Buying EOS PowerUP NFTs is the best way to support the critical service eospowerup.io provides.

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EOS PowerUP is one of the most important public goods on EOS. We all know and love it because it’s a critical service that helps replenish CPU. The reason why your transactions succeed when using PowerUp is because someone donated to their pool of $EOS. PowerUp uses their pool of donations to rent resources on your behalf.  

How can we make sure the pool of $EOS stays full so everyone can have free transactions on the EOS blockchain?

That's why EOS PowerUp NFTs exist. Visit their NFT page. All the NFTs they offer give special rewards and are tradeable on Atomic Hub

The first section to look at is the “Weekly Leaderboard”.

Ranking on the Leaderboard will get you Bronze NFTs minted automatically by their smart contract. The Leaderboard resets each week. Look at the white number on the turquoise background next to the icon of the Bronze NFT. 

In the screenshot above, geytiojugene will earn 40 Bronze NFTs if they finish the weekly period in first place. Why 40? Because they donated 46.4 $EOS divided by a mint price of 1.1 $EOS/NFT. The calculator shows 42.18. To protect against abuse, the max amount of NFTs one can earn per each week is 40.

The mint price increases by 0.1 $EOS when you climb down the ranking ladder. Splint.gm will earn 38 Bronze NFTs. It’s 46 divided by 1.2 equaling 38.3. It’s rounded down because there’s no such thing as 0.3 of an NFT 😜.

The next decision after earning Bronze NFTs is to stake them and/or upgrade to Silver. Bronze NFTs give the owner “additional” free PowerUps, most likely double what the standard EOS account receives today. Staking them is a great option because it supports the donation pool while giving you special access to it. 


A Bonus Silver NFTs can be acquired by earning 40 Bronze NFTs. 

You can also burn 50 bronze NFTs to get another Silver!  

It’s a double opportunity to earn Silver NFTs. They will automatically appear in your account once 40 Bronze NFTs are earned. Then, once you get 50 Bronze NFTs, you can burn (swap) them for more Silver!


EOS PowerUp will release a referral system where users will get rewarded for bringing their friends. Silver NFTs lets you earn rewards from those future referrals.

*Note Silver NFTs do not give you additional free PowerUps that the Bronze NFTs offer. 

The highest rarity is the Gold NFT. 

The Gold NFTs can be acquired using the same Bonus and Burning mechanism. Earning 30 Bonus Silver NFTs will automatically mint you a Gold NFT. You can also burn 40 Silver NFTs to mint a Gold NFT.


Staking Gold NFTs remove all platform fees from EOS PowerUp’s “auto” service, a savings of more than 2%!

EOS Bees is offering a special bonus for Gold NFT stakers. Showing proof you stake a Gold NFT will grant you one “Swarm”.  A Swarm is a Twitter service where all Bees like and RT a tweet of your choosing. 

Keep in mind another way to get Silver and Gold NFTs is going to Atomic. You can buy enough NFTs on the market and burn them to mint higher rarities. You may pay a higher price, but can get them much faster than competing on the Weekly Leaderboard.

EOS PowerUp directly helps more users everyday than most other services on the EOS blockchain. If there was ever an NFT to buy, this is it!

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