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Writers matter, even in a binary world. Cryptowriter’s Pomelo grant went live this week with the focus on:

…directly pay for the production of high-quality EOS content to be published on the Cryptowriter publication.

UNDRGRND splashed onto the scene last week. Join the discussion on Discord to find out how to get your own UNDRGRND card on yet another chain, Telos. Be sure to check out the roundtable discussion on the state of EOS. Participants included Chris Barnes, Jimmy D, Luke Stokes, Daniel Keys, Crypto Blood, and Chaney Moore. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

Community, Support, and Funding Making EOS Attractive Again

Violet Garden: Truly Decentralized Social Media

VanEck’s Spot-Market Bitcoin ETF Is Rejected –

Are Bitcoin & Ether Prices Really Correlated?

Cryptowriter Podcast Network and other relevant videos for this week:

Roundtable - The Present State of EOS

Edge of Obscurity w/ Sean & Jimmy D - Finney, Crunks, UNDRGND, Uplift, and bananas!


The Shift+




Twitter avatar for @EOS_NationEOS Nation @EOS_Nation🌶 Hot Sauce going live in 20 minutes!🌶 ✅@EosNFoundation Working Groups+ ✅@PomeloGrants Halftime Stats ✅@helios_rising_ Updates ✅@provinzdigital NFTs @ Art Cologne ✅and lots MORE! Join us 🛎️ youtu.be/ahZHI8SnLk8 #EOS $EOS #WAX #NFT #Crypto #blockchain #BullishEOS Hot Sauce #128 - EOS+Hello EOS Nation!The Race for Rares is on! https://eos.atomichub.io/drops/91To get whitelisted visit us in our #Metaverse Gallery and follow the instructions...youtu.be

November 20th 2021

6 Retweets21 LikesTwitter avatar for @bywirenewsBywire News @bywirenewsTo celebrate the launch of EOS’s crowdfunding platform, #Pomelo, we thought we’d compile a top ten list of the best projects – indeed there are so many that this top ten goes up to 11! #eos #eosio #enf $EOS #blockchain #crypto Pomelo: Bywire’s top ten picks this weekTo celebrate the launch of EOS’s crowdfunding platform, Pomelo, we thought we’d compile a top ten list of the best proj...bywire.news

November 17th 2021

46 Retweets175 LikesTwitter avatar for @EOSDaily_EOS Daily 今日柚闻 @EOSDaily_EOS Daily is a comprehensive information platform focusing on EOS ecology initiated by Eden funded community. Everything about EOS is gathered in EOS Daily. All developers' dapps can be promoted free of charge in EOS Daily to reduce developers' promotion expenses. Image

November 12th 2021

12 Retweets54 LikesTwitter avatar for @Bishop3DCreaBishop Creations @Bishop3DCreaHere's an #NFT made to spread awareness on the amazing onboarding work of @eossupportio and its team 🙌 🛒 #NFTs: eos.atomichub.io/market/auction… 🤝 Donate here to help #EOS Support: pomelo.io/grants/rneyu 💬 Need help? Ask EOSsupport.io $EOS #Blender3d

November 15th 2021

38 Retweets69 LikesTwitter avatar for @brockpierceBrock Pierce @brockpierceI offered to swap my shares for rights to EOS tokens that are restricted by time so I could align my efforts with the #EOS mainnet. B1 did not want to sell their tokens, but were focused on getting them in hands that could maximize the mainnet growth.

November 17th 2021

92 Retweets401 LikesTwitter avatar for @NovaCryptoLTDNovaCrypto LTD 🇨🇭 Startup @NovaCryptoLTDEOSIO🇨🇭Workshop Special Latam 2 Maurice Vanegas @MVanegasLA 𝗟𝗲𝘁'𝘀 𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗸 𝗕𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗦𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘁 𝗼𝗻 𝗘𝗢𝗦. 🔋EOS - Full Spectrum of Power🔋 🔔NovaCrypto channel and be notified bit.ly/3oHSXNR @eosmarketp @EOSPGLMLT_BP @mike_maloney @EOS_Bees @bywirenews

November 18th 2021

19 Retweets40 LikesTwitter avatar for @lukestokesluke@stokes @lukestokesA blockchain is a globally-accessible and globally-recognized truth oracle for non-violent consensus. That’s why all of this matters. More signal, less noise. Consciousness evolution.

November 19th 2021

10 Retweets40 LikesTwitter avatar for @brandonlovejoyLovejoy @brandonlovejoy#EOS claimed the symbol of the Chestahedron––sacred geometry of the Heart––primary organ of perception––& since then, our hearts have been pulling us in mysterious ways. Is @helios_rising_ the vessel by which we begin to grow the heart of our community big enough to hold it all? Image

November 16th 2021

33 Retweets98 LikesTwitter avatar for @brockpierceBrock Pierce @brockpierce@edurcTrade @MIchaelTulenko1 @EOSIO @EOS_Nation @eosflytomars @Starteosio @BigONEexchange @EOSIOsg @bytemaster7 @EosNFoundation @BrendanBlumer Announcing an event in Puerto Rico December 7th for the first major reveal. Details coming soon.

November 17th 2021

22 Retweets100 LikesTwitter avatar for @MIchaelTulenko1MIchael Tulenko @MIchaelTulenko1#EOS #BullishonEos Oftentimes when confronted with a difficult question the answer is already staring you right in the face. EOS ALREADY has the perfect solution. - EdenOS - Helios - EOS Foundation - BULLISH EOS Top 21 Block Producers need to Let This Play Out. Image

November 16th 2021

37 Retweets138 Likes

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