Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 8th meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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1 June 2022 - VIDEO LINK


Present: Edgar Fernandez, Brock Pierce, Chuck MacDonald

Not Present:  Michael O'Sullivan, proxied his vote to Chuck. Gracie Lau, Francis from Pizza Finance filled in to give Gracie's update at the beginning of the call.

Meeting Chair: Brock









with Notes

Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each)


Francis on behalf of Gracie: Chinese Eden is the primary focus. The second mock election will be June 12. Completing testing, creating documents, and generally preparing for this. She is also working on a request platform called eDOA. Looking to attract members of the community to this. Third thing is hosting AMAs targeting EOS and outside of the community and DAO organizations to education them about what is going on with EOS.

Brock: Added a fund status to update. Have received 811 EOS thus far. Spent 195 EOS. 616 remaining. Would be good for the treasurer to track the status of the CD funds. Also can claim another 770 EOS, so total available 1387 EOS. Currently working with the Helios team on a proposal to address EOS not showing up at events around the world. This will include identifying a list of speakers that can speak on behalf of EOS. Creating a ‘speakers bureau’. This will be a proposal to the ENF to help sponsor this. This is being worked on with the EOS Bees who would be able to man the booths. EOS community needs to communicate more effectively to the broader crypto community. 

Chuck: Over the past 2 weeks, have been meeting regularly with a group of Eden members, Advancing Eden Engagement. Will be meeting each Wed at 9am EST, as a weekly event for Eden members to attend. Will get an NFT just to attend, and an NFT based on ranking. Its focused on rewarding engagement. Working on an NFT engine for Eden to allow Eden members to create whitelists to distribute NFTs. This would be an open source tool. Looking to create an account collect.eden however the top level domain ’.eden’ isn’t in control of the CDs. First event is next Wed, and there is EOS also to be won provided by Chuck and a few other Eden members.

Edgar: Continuing working on the Eden Delegate accounting standard. Set up project board and tasks, with a project backlog. Wireframes are up for review. Looking for feedback from Delegates and the community to provide feedback on this. Request was given to allow an ability to classify expenses after they were sent. So after claim a classification can be given later. They have hired 5 devs since the start of the election and have 2 jr devs working on the Eden accounting standard to learn the Eden code and essentially being trained by Eden funds. 

Eden Member Services
(15 mins)

Eden Members Services: Edgar: This was proposed by Michael to have an Eden Core. This was ratified. There was a discussion of the need for Eden to have a legal entity to hold assets. It was discussed in the members chat that this is pushed to the edges by members themselves vs Eden as an org. The legal interactions with the ‘real world’ would occur via these groups that are vendors essentially providing services to ‘Eden’. Brock: In non profits there is a framework that may be applicable for ‘fiscal sponsorship’. This acts as the legal entity doing the signing and handles legal/compliance. They don’t make decisions, but facilitate non-profit activity. They would take direction from the CDs. Chuck: Came across a paper written by a professor of Law. Its very relevant to DAOs and legal wrappers for DOAs. Recommended reading. Read the abstract on the call. Edgar: Appreciated the share and will read. Eden is an example of a blockchain based org/process with oversight and rules for a common treasury. Would love to see boards and traditional not-for-profits using the Eden process. Eden for Charities, and nonprofits. Brock: A couple questions to understand, if there is a claim against Eden, there is likely no legal protection. What does this look like for Directors and Officers and how it could relate to a legal sponsor. Chuck: The structure of the genesis.eden account isn’t the essence of Eden, but its treasury. The Owner permissions are held by the BPs. The BPs don’t own Eden but instead the account that Eden was donated to. Brock: Could wrap the topic and when Michael is back to bring it back up.


Gensis.Eden Account Keys: (10 mins)

Eden Account Keys: Brock: Has a formal request been put forth for the transfer of the keys. Should have a one page doc on how the keys are held and transferred. After each election the keys should be transferred. A CD is a key-holder of the multisig after being duly elected by the community. Chuck: The current bylaws state this to be the case where the CDs are to have the Active Keys. Brock: Have these been formally requested. Did Michael say he was going to do this? Chuck: Believes Michael was going to. Edgar: Active Keys are visible on the account, and can be referenced against the Eden Membership. There is an automatic assignment of Active CDs to board.major and board.minor permissions. Chuck: Ideally the Keys would all update automatically. Edgar: To recap, looking for keys so Chuck can also generate NFTs from this account. And to change the EdenOS code for funding also the keys would be needed. These points could be included in the formal request. Brock: There is also 180k EOS connected to those keys and the top level domain. They should create a standard operating procedure that can live outside of the bylaws but act as a tutorial to newly inducted CDs. Chuck: One of those would be an MSIG to relinquish permissions. Brock: There was no onboarding for the current CDs to lets make it easier for the next group. This will  lead to a shorter transition into office.The inauguration should be a key transfer ceremony. Edgar: Agrees with Brock. Brock: This will be a peaceful transition of power. Suggests having a key signing ceremony with inviting the past CDs and have a beta test of a formal handover process, and normalize the process. Could be a public Zoom. Invite all the Eden members to show up if they wish. Could do this on June 15th, the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. Two weeks from this meeting. Chuck: June 15 coincides with the Wed Eden events. Edgar: In this case the keys wouldn’t be coming from the previous CDs but the Fractally team. Going forward it will be the CDs that do this. Brock: The technique of future-cast is being used here. Edgar: This is motivation for other folks to re-engage with the membership. Chuck: The Wed meetings will be using the Fractally process which tends to bring people together.


Eden on EOS Twitter Account: (10 mins)

Eden Socials: Brock: Are we happy with the ad-hoc access to Eden’s own twitter account. Did all the requests go out. If transfers didn’t happen do they want to start their own accounts?  Should likely wait until Michael is back to discuss this as he was heavily involved with this up to now. Chuck: They do have access to post to the EdenOnEOS twitter, but they don’t have ownership. In a lot of Eden member’s eyes it made sense when Eden just began for certain members to hold on to these assets. Perhaps the holders of these assets should post a bond held by Eden. This to prevent things from going South, and the bond can act as a mediator. Brock: This goes back to the Member Services where an agreement could exist between the holder and the Eden Org itself as a DAO. They have spent a lot of their time on housekeeping. Edgar: Is there a technical solution to this where the MSIG could be tied to the password. Brock: The ultimate key is the email. Edgar: Would need a blockchain based email. You can have an email associated with a website domain. Brock: Is there a doc of all of Eden’s assets? How do we want that to be organized? Edgar: They use their Github repository for that. Eden Gihub repo can hold this. This begs the question of who owns the keys to that repo. Brock: Someone needs to take the responsibility of doing this in their list of housekeeping. Edgar: Looked at the Eden Github repo. Chuck: Will we be forking that? Edgar: Not sure if we fork or just get added as owners. It could be forked away. Chuck: The question of Eden’s mission statement has also come up, for more clarity. The question of “what is Eden” is something that would go along with these assets. Brock: Would be willing to donate some of his CD funds to Michael to help build this out.  



The group has essentially missed a meeting due to conflicting schedules over the past week. Will look to hold an additional meeting after the roughly 2 month mark of their term. This to recap the past 2 months and plan for their final month. Bylaw work could be a primary topic for that meeting.



Chuck will be chairing the next meeting planned for Thursday, June 9.

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