EOS VISION: Start of the year update.

All of you are invited to the update of the last months of EOS VISION, where within the news you can find the statistics and evolution of Reddit, Daily Bulletins, ENF Report and moreโ€ฆ

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Welcome to the first information center created on EOS, feel free to check out the latest news on EOS and its blockchain, We wish you a happy start to the year, here you have all the news from EOS VISION and its updates, as well as its summary of the last months of the year.

Newsletters and Summaries

In the work carried out by the EOS VISION team, it has been in charge of not losing a single day of the week to make the daily bulletins and as well as the weekly reports throughout the YouTube channel, which we will also be integrating information about projects and other news. In the count of daily Bulletins, Visions and Weekly Summaries from September, Until the month of December, we have a total of:

  • 102 Informative Bulletins (Daily)
  •  7 Visions.
  • 16 Weekly Reports (Videos)

EOS VISION supports Reddit.

In our effort to recover Reddit we present the statistics for the month of September and December, since the EOS VISION team has been organized to work on this social network - which needed to be attended- in our initial proposal for Reddit, we carried out a base study, in this it was found that Reddit contained Spam, Bots and Scammers using the main group of EOS which has 97.7k, after conducting this investigation the team got to work! Here are the results:

  • Clean Moderation Queue.
  • Spam Removed and Closed (Avoid Scam problems)
  • Support and redirection to EOS Support.
  • Information provided by the ENF.

We bring the statistics and traffic for the month of September and October.

We also bring the statistics and traffic for the month of November and December.

A near future.

We are preparing our rewards system which will undoubtedly be a unique opportunity for users to have a little fun within Reddit... We will be working to bring more life to Reddit, using the tools available within EOS.

If you still don't know, here you can read how our rewards system is expected to work.

"Reddit-Discord Reward System: Based on the "Tip.cc" reward system on Discord, and EOS BEES idea to perform "SWARM PAID" on different important Twitter posts, we will bring this idea to Reddit, dedicating 2 minutes each day to vote on our Reddit, check out the โ€œVISIONS REDDITโ€ channel where we will upload active posts every day, there you can vote and post in our thread that you have voted so you can earn daily rewards."

We will be working on it in the coming months and hopefully new users will join as a result, as well as the increase of UpVote on important posts.

The EOS Network Foundation on Reddit.

With the reconstruction of Reddit, the ENF has officially joined this Social Network, with its iconic and important publications that the EOS community has waited so long for these years, its efforts to inform the ecosystem have been present in the EOS community on Reddit and this has had the acceptance, merit and reach that did not exist before, new users come to Reddit in search of the latest news from the EOS and Antelope ecosystem.

With the arrival of ENF on Reddit, its performance has increased, and we can see the increase of Karma in the official ENF account, as well as the increase of new users.

Direct Grant Framework

EOS VISION has applied to the EOS Network Foundation program, and our proposal has been chosen! Our team is preparing to work extensively on Reddit and Facebook, bringing all the important news from the Ecosystem.

You can read the ENF Report here:


The use of the funds has been especially for the salaries of the members of EOS VISION, as well as the creation of a website and work tools for the team.

These funds were enough for 5 months of work and thanks to this we have given birth to Reddit and our project.

With the funds granted by the ENF we have advanced further and we are helping to grow the community on Reddit and Facebook, we highlight that the ENF has its official account on Reddit and has grown incredibly in the last three months.

EOS VISION in Pomelo.

This fourth season of Pomelo we gave new advances, information, project presentations, videos, interviews and we have received more support and power from Pomelo and the ENF, the challenge of getting Reddit back has been quite extensive, but one of our biggest channels has improved . For the fourth season we have had the launch of our website, as well as more moderation within the EOS channels.

Our project had more than 52 contributions from the EOS community, as well as good comments and positive feedback to improve the process.


EOS Respect creates the opportunity for community members to raise money, align with those who will vote for funding, and allocate those funds to support the interest of EOS. If you have a project within EOS and want to join EOS Respect, do not hesitate to contact eosuspport.io or through contact@eossupport.io

EOS in Spanish is affiliated with EOS VISION, supporting translations, summaries and reports in Spanish willing to support the Spanish community, creating new opportunities for this community.

We will be working on the main information of EOS and building it into a hub or meeting point for those new users who want to learn and become part of EOS.

Update of our Mind Map. 

๐—จ๐—ฝ๐—ฑ๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—ฉ๐—ถ๐˜€๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป : http://mindweb.io/EOS_Vision.html

created by NovaCrypto.

MindWeb.io is a website built as a Collaborative Platform that will contain MindWeb MindMaps about EOSIO / EOS where everyone free of charge can enhance them by proposing their own mind map.


EOS VISION is the first information center created and based on EOS and Antelope, our group includes good journalists and writers, as well as designers, who are based on creating content on EOS.

CEO Founder: Verรณnica Dรญaz.

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