EOSweekly: ETP, La Rose, Pierce, Object Computing, Feedback+, Pomelo, Eden Election on April 9

TOP HEADLINES Developer Commitment, Loyalty, and Follow Through The Dawn of EOS was exciting. Block.One centralized development and in turn stifled mainnet growth? B1 seems long gone. Helios and co-founder Brock Pierce remain in its wake. The ENF takes over much of B1’s early responsibilities. Commitment and loyalty is

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Developer Commitment, Loyalty, and Follow Through

The Dawn of EOS was exciting. Block.One centralized development and in turn stifled mainnet growth? B1 seems long gone. Helios and co-founder Brock Pierce remain in its wake. The ENF takes over much of B1’s early responsibilities. Commitment and loyalty is unquestioned in Big Beard Samurai:

…make this your profile pic until EOS hits $10 like @brockpierce?

That’s where we are now heading into the second EdenOnEOS election on April 9. In development news:

ENF partnered with Object Computing to advance Blue Paper initiatives

ENF coordinates timeframes to work better together *

Note that the Object Computing team tweeted about its belief that EOS smart contracts can stand apart as the world’s best. *Coordinating short-term plans does NOT mean the ENF is willing to sacrifice long-term plans of needed product releases. Still, the mainnet gets to show its networking power:

“There Is A Superhero In All Of Us, We Just Need The Courage To Put On The Cape.”

Few so powerful and valiant indeed. Mainnet just topped 5 million accounts too.


More About ENF / Object Computing Partnership

OCI is a modern consulting company whose technology team offers a comprehensive set of skills ranging from machine learning to blockchain with technology partners including technology giants, such as Google, Intel, and AWS.

The above was taken from EOS Network Foundation Enlists OCI To Implement Transaction Lifecycle Features on EOS. OCI’s Principle Blockchain Engineer pointed out:

“OCI has been contributing to the development of EOSIO since the very beginning; …”

In regards to advancing the Transaction Lifecycle, the partnership tackles the critical user experience of knowing if a transaction will succeed:

As such an ubiquitous part of the EOSIO experience, these enhancements should be applied directly to the core API software and made available via a software upgrade (no forking required) for all operators.

Visit the ENF blog post for an outline of some challenges and solutions specific to the new OCI partnership.



EOS now has its own exchange traded product. That is, a security that tracks financial instruments (i.e. other securities or indexes). It expands the market without private keys. Iconic is the team behind “the world’s first physically backed EOS ETP”. As Nova Crypto explained:

This benefits every community by the creation of an $EOS liquidity off-ramp… collateralized by coins held in a regulated, institutional-grade custody solution…

From the Iconic press release:

“Iconic’s vision is to embrace investors accessing the crypto market through our traditional investment vehicles…” … The physically backed ETP offers investors access to EOS through a liquid, regulated vehicle without the technical challenges of setting up private keys or crypto wallets. They are 100% collateralized by coins held…

Get EOS on more tongues and something special is likely to happen.


Feedback Submission

The ENF approved 17 submissions of community feedback on the Blue Papers. The approved feedbacks each met the minimum criteria and qualified for EOS bounties. The objective is to find areas for enhancement as well as alternative solutions. Feedback was reviewed by the respective working groups that authored the Blue Papers. Those approved not only get EOS rewards, but are also added to the Blue Papers’ “Community Edition”. What a way to involve more of the mainnet community. 


Pomelo Pitches

Speaking about the networking power of the EOS mainnet and the capacity to deliver on what’s good for the community. Pomelo Grants specifically target public goods. As of this week there were nearly 100 grants submitted with more than 50 already approved and less than 10 denied. 22 proposals return from last season. Here’s a few of the more recognized projects:

Anchor - team expansion and support for all device platforms

EOS Support - ongoing platform development and community collaboration

EOSIO Dashboard -  BP API nodes checks, testnet faucet for testnets, and community engagement

Visit Pomelo for more about public goods and how the community stands to benefit from other projects like Immutable Realms: EOS Arts and Culture zine! Or maybe you seek deeper insight via Pomelo Pitch Deck.


Greymass Update


Coinciding with Anchor’s Season 2 Pomelo pitch, team Greymass let known a bit about its operational status:

With a relatively small operations team… it's going to be a slow process to release and document... but it'll be worth it in the end.

Good to know that Anchor is using Pomelo to expand. Greymass specifically called attention to the following:

Make more services available

Welcomed external contributions

Run internal processes, custom history, and ancillary services as containers

Ease downloads

Remember, Anchor sails as Greymass’ flagship while:

being a completely free and open source product

BP rewards are not enough to run the EOS mainnet at its relative Formula 1 industry performance level. As cost-effective as EOSIO tech is, additional public goods funding must be emphasized. Lacking appropriate, consistent development funding is part of the reason why EOS didn’t maintain its early pace as a top 5 blockchain. Furthermore, making up ground takes more of an effort.


Helios Goes Live with BP, Brock Converts… Others

As of right now, our Helios BP, which is privately funded, is up and running. Our intention remains; to add stability and value to the ecosystem, and especially to continue supporting our most valued public goods.

That’s an onpoint message from The Helios BP - What does it do for EOS? View the registered new block producer API node here. Helios is actively looking for how best to contribute to the ecosystem. The team identified EOS PowerUP as a way to “add immediate value to the network”. Recall this week’s first entry. Would you say our resident Bearded Superhero has company in his commitment to the mainnet alongside the Mighty Brock:

What else is there to say? Well, Trim Bot pointed out that Brock isn’t just all in on EOS, he’s also integral to building the ecosystem:

Brock isn't just buying $EOS and hoping for the best, he's building on EOS.


Fractally Standup Meetings

Join the weekly stand up meetings. Show your contributions to grow the network of the next gen DAO. Head over to the Telegram chat to find out how to become an alpha tester or just learn more about what it means to be fractally. No blockchain application may ever have this much widespread, multi-chain/-platform implications. Existing members may wish to view the latest Genesis Rank & Respect (March 26). Maybe it’s too early to tout the tech in this way, but the goal of bringing fractal democracy to the world is real and there’s a dedicated team behind it. Are you ready?


Eden Election Scheduled for April 9

A lot has happened since the first official EdenOnEOS election. How much more will we achieve as bugs get worked out and new innovations emerge. Consider the new bylaws proposal and as discussed by Dan Larimer during Chief Delegate meeting #22. Hoping for a record turn out at Eden 2. Members may wish to view the Fireside Chat, Mandel meeting #7, CD meeting #23, and engage in Telegram to prepare for the second election on April 9. Aspiring members can start engaging here and learn more on EdenOnEOS.


Meta Community Engagement Rewards

Want to know what Finney and Friends are up to? Join the Meta Collect Discord channel. You never know when a contest, giveaway or poker game will pop up.



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#NFTs of Traditional Painting Art Works are different from #GameFi NFTs and other digital NFTs. Its market potential is very large too. We are happy to co-found this project.

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As a follow-up to this, check out my thread on TVL below. I explain what TVL is, why it matters, and what $EOS can expect once EVM is released. 👇🏼 👇🏼 https://t.co/esBLUVGyR0

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With $EOS EVM around the corner, a key metric to keep an eye on is "Total Value Locked" (TVL). Once EVM is good to go, expect EOS to be the fastest-growing chain by TVL. Right now, EOS has just $300M in TVL. Expect this number to be in the BILLIONS in a few months...

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


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