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Even with all the chatter surrounding The Crunks, BTC Miner Finneys took the spotlight this week. A wonderfully expressive and timeless piece by @galeria_nft dropped to all WAX BTC Miner holders. Thereโ€™s still a whole lot of commotion over in The Crunks neighborhood. Visit discord to join the discussion. For an overview on how the mint on RandomEarth went, read the article below by brian_. Donโ€™t forget to check Round 21 engagement reward winners. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include:

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Built-on-DAPP: ZEOS Privacy Coin

The Crunks - Mint Overview

Three Truths and a Lie About Bitcoin and Altcoins - Truth #1

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Twitter avatar for @EOS_NationEOS Nation @EOS_Nation๐ŸŒถ Today on the EOS Hot Sauce Pomelo Special we have @BlockchainZack and @daniel_keyes ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ“ฃTune in for the latest on Pomelo.io and crowdfunding on #EOS ! ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ”ฅAnd donโ€™t miss out on this weekโ€™s Spicy Rare! โฐ Going live 16:00 UTC ๐Ÿ”” bitly.ws/iv6Z Image

October 30th 2021

29 Retweets69 LikesTwitter avatar for @EosNFoundationYves La Rose @EosNFoundationCongratulations on quickly reaching 1000 members in the new #EOS Discord channel! ๐Ÿฅ‚ The $EOS community is coming together and self organizing in ways that weren't even imaginable just a few months ago. The future of is looking bright. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒค๏ธ discord.gg/eos-network Image

October 31st 2021

83 Retweets297 LikesTwitter avatar for @BarnzooorChris Barnes @BarnzooorMuch support to Brock for playing a part in making this happen! ๐Ÿป This is great news for all of @crypto whether you're a #BTC maxi or not. Eventually #NYC is going to want to blockchain-ize their subway...I wonder if @brockpierce will suggest #EOS to run that on๐Ÿค”

Brock Pierce @brockpierce

A great moment of celebration captured w/friend & NYC's all-new Mayor-elect @ericadamsfornyc Tues. night. We can all certainly get behind one of his 1st agenda items:โšก "NYC is going to be the center of the cryptocurrency industry & other fast-growing, innovative industries!" https://t.co/INF34J4mQP

November 5th 2021

12 Retweets46 LikesTwitter avatar for @themoneyteamghThe Money Team GH @themoneyteamgh38/ There's nothing quite like EDEN anywhere in the industry & it is distinctively made possible BECAUSE of #EOSIO architecture. TBH, every serious DAO should be looking to test/adopt a form of @RealEdenOS. At the very least for treasury related issues.

EdenOnEOS @EdenOnEOS

Inaugural @EdenOnEOS Election is getting closer to the Final Results... #FractalDemocracy using @RealEdenOS & #blockchain tech on #EOS for Immutable Voter IDs + Votes. Invented by @bytemaster7 his book @moreequalanima1 @mike_maloney @jordanbpeterson @RonPaul @ForbesCrypto $eos https://t.co/AMzjMZOx1h

November 4th 2021

5 Retweets9 LikesTwitter avatar for @EOSPGLMLT_BPEOS PGL.MLT BP @EOSPGLMLT_BP#HuFi - A second farm now empowered to locally pasteurize the milk from their cows and neighboring farms, and distribute to EOS-themed mini-markets, EOS-themed milk products. The product is sold on credit that is fully-backed, no-interest, and the loan on the EOS blockchain. #EOS ImageImageImageImage

November 3rd 2021

30 Retweets66 LikesTwitter avatar for @BPEOSIOEOS to $1000 ๐Ÿš€ @BPEOSIOLet's give @HyphaDAO a big warm welcome to the #EOS community! "Hypha builds decentralized tools that help the world to work 100% for humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, ecological regeneration and equal advantage for all."

Chris Barnes @Barnzooor

@Salafel @HyphaDAO will be getting funding in the coming @PomeloGrants inaugural funding round to port their platform over to #EOS. Just wait until it's ready...form a DAC/DAO/DHO, organize the community in a holacracy style framework, pay bands, internal tokenomics...and much more!

November 2nd 2021

23 Retweets73 LikesTwitter avatar for @truerinfoMark Stair | tipit.io @truerinfo@EOSBull @tipitbot +10 Joy tipit is applying with assistance from @Barnzooor. Hope to get everyone's support! tipit stats 12000 users, 76 tokens, 3 chains, 6 social platforms

November 1st 2021

1 Retweet5 LikesTwitter avatar for @eossupportioEOS User Support Service @eossupportioThank you @cc32d9 for an excellent job with the Exchange that reached out to EOS Support for EOS integration and listing. Your willingness to provide help to the Community has been impressive. Thank you for donating your time and expertise. #EOS #bullishonEOS #EOSIO #Crypto

November 1st 2021

21 Retweets76 LikesTwitter avatar for @ImmersysImmersys | WAX NFT Metaverse @Immersys@Immersys on @Twitch is getting more & more attention! Immerys.io is the game @WAX_io has been waiting for and #Play2Earn gaming is growing! Support the Streamers:โคต๏ธ twitch.tv/doudalitwitch.tv/swecookietwitch.tv/dargoo_gaming #NFTs #NFT #WAX $WAXP

November 4th 2021

5 Retweets13 LikesTwitter avatar for @CryptoJ21230558CryptoJunky @CryptoJ21230558Amazing work in Venezuela, #EOS is now been used in over 1000 stores and growing everyday, instant and free transactions on a battle tested blockchain is the only way forward โœŠโœŠโœŠโœŠ Image

November 4th 2021

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EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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