EOSweekly: Eden, ENF Coalition, Anchor, EVM+ Test, EOS Nation on Telos

In Eden years the mainnet just turned two. There’s a coalition abouts, and it’s going to blow out EOSIO just as EVM+ hits the blockchain metaverse. Steadily cruising along, dishing out world class stuff, that’s the Mandel team and ENF solidly Anchored.

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In Eden years the mainnet just turned two. There’s a coalition abouts, and it’s going to blow out EOSIO just as EVM+ hits the blockchain metaverse. Steadily cruising along, dishing out world class stuff, that’s the Mandel team and ENF solidly Anchored.


EdenOnEOS Election Results (April 9, 2022)

Another election in the books. Just kidding, EdenOnEOS is just getting started. Still, there’s something to all which transpired under the first Chief Delegates’ leadership. The mainnet also owes much to ENF for sure. EOS community as a whole delivered truly superior blockchain development. The future looks even brighter as nearly 100 members took part in the second election. Departing Head Chief Delegate Aaron Cox leaves big shoes to fill. The new board includes:

New Head Chief Delegate Edgar Fernandez is co-founder of EOS Costa Rica, one of the most influential producers on the mainnet. 

Brock Pierce brings primetime spotlight, a trusted reputation, and so much more. 

Gracie Lau is Co-founder of JBB.ONE and recently led an EdenCN trial. 

Chuck MacDonald is a staple of the community focused on a Eden Election initiative. 

Fresh crypto blood comes in the form of ByWire News founder Michael O’Sullivan . 

If you’re a member, you can check out the complete election results on edeneos.org. Watch the first Chief Delegate meeting or the full stream of the breakout room on EdenOnEOS YT.

Testing EOS EVM+

Talk about powerful change, EVM+ might prove to be that final hurdle taking EOS to the masses. Yves La Rose was spotted by palmar.tez predicting EVM audits by the end of April. Lookout for the EOS EVM launch event on April 19 at 13:00 UTC. Does this mean EVM will be ready for all EOS dapps on the 19th? Not likely. There’s a schedule of things that must transpire in succession, including those audits. A lot will be uncovered at the launch party. Why is EVM such a big deal? Well, there’s the tendency for favorable price swings upon implementation. And then there’s what the ENF tweeted:

…Your public key will also be able to be used on native #EOS using MetaMask w/ the same web3 provider, so no need to switch endpoints between chains. …

Read the ENF’s January post about what’s in store for the mainnet once EVM+ goes active. It’s about building on success and attracting developer talent. Here’s a recent article about the EVM+ testnet. There you’ll find:

…EOS EVM launch event, …detailed information regarding the future … EVM and its technological advantages …DeFi and GameFi, ecosystem development timeline, …and much more.

ENF 2022 Q1 Report

Professionalism and responsibility has been at the heart of the EOS Network Foundation from its inception. Voluntarily holding itself to high standards is a testament to the core team that’s more than doubled in recent weeks. ENF 2022 first quarter report reads a bit like a storybook of accomplishments. Shining brightest are those blue papers. The first of them were only recently published. Through blue papers and associated working groups, the entire mainnet is being reshaped with as bright an outlook as ever. The ENF also began funding new projects. New ENF initiatives support the ecosystem alongside Pomelo’s public goods. The most notable is that of ENF massive matching funds for Pomelo Season 2. ENF gives preference to projects that maintain a public good focus. Read an abbreviated version of the Q1 report at the ENF blog or in full here. Also note that the charismatic leader of the ENF, Big Beard Samurai, continues to champion for EOS; catch his latest escapade on Chain Catcher Twitter Space.

EOS Nation Now a Telos BP, April WAX Report

EOS, WAX, and now, Telos, EOS Nation holds together the core fabric of the mainnet and greater ecosystem. If you’re new to the ecosystem, your perceptions about blockchain have probably been altered. EOSIO tech is fast, functional, economical, and relatively easy for developers. Sure, as the ENF pointed out, EOS doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Ethereum when it comes to developer kits. What it does offer nets to something far superior, that is a blockchain experience which more closely resembles traditional apps. All the while Telos, and other EOS sister chains, broaden what account holders can own. EOS Nation joining Telos (Nation.tlos) represents the next stage in the young blockchain’s maturity. Collaboration has already begun through the EOSIO+ working group. Hard to deny that the mainnet owes much of its success to EOS Nation, a top EOS BP. Read about what the team also does for WAX in monthly reports. The April report goes into stuff like:

… we’ve completed our WAX Cloud Wallet & Shopify integration which will allow our collectors to purchase NFTs directly from well-known payment processors such as: credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

Only good things for Telos on the horizon.

Anchor Update

Just a quick update here letting the community know that:

Anchor Desktop version 1.3.4 released today, a combination of fixes and improvements primarily focused on account creation.

Download at greymass.com. A number of improvements are still needed before the mainnet sees the kind of account creation suitable for mass adoption. In the interim, Team Anchor created a link to help ease onboarding. In case you weren’t aware, there’s a Season 2 Pomelo grant to aid in Anchor development. Anyone interested in the long term health of the mainnet and greater ecosystem should take note, if not seek to contribute.

EOSIO Coalition

The ENF is certainly holding to its mandate of elevating EOS’ game. Sure there’s been all the planning and early development. That was sort of expected though; not, not to be appreciated. Just that, the ENF found early support because the mainnet community believed it would deliver where B1 failed. Elevating the mainnet became clearer in recent weeks with growing media attention. Now an EOSIO Coalition officially enters the mix. Consider the amount of popularity Ethereum garners from its alleyways. Probably more than it should. In contrast, the EOS mainnet takes a lot more blame than deserved. The status quo is radically shifting as:

Four EOSIO protocol-based blockchains: EOS, Telos, WAX and UX Network have combined …resources …This coalition has committed a combined $8 million annual budget for core development and developer outreach in 2022.

Read more at the ENF blog:

Development is set to begin immediately with priorities … defined in the four “Blue Papers”... more than seventy-five proposals to enhance the protocol. Coalition members will determine the exact priority proposals to fund and will provide… development roadmap for the first time in the history of the protocol.

Around EdenOnEOS

Results of the Second Eden election were discussed above. These are exciting times in the EOS mainnet. See the video of the first meeting of our second group of Chief Delegates for what’s in store for the mainnet. You’re encouraged to visit Eden and Eden Members Telegram chats for insight into the minds of the new board. There’s also a poll circulating for Edem Member to choose a meeting date and time to: 

… gather in small groups via Zoom Breakout Rooms to decide what we believe are the next logical steps to achieve to move Eden forward and work together to ultimately include those deliverables in a properly formatted grant proposal to the ENF…

The weekly Member’s Recap channel was delayed until Monday. Note that there’s a plan to expand recapped info. EOS plays on a much larger field than it did a few short months ago. That’s why we find the ENF going along with it’s mainnet business as usual in holding the Wednesday Fireside Chat, as did the Mandel team with meeting #9. Don’t forget about fractally just because we took a week off to hold some election.

Meta Community: EASTER CONTEST

Looking for a fun way to get involved with the EOS community and sister chains? Join Meta Collect Discord (gen-chat) for things like Finney trivia, engagement rewards, games, and giveaways. Here are the results of this week’s EASTER CONTEST:

Entries Draw Winner of 3 Finney Coins - martin 

1st_Response_Bonus Winner of 2 Finney Coins - Leidelmeijer

Random Draw Winner of 1 Finney Coin - Cryptojoe


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