eden discussions on this transfer. Michael: Wrote the Declaration of Independence to kick into action this process to ask for the key holder and for the assets (Twitter etc..). If folks do not give up assets they’ll build new ones, and are willing to pay for others if desired. Goal was to make Eden independent. Controversy on the IP, could’ve been left out of the Declaration. Dan wrote a post that focused more on the IP and risk of creating a legal entity with potential liability. Dan and Yves discussed and settled on a process where an MSIG would have the code to transfer the permissions once voted. The ENF would sign this, providing an opportunity (72hrs) for the BPs to intervene. Chuck: The discussion revolved around members who have Active permissions and work for Fractally. The issue was Fractallly not wanting to transfer the keys due to potential liabilities. Fractally decided they don’t want to transfer the keys without a say so from the BPs. By the ENF signing the tx with 10 EOS, it will be a passive acceptance by the BPs. These are in the bylaws that the CDs should have the active keys. Brock: Discussion is good. Always value in moving the conversation forward and we’re all doing our best in a very short term. Did some looking, and without a legal entity they may be all personally liable. They could all potentially be sued and held accountable. Michael: Is that for all members? Brock: All members. If members of a DAO vote, all those that participate could be held liable. There may be some landmark litigation during this crypto winter. This creates an argument why a DAO would want a legal entity to shelter liability via for example a Cayman Island DAO. Gracie: Can they still get the Active permissions? If not, what should be done? How could they run the election? Maybe there is a way to change the code by asking the Fractally team? Edgar: Bad news if the liability front, especially with access to treasury. Need to be very careful around creating code and bylaws, and being very public and involved. Code changes were discussed in the first meetings and unintended consequences of ratifying bylaw with required code changes. They knew this was going to be a risk. Did the previous CDs consider all of these aspects? Do they want to create more bylaws that can’t get implemented? They should make a bylaw that says CDs require a scope, execution plan, budget proposed, and risk analysis of including the bylaws changes. The inability to carve out bylaws to ratify is also an issue in this respect. Gracie: Concerned about proposing this MSIG in terms of these liabilities. Maybe they can change the bylaw back to the original set. Edgar: Much easier to change the bylaws than the code. Gracie: Not a great idea to change the bylaws. Need to provide 14 days notice to provide new bylaws. Chuck: Another option is to delay the election. Ratified that elections shall be every 3 months. One of the other options from Yves was to create an MSIG for the BPs to sign to transfer permissions. So if they don’t get them from Fractally, plan B would be to go straight to the BPs. Ideally these permission handoffs are written directly into the election code. So this transfer is done with the election. Michael: New problem is the risk of getting the permissions is them becoming liable. It would be good to know what the laws are around this. (Some back and forth here between Michael and Edgar  to clarify the tx to be sent, 10 EOS plus the memo from EOSIO.grants to genesis.eden signed by the Owner or Active of the ENF controlled account). Edgar: This isn’t the CDs idea to do it this way vs easier solutions, but if this is how it gets done, then they’ll do their best effort. Gracie: What do they do when they get the permissions, first is to change the election time, and announce this to the community. They would need a timeline to change the other things. Edgar: How long did it take Gracie to prep the trail elections with the code? Gracie: Changing the code wouldn’t take a lot of time, but not the budget of the Head CD, but the election time and EOS fee to join is easy, this isn’t a problem. Edgar: Should consider some risk benefit. They get the code fixed, change election date, and have low participation. They could get criticized that they purposely made the date confusing. Other scenario is to get the permissions and delay the election, or go back to the other bylaws, and unratify them. There is reputational risk with that option. Michael: Moving towards delaying considering the timing of this all. Chuck: Noted there is a code part that mentions a 30 day notice to change an election date. There is ambiguity within the community around what the actual date is. Comment from Yves that nothing is official if its not onchain when dealing with a DAO. There was an assumption that the CD recorded videos request for permissions was enough. The motions in these meetings should be put on chain, IE linking to a doc on IPFS. There was no formal request for the permission change.Need to make official pronouncements on chain going forward. Suggestion that during the note taking by the Secretary, onchain notes could be submitted. Edgar: You change code by decree, actual code changes need to take place. Gracie: Need to consider how these code changes are budgeted for. Also need to add to