Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 4th meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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5 May 2022 - VIDEO LINK

The theme for this meeting is Community Engagement.


Present: Gracie Lau, Michael O'Sullivan, Chuck MacDonald, Brock Pierce

Not Present: Edgar Fernandez - his vote was proxied to Gracie for this meeting.

Meeting Chair: Gracie



Michael motioned to ratify the bylaws put forth by the previous CDs. Seconded by Chuck.

All were in favour (Edgar's vote was proxied to Gracie in advance of the meeting).



Michael: Will provide some KPI for the beginning of the next meeting.



with Notes


Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each)

Gracie: Working on test EdenCN system. The community members can help with testing and random group meetings. System is designed to increase community engagement. Eden will be able to provide services to community supported projects. Also working on a talent pool and a job board.

Michael: Last weeks vid was cut and uploaded to Odysee. Spoke with the Odysee team on SRT functionality for subtitles. They will try to add that asap. Shared vid from YouTube. Have chased Annabella regarding Eden twitter and YouTube, with no response. Is now a mod on both EOS and Eden subreddits. Thanks to Joshua and Lovejoy for providing the Eden Discord credentials. Began working on a new governance proposal which may potentially include the holacracy style system previously spoken about. Will be speaking at Davos about Eden and Bywire. Began laying out Eden official Eden CD decree documentation to publicize decisions. Wasn’t able to lead community engagement this week, but looking to discuss this with other CDs. Behind on press releases, but will come out this week. Eden community town halls also will start next week.

Chuck: Had a successful talk Sat afternoon, and spoke for more than 3 hours to a group of 27 people. Went over money/BTC/EOS. Printed a card with QR codes to create an EOS account, acquire an attendance NFT, and link to other relevant info on this. His local community is very much wanting to participate. Talk was on the “Bitcoin Sector and Real Life Applications”. Working towards building a real life network on the ground, using EOS to interact with each other locally. Working towards a food cooperative in their town with another Eden delegate.

Brock: Spoke at TedX yesterday. Some visiting of Global leaders. Was at Crypto Bahamas. Lots of Telos conversation going on there. AJ from the Telos Foundation stood out. Telos is going to be a main project at Consensus in Austin coming up. Noticed some good promotional material for Telos and their EVM. Telos was a topic on conversation that some of the larger investors in the space were willing to learn about and listen to, wihch is of course great for EOSIO. Focused on larger exchanges in EOS with the sock puppets and vote buying. Very supportive of trying to build a skeleton crew of individuals to operate Eden. Need to give thought to KPI to measure the success of Eden. No shortage of resources from the ENF and within Eden. Should be willing to make big requests, as long as they are legitimate ideas and a way to measure the impact.


Eden Technical Sphere/Office: (10 mins)

Eden Technical Office: Chuck: The only feedback so far is from Edgar from the last meeting that Edenia could be the technical lead. A few saw and commented on the posting, but that was it. Brock: Proposed delaying making any decisions on this as Edgar isn’t present. Gracie: Is a timeline required for changing the code. The date change does need to be changed and give enough time for Eden members to sign up to participate. Brock: Worst case a special election can be held even if the code isn’t updated. Gracie: Could be a problem with not changing the time in the code otherwise the system may not be able to be used for the election. Michael: At this stage, resources are limited, but a package was put forth by Chris Barnes on how the Eden treasury could be used. Wants to motion to ratify the Bylaws and make the tech happen. Change the rules and make the tech happen. Chuck: Edgar expressed affirmation of this, proxied his vote to Gracie before the call. Do have the technical lead filled, and feels confident that the code can be changed in time. Would make for the next election to be Saturday July 9th. All voted unanimously. Gracie: Might need a deadline for naming a technical lead, or come up with a plan B. Michael: Maybe position this role as a CTO role, around that C-suite lingo. Could be a three month term, but staggered by one month from CD elections. Brock: Eventually the board could have a staggered term. Could add more board members to the total. Michael: Agrees, but those roles don’t necessarily need to be elected. Chuck: Was thinking about the sortition winner of the HCD. If talking about staggering, what if the HCD had the same budget, but he stayed another month into the next term to allow for dovetailing and transferring of knowledge. Michael: Technically it would change how the smart contract works and might be a big change on how the election process works. In the UK the civil services have fixed term contracts and are similar to what he was speaking about previously. Brock: Sees the value in putting together this skeleton/scaffolding team of individuals to form a team to work under the oversight of this group of delegates. Need to focus on how success is measured, creating gauges to measure outcome of actions. Would be good to have the basic data for every meeting, how many members does Eden have, how much has it grown. What is the balance sheet. Could have a small part of each meeting presented by the chair, as part of regular reporting. Chuck: One KPI is the people doing the inviting, the recruiters. EOS Support is doing lots of the onboarding. Would be good to point out which Eden members brought in new members. Brock: During the term they want to see the membership expand, the number of people running for office increase, quality of proposal improve. This is how they will know they’ve done their job well. If more people are running and want to be involved then they have given life to this. A 3 month term keeps the seats moving, which means that each CD is coming in for a sprint. Need to give them the tools to do so. Didn’t come in feeling there was a tool belt for use by the new CDs. This is accomplishing something material. Gracie: Really likes ideas about KPI.


