EOS Fireside Chat #16

Pomelo, direct contributions and the fallout from the Terra collapse were among the most interesting topics up for discussion in the fireside chat.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - With the Pomelo report finally with us, the EOS fireside chat was a chance to pick over some of the results as well as the rationale behind the ENF’s direct contributions. Here are some of the highlights.

Pomelo Season 2 update 

The report is finally ready to go on the final distribution numbers. $888,888 was donated from a matching pool by the ENF, with $125,000 in direct contributions. There was also 3200 EOS in funds which were carried over from season one into season two. Every season a certain amount of donations are held over into the next round as part of their defence against Sybil attacks. 

Meanwhile, 5,000 EOS was generated from the Dot Gem NFT sales and the community produced $148,000 with the grand total of money distributed to companies which are actively helping EOS reach $1.17 million.

Overall, then, it has been a great success and plans are already in place for season three. 

ENF direct contributions 

There were more thoughts on the direct contributions allocations which had been announced on Twitter. These are separate from quadratic funding and are allocated by the ENF team based on those projects which they feel are more deserving. 

We had insights into the thought process behind the decision, Zack Gall suggested he was looking for projects which are high value but under appreciated so they were not set to receive a large amount of money. 

Yves La Rose suggested one of the things he looked at was people who had been making an effort but might have been overlooked possibly due to smaller teams. 

There is one advantage from the low token price in that it provides immense upside to the existing Pomelo grants, especially with the work being done to build its profile within the community. 

It will also be interesting to see whether people decide to hold onto the EOS and benefit from any upside they see.  

Are Luna Developers seeking to move to EOS?

With the implosion of Luna, it’s reasonable to ask if there are any signs of Luna developers switching to EOS. Yves La Rose confirms that there are and that he is interviewing people who are looking to move off Terra and into the EOS ecosystem.

Token 2049 Singapore Sponsorship 

One of the things EOS has lacked is that B1 stopped having a presence at the major events after the token sale. EOSIO is a different technology than what’s out there and they have the trust EVM which is running on a test net and is due to go live soon. There is a chance to onboard people from other ecosystems onto EOS. They needed an event to showcase to the rest of the world what they have been working on for the past year. It will be a good opportunity to mark the one-year anniversary of the ENF. There will be other events at which they will have a presence or sponsor. 

EOSIO+ Coalition RFPs for faster finality 

There were some updates on the EOS + coalition RFPs for Finality and Wallets. 

0rigin has stated that they will be putting a bid in for the faster finality. Aaron Cox of Greymass confirms there is likely to be a bid for the Wallet SDK from his team.

EOSIO Rebranding

Joshua Seymour asks if EOS is getting a rebrand. That has been confirmed as being on the roadmap. They are currently in the process of getting potential names suggested for the EOSIO rebrand. However, as before they will cut out those sections where the actual names are mentioned. The rebrand, though, is well underway. 

Fractally creating its own chain 

The chat also took time to look at controversy surrounding the news that Fractally might be setting up its own chain. 

There are many reasons they might want to do this. They may use EOSIO software to have some means for interchain communication. As stated by Andrew Ware,  the fractally token can be awarded or taken away based on the consensus of the community it can’t act as a currency in the same way EOS would. 

In general, this could be a benefit for both – giving all sides control over their initiatives and sparking activity on both networks. However, after all the issues B1 it could have reputational issues for EOS. One suggestion is that it may affect the position of B1 in any legal fight with the ENF. As one contributor points out, back in the token sale, Dan Larimer made promises to be working on EOS for the next ten years. Setting up a new chain would seem to go against that statement.  

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Dan Singjoy and Klaudia Fior)

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