the bylaws under what circumstances can the treasury be used by the CDs. Maybe they could ask the ENF or get funds from Pomelo. Chuck: The conversation with Yves from the other day, Yves mentioned that he is still waiting for a request from the CDs to want to meet with him, and even potentially ask for funding for this. If this request is delayed and is very close to the election it starts to look like an ultimatum. Another MSIG is also required for Dan to transfer ownership of the .eden EOS premium name. In terms of the circles, the most important are arguably the Tech and Election circles. These circles could be set up under these premium names eg tech.eden, and elect.eden. These accounts could be used to submit an ENF grant proposal for funding. Edgar: Why not create a new account? Chuck: Yes we could create another account, this just looks good as components of Eden. Michael: Created the edenoneos.gm account and set CDs as Active on this. They could start voting on chain right away. What Edgar is doing is far more complex. The election circle would be a good test, to get the funds and run an election. Where would the funds get requested to? Chuck: This would go to the separate account. Could have CDs as Active, or also include the Circle Lead to be on it. These would be accounts with purpose, like a department, with a budget, have oversight, and have someone take oversight. If everything was coming from the main genesis.eden account it would get messy. With the circles people would have different levels of engagement and could apply to Pomelo grants. Edgar: Need to keep this as simple as possible. Less changes to the original code creates less issues. The CDs would be asking for funding from the ENF for Tech or for the Election. If they didn’t have these separate destinations the ENF would just fund the treasury. If this is the case why wouldn’t the CDs just pull this top up and send it to the circles. If a CD sends to a circle and it does nothing, it would be on the CDs who did that. The risk here is what if the CD doesn’t do this or the token price goes down so they don’t act. This is a risk and maybe they won’t do well in the next election. Maybe the electorate would understand deviations with good reasons. Chuck: This could work but for the idea that if 5% is the draw rate and $50k is needed, the ENF would need to send a lot more funds to reach that amount. The most direct way to fund this and support the project would be to simply fund these circles independently of the Eden treasury. Edgar: Each circle would apply for funds directly, and bypass the treasury that is available to Delegates. Just looking at ways to not need to make changes. Chuck: If they had CN.Eden as a primary funnel for the Chinese community it would be something that wouldn’t impact the primary Eden treasury. Any .eden account would have the blessing of the democratic Eden organization. Michael: Thinks would work well if they can get external funding for these Circles. Would need to set up the account permissions to provide that liability shield. This could include a 72hr time-delay. Edgar: The Circles could apply for Pomelo grants and could be supported by Delegates. Gracie: Need to think of a way to get control since there is nothing that they can do. They need to add something in the Bylaws that address the IP and what is or isn’t handed to Eden. Michael: Need some pragmatic steps to take away. Michael will write up a proposal for the Eden Member Services. Suggest they collectively write a proposal to the ENF to fund the election with the new accounts. Still have the problem of the bylaws. Seems clear that the election will be delayed. The 30 day rule is important that should be adhered to to change election date. Need to decide who is going to make the changes to the code, and what changes. Suggest they work offline to get this sorted. Brock: Should also schedule a meeting with the ENF that they all attend. Michael: Will reach out to try to set this up. All agreed ASAP, possibly next day. Brock: Meeting happening quickly is more important than all 5 being able to attend, just important to have it. What message should be given to the community to get feedback. Chuck: The Wednesday meetings are being used to assign value to member’s contributions to EOS, and Eden. Everyone is earning NFTs, Eden Respect tokens, and EOS. Chuck will be contributing some of his budget to this and would encourage all Eden members to contribute to this and participate. Patrick from NovaCrypto donated 500 EOS to this to support community building. Will share the account once he knows what it is. Michael: Would be cool if they had an Eden debate about what they should be, could be, and what the future holds. Gracie: They did go through all the topics on the agenda, and went through the problems that they had, and came up with plans/options to make things more simple and move forward. If they can get the Active permission transfer to be set, what is the threshold they should set? Michael: should be 4 to match the bylaws. Edgar: Will they wait for this meeting to broadcast for the multisig. Answer yes wait until tomorrow.






It wasn't clarified during this meeting who will be chairing the next meeting planned for Thursday, June 23.

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