Eden Treasury Usage: (10 mins)

Treasury Usage: Gracie: Code change and budget for the board should be the primary usage of the treasury. Chuck: Anything to cover the payment of these new roles shouldn’t come out of elected CD funding. Need to set up treasury based funding for permanent jobs. Michael: Before any money is spent, a proposal should be made that the Delegates sign off on. Brock: Should start to redline, or make a log on the bylaw changes they want to pass on to the next group. This way over the next 4 week period they can draft any changes to the bylaws that they might want to make, like changes to the treasury. Michael: They have 6 weeks left to decide on any bylaw changes so that they are proposed at least 2 weeks prior to the next election. Brock: They are on a very short term. Michael: Who will take the lead on tracking the bylaw changes. Brock: Can have the team at Helios help with getting the KPI tracked if needed.


Eden Account Permissions and Other Assets: (2 mins)

Eden Assets: Gracie: Agreed last week all should be under the control of the CDs. Any updates on this, and there is a checklist made. Michael: Haven’t heard back from Annabelle. Still don’t have genesis.eden account permissions handed over. Gracie: Who will take over the Eden Github. Chuck: Github is Fractally, so will need to be forked. Gracie: They forked the code for the Chinese Eden. There ideally needs to be a main source of code, that other groups can use and change what they want. Brock: Confirmed that the Clarion github became Fractally, so we just need to fork. Would expect the Technical Lead role would take on this responsibility. Michael: Would the Chinese Eden need to form from the master version. Gracie: Maybe they won’t want the new changes. Chuck: Makes sense to have a central github that other orgs can use as their core. Gracie: They have been approached by others asking questions on how to fork the Eden code. It also doesn’t have any documentation on this to help with that work. Chuck: That’s a big job. The role of the technical lead needs to be in control of the github and have a roadmap for the code. Had an interesting meeting with a member of Eden saying that the code itself is very cumbersome. It might be a good idea to rewrite the code. Would be worth commissioning so Eden can be run as a service. Needs to be usable ideally for local groups. Brock: Isn’t this was Fractally was trying to do. Chuck: Advised to just take the Eden code and run with it. Don’t wait for Fractally to build these tools as no one knows when it will happen so don’t factor fractally into decision making. Brock: Will reach out to Dan and have a conversation with him. Another conversation worth having as it relates to Twitter. Chuck: Yes twitter is going to light on fire again for crypto. Brock: Is there anything around transparency and governance to propose. IE a proposal for Twitter and Elon Musk on an organization that is doing things with a framework and a process. Are they in a position to do this. Michael: Could this be gotten in front of a decision maker? Brock: Can’t say anything. Answer is inferred. Michael: Its a great idea if it could be leveraged. Chuck: The first time using this process on Oct 9, it was exciting. Many realized this thing could be very useful more broadly. An Eden election could be a noun to describe this thing/tool that needs to be polished and able to be easily duplicated. Could this be a plug-in to log in through your Twitter account. Musk talking about human verification fits with Eden. Gracie: Great idea. Sees Eden as a service from the beginning. The process is the priority not the code. Even now working with things off chain, and not coding yet. If it really works, the code isn’t that important. Michael: What if Twitter used Eden for its transparent mechanism for how Twitter is run? Brock: Can continue talking about this later offline.


Other Eden Roles - Community Engagement: (20 mins)

Community Engagement: Brock: Could the plan an event around community engagement. If the election is July 9, could they do a virtual Eden conference on June 1. Can Eden contribute to a virtual conference or metaverse event? Could be a way to grow userbase and open to non-EOS members. Could create a bunch of excitement leading into July 9. Chuck: Was thinking of having weekly twitter spaces. EOS Fireside chats are on each Wed at 3pm EST. An Eden regular Twitter space that is also a fixed time. Could do a twitter metaverse event, ie the game blankos. Could ask in the Eden members chat to get feedback on when to start these. Brock: When is an ideal time to get the largest number of users, is it on a Sat/Sun, or a Tues/Tues late afternoon. Should be based on peak hours to get the largest audience to participate. Gracie: Sharing some info on community engagement. Wanting to bring traditional businesses into EOS. This can be free of censorship. This can engage the community to take a little job and get paid. This can be done with EOS to help others engage. Chuck: Discussing other ways for Eden to raise funds. James Mart mentioned what if Eden could be an MSIG signer for different DAOs and other accounts. Eden is proven responsible people so could build a product where Eden could offer MSIG as a service. Could even have developers provide an auditing service to review code. Could be Eden’s first B2B service. The main product Eden has is vetted responsible humans. There were instances in the Blue Papers requesting a trusted body of people to provide a trust requiring service. Michael: Whatever Eden does in the business sphere, it should identify the customer first vs investing speculatively. Chuck: Plenty of large accounts with not enough signers. Michael: Perhaps a new role in Eden could be a Chief Business Officer or Chief Growth Officer. Brock: Would love to see someone who is out speaking at conferences, making the rounds. So much of the work is done in person, on the crypto circuit.






Michael will be chairing the next meeting.

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