Eden on EOS 2nd official Chief Delegates held their 9nth meeting. Check out the full meeting notes and links to the recorded meeting video below.

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9 June 2022 - VIDEO LINK


Present: Edgar Fernandez, Brock Pierce, Chuck MacDonald, Michael O'Sullivan, Gracie Lau

Not Present:  None

Meeting Chair: Chuck









with Notes


Review individual updates as per CD election commitments: (2 mins each)


Chuck: Attempting a vacation. Participated in the Eden Engagement meeting yesterday. 12 people showed up discussing how they contributed to the EOS ecosystem, and then ranked each other per the fractally method. It is an open invitation to those also not in Eden. The reward is with NFTs and EOS, and a future respect rating perhaps. 

Gracie: Working on preparing for the second Chinese Eden trial election. Had 25 new members join this week. The election is this Sunday. Looked at changing the account permissions and it doesn’t look very difficult but needs to be done quickly. Need to at least update the time of the next election otherwise the bylaw won’t match.

Michael: Two week update, was at Davos 2 weeks ago. Spoke to some interesting people while there. Posted two delegate meetings. Used funds to pay Dan and Felix to launch the Eden townhalls on Discord and Twitter spaces. Created a formal template for Eden communications. Written a Declaration of Eden Independance. Prepared Eden treasury reports. Taken Eden community feedback to work on the Eden Member Services proposal. Spoke to Ray to to offer the IP and files for EdenEOS.org and eoscommunity.org websites. He’s looking for 5-10k EOS for this. Started work on a formal proposal for new proposed CD bylaws. Started working on new unified Eden web presence. 

Edgar: Continuing to work on the Eden Delegate Accounting System (EDAS). Hired 5 devs and are training 2 of those interns to work on the EDAS, but all 5 will be trained on the EdenOS code. Hoping they will later choose to join Eden. Important to bring in more folks who understand the code and increase membership.  

Brock: Was at Davos as well. No change to Brock’s treasury since last week. His Delegate council met and will be looking at the next round of Pomelo if nothing else comes up to use his funds. Helios ran a twitter spaces. Announced working on an 8 week long ideathon. Also working on a conference proposal to get EOS involved in crypto events. Working with Jesse from the Bees on that also.

Transfer of Eden Account Permissions to CDs
(15 mins)

Account PermissionsChuck: Last meeting a key transfer ceremony was discussed. Essential that the Eden CDs have control of the Eden EOS account. Michael: Agrees. Without the permissions they can’t ratify the changes. Has put together a declaration for this. Will send this to who does have the keys privately. Brock: Looking to target June 15 for Magna Carta day. Chuck: This coincides with the Eden fractal meeting that day and could have it then. Michael: Does everyone agree with the approach of the declaration and formal request? Edgar: Its the right next move. It has been publicly asked for on these calls, and is necessary to put the bylaw changes into action. Should start thinking about what they might do if they don’t receive a response. Michael: A contingency plan is needed? Edgar: Yes. The verbal request hasn’t yet been fulfilled, but hopes after a formal request they are filled, but isn’t a guarantee. Need to consider the delay of the transfer and how the Bylaw changes are ratified in code. Chuck: The ultimate contingency plan would be to craft an MSIG of the Owner of the account to update the Active (to the BPs). This would be the ultimate fallback. Michael: Even with an MSIG created they still need to ask the owners for this. The other option is to de-ratify the bylaws and have the next election when the smart contract says so. Chuck: The Owner permissions do belong to the BPs so it would be perfectly reasonable for them to implement these changes is the democratic process isn’t being followed.


New Bylaw Discussion Planning: (10 mins)

New Bylaws: Chuck: Previous CDs spoke about a bunch of idea around Bylaw changes, and around implications and implementation. They also had forms to get community feedback. They really have roughly 2 weeks to get this done. Suggest having a community meeting to find low hanging fruit on new bylaws. Brock: Since they missed a meeting they should schedule a special meeting just to focus on bylaws. Good to get the rest of the ideas out. Michael: Agrees to have a special meeting. Has started to collate previous ideas from the group. Need to be wary of putting up new changes that can’t be implemented. Edgar: Agrees with Michael on creating new bylaw changes that will change the code. They can propose for the next CDs, who might choose to not ratify the changes. Chuck: WIll schedule that outside of this call.


