Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 11th meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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25 June 2022 - VIDEO LINK



Present: Edgar Fernandez, Brock Pierce, Chuck MacDonald, Michael O'Sullivan, Gracie Lau

Not Present:  None

Meeting Chair: Michael



Propose New Bylaws: Motioned by Brock to approve the bylaws as written. There was no seconder, but all voted in favour.






with Notes


Individual updates were skipped this week.


Review Proposed Bylaw Amendments:

New Bylaws: Chuck: Discussed with the community in Telegram on changes. Noted current bylaw 4a says bylaws needs to be indivisible. 4c was worded without teeth with the CDs “can” work within the bylaws. Goal should be to not propose something that would be inconsistent with the other bylaws. Some debate on the wording of 4c and how they will work through these proposed changes. 4c was decided to be “CDs may not act contrary to existing bylaws.” Looking at a new bylaw for the .eden EOS namespace. Chuck: They have instantiated circles. Eden is an official entity so want to put forth what the three critical circles are and designate them with the .eden name. The CDs would require a ⅔ +1 vote and thereby will be expressing the desires of the community. They will create a tech.eden, vote.eden, and a comms or media.eden. If there are other things that Eden wants to do they could use the .eden for those like a Chinese version (cn.eden) or Korean (kr.edne) etc…The CDs debated the wording of this bylaw. They decided on the following for the new Bylaw rule #10 “The CDs may not create any .eden namespace account without a greater than ⅔ vote”. They moved onto the next new bylaw #11. Chuck: The current treasury bylaw disbursement amount is 5% per month, and is not in the bylaws. Suggesting that the 5% draw is far too conservative to properly work with the funds available. The CDs discussed the wording and what the treasury draw rate would look like with 5% vs 15% per month draw. The CDs settled on “Treasury disbursements shall be 15% of the genesis.eden treasury each month.” 

Mission Statement Review: CDs discussed the current mission statement and looked at additional wording options. They settled on “To create and enhance value for the EOS ecosystem, and to ensure this organization’s continuity.” 

Transfer of Eden Account Permissions to CDs

Review MSIG: Edgar: MSIG was proposed where a transfer of 10 EOS from the eosio.grants account to the genesis.eden account with the memo “The ENF supports the new bylaws as enacted by the Eden Chief Delegates.”  This was attempted to be executed on the call. There was an error that was needed to be debugged offline.



Hypha DAO as a tool for Eden: Brock: Helios incubator has been working with Hypha DAO and Brock has been chatting this over with Michael and Chris Barnes on if Hypha would be a suitable tool for Eden to use. Would encourage the CDs to look at this and for an opinion based on opportunities there. Michael: How would Hypha work with Eden? Brock: The preliminary conversations are that they are built on Telos, and could do an EOS build of this platform. They could potentially implement the Eden governance into that platform. This isn’t a recommendation at this point, but simply something to be explored. We should be looking at buy vs build and so Hypha would be a potential solution to advancing Eden. This could be achieved with an investment from Helios, leveraging Pomelo round three, and if forming a new foundation around this could potentially be able to be supported by the ENF. Michael: Has had a look at the platform and it does look incredible, is this something we could run the Eden Member Services out of? Brock: This might be possible, yes. It needs to be looked at more closely, and is certainly worthy of consideration. The port from Telos to EOS would be much simpler than starting from scratch, but for needing the Eden bits. This can accelerate the building process of other things by future delegates.

Eden Procedures: Chuck: The previous CDs released one RFP for a website for Eden, that didn’t get filled. This set the precedent for the process. The current CDs have put out two RFPs, one was for the tech lead role. Now they have the account permissions, Edgar who accepted that role, is now able to start working on this. There is another bid out for election operations, a vote.eden lead. This is to take responsibility to document and run the elections. He has received one proposal for this. What do the CDs think about accepting proposals that don’t follow the requirements laid out in the RFP document. Michael: Process and consistency is important. However if there is a competent group that has put forward a bid in another manner it should be considered. Gracie: Its ok so long as they can get things done. Brock: Sounds fine as well.



It wasn't clarified during this meeting who will be chairing the next meeting planned for Thursday, June 30th.

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