Eden Engagement Meeting from June 8th: (10 mins)

Funding Eden Member Services: Chuck: Been talking about these services, for engagement and for the technical sphere. Will also need to talk about the budget. Is this something they should talk about without a bylaw change. It would be unreasonable to expect Eden CDs pay for these out of their budgets. The next meeting will be awarded EOS locked in an NFT. You can liquify the EOS by burning the NFT. During the Yield+ discussions and considering the size of the Eden treasury, there might be an opportunity there. Eden can reward people with their engagement in the form of backed NFTs and investigate a yield process to stake those NFTs for yield. Michael: Thinks yes. If they have access they need the funds to make the code changes. These funds would be needed to do something like buying the website from Ray. These funds are also needed for the other roles presented. Gracie: Agrees with the need for funds. If the code isn’t changed the treasury can’t be sent to anyone. Brock: There should be a budget, question is to how its funded, it probably should come from the treasury. A budget put together and approved by the CDs. Chuck: Edgar did commit the technical updates and since then the value of EOS has been cut in half. He also doesn’t have the extra HCD funds. The budget has significantly changed with the token value. Edgar: They committed to scoping the changes. But they as of now can’t actually make them. General idea is to have a pool of funds from the treasury that the CDs can control. What happens if they need more funds…treasury or ENF. Another challenge is during the election people could run on providing the technical changes…one could run to say they will use their funds to do that. Brock: That approach mitigates the risk of borrowing from the future. Edgar: This person would run the risk on the price of EOS dropping without a hedge. This brings back the question on why people run in an election, leadership skills, or working on a project. This delegation wants to take the approach of earmarking funds. The problem with this is they need to assign people to do this work. Edenina was nominated to take this work on, hire these people and pay them. Brock: The other option is to scope out what Eden needs and submit a proposal to the ENF as a one-time development plan. Edgar: This would be good for big changes like an overhaul. Continuity is important with long term funding and keeping an Eden Dev team. Having funding and a team secured makes the most sense. These aren’t huge overhauls for now, and are just tweaks. Brock: These CDs should be having the conversation of if Eden should be built on Fractally. It was previously discussed so might be worth revisiting. Chuck: Once they know what that infrastructure will look like its hard to make plans there. Edgar: They should continue with what they’re doing, and the circles. Thinks they are on the right track and funding Member Services. Chuck: There has been broad support for the circles/Member Services plan. It makes a lot of sense to have persistent teams. A point of hesitancy is to nominate who will run those circles. Will need a very transparent procurement process to identify the leads of those circles. The next CDs being able to replace individuals in roles maintains the ability for them to be held accountable. Is there code that needs to change to allow the EOS to move from the treasury. Gracie: Yes now the code doesn’t allow even the Active permission to move EOS from the treasury to another account. But maybe, this was based on certain testing they were doing. Chuck: Also the top level domain .eden is another asset that this organization should have control over. They should have the owner and active key for that account. It was a purchased asset and developed for the specific purpose of developing Eden. The devs that did that work were paid by the network  to do this. This would mean the web and social assets would be paid for and owned by the community.


July 9th Election Planning Team: (10 mins)

Election Planning: Chuck: Should they put together an Election circle or planning team. Michael: Yes should create an election circle, and invite the fractally team to assist this. This should include updating the website, and the election date. Thinks they can do this. Edgar: This is an important circle, the Election or Transition Circle. The others that ran the past elections so well could perhaps assist with this, and they could do the same for the next team that comes after them. Who’s zoom account was used for the last election?  Could make their link available. Election sign up, where its held etc all need to be cleaned up. Chuck: They will need funds to run their election. Building an org on volunteerism isn’t a path to success. Michael: Outside of the money they need to be on PR to remind folks that the election is coming up and sign up. Also this to solidify the legitimacy of Eden via election participation.



Existential Risks to Eden:

Existential Risks: Edgar: Apathy, and fractured communication also key members moving to other projects and taking other delegates with them. Another risk is funding. What happens if the ENF (board or president) doesn't like the CDs. They might wait until the next election with CDs that they like. What happens without support from the chief funding source or BPs generally. How do they prevent Eden being sabotaged. If there is a lack of perceived support then this might impair the general community perspective and their willingness to participate with Eden. Brock: Most people in power don’t want democratic elections. Edgar: If this is an institution that is to live on for many years then there is a risk that the ENF and BPs will lose interest in supporting Eden. What controls could be in place to prevent this, especially as they are thinking about proposing new bylaws. Chuck: The mission statement from the last term to provide value for EOS. What if there was another benefactor beyond the network. That would change the mission statement.The EOSIO coalition, all running the same code, has a use for a democratic organization. Many seem open to the idea of adding a human layer to DPoS. What if they did offer MSIG as a service, and for that receive payment in currencies outside of EOS. Would that change the mission? Should they be applying for grants from other organizations? Brock: Would love to have a conversation around DAO infrastructure and where they stack up to other offerings in the space. Edgar: What if Eden bringing value to EOS doesn’t align with what the ENF or BPs think bring value. How does Eden become self-funded. Brock: If they don’t think this org is supported by the network, whats the point. Its conceivable that other EOSIO chains would want this org and infra. So begs the question of if Eden is being supported and will it be around in a year. As a potential CD, if one thought the org would run out of resources would they really want to participate.



It wasn't clarified during the meeting who will be chairing the next meeting planned for Thursday, June 16.

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