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TOP HEADLINES Rebranding EOS: Historical Significance and Look Forward The EOS mainnet community patiently awaits the next upgrade of EOSIO in Mandel. Note that the name Mandel is a placeholder for the rebranded version of EOSIO. The ENF retweeted $4 Billion DAO’s Medium

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Rebranding EOS: Historical Significance and Look Forward

The EOS mainnet community patiently awaits the next upgrade of EOSIO in Mandel. Note that the name Mandel is a placeholder for the rebranded version of EOSIO.  The ENF retweeted $4 Billion DAO’s Medium post. The story looks back at the early success of the mainnet, the issues that led to its fall out of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap, and its return to form under the leadership of the ENF. Three key issues identified by $4 Billion DAO pertain to:




While EOS took a relatively lax approach to DeFi and virtually missed out on GameFi, several of the top blockchains aggressively pursued both. In-fighting among prominent mainnet developers made success difficult for those who wished to produce in both arenas. Now, under the ENF’s leadership, much needed infrastructure begins to take shape. This is the main reason why EOS is garnering attention from top media outlets like Forbes.

Yves, Pierce Talk EOS Wired on B1

So you already heard, EOS is rebranding from years under B1. Wired looked at both sides, that of Block.one (now rebranded as B1) and those directly developing the EOS mainnet. Pierce might not initially seem like he belongs in the dev chat, but he’s no stranger to getting new crypto tech off the ground. In fact, Wired states:

…Pierce suggested rescuing EOS through the launch of an investment firm called Helios, which would be endowed with the newly acquired tokens. “I'm no longer a [Block.one] shareholder, which means I don't have any limitations,” Pierce told WIRED in November. “I'm free to do whatever I think is necessary for the ecosystem at this point. “

Yves La Rose’s perspective on the launch of Bullish:

…“They are essentially getting away with $9 billion,” he says. “And they did it in a legal way.”

As for the B1 side, their strongest argument seems to be centered around legal challenges. Several B1 developers have left to help make EOS the best it can be.

EOS Support CMC Registering and Survey


EOS Support continues its pursuit of making EOS more accessible. Its latest endeavor is a proposal to manage traffic from Coin Market Cap. The team would register contact@eossupport.io on the CMC website at coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eos/. This would help align the old EOS dynamic with core development done exclusively by the community. EOS support is also conducting a survey of the platform and its developers. Add these two initiatives to ongoing services like coordinating the Mandel upgrade, and EOS Support demonstrates a knack for onboarding.

EOS Rate 2.0


Voting for block producers would have little meaning for average users without tools like those provided by EOS Rate. Provided by EOS Costa Rica, EOS Rate 2.0 is open source and made to connect all members of the mainnect community more closely to their active BPs. Token holders have access to a rating system that aids in discerning among the most valude BPs. The tool is also a voting portal. Here are some of the new changes in EOS Rate 2.0:

Likes (and dislikes)

User comments

general code refactoring

Improved home page

Here’s a direct link to the EOS Rate homepage; click “start rating” to begin.

Ecosystem News Growth


One of the positives that goes virtually unnoticed since the ENF took over for B1 is EOS news. EOS Nation’s Hot Sauce is regular again. Everything EOS’ weekly report is back under the directive of the ENF. And then there’s new projects like EOS Vision’s monthly report and daily newsletters. EOS Vision is what inspired this section. As always, there’s quick access to Hot Sauce and Everything EOS in COMMUNITY CHATTER (below). EOS Vision’s website is being worked on. A wonderful story of a team working out of Venezuela and the challenges faced in a tough economic climate. Other EOS news outlets include a partnership with Helios and team Helios itself (EOSIO Moments [week and Q1]).

EOSIO+ Coalition Report


Yep, the EOSIO+ Coalition already delivered a report. Here’s what the team of team’s has been doing:

Over 20 items up for Coalition funding and more RFPs (Request for Proposal) sought


Rebranding the new EOSIO (Mandel)

The Coalition has an annual budget of $8 million. It wants to attract more developers and teams to join its efforts. Brought to life in the environment of EOS working groups, the Coalition now plans one of its own in Scalability+. Expect a Blue Paper detailing how to take EOS to the masses. Last, but certainly not least, is Mandel. EOSIO needed a rebrand so as to distinguish its capabilities from those imposed by B1. Mandel marks the beginning of the community's thought process. The new EOSIO will not likely be called Mandel, so the end of Mandel will usher in a new dawn in EOSIO. By the way, has the Coalition considered starting its own fractal?

Around the fractallyEden Ecosystem

The difference between fractally and Eden is one of consensus vs governance. Eden is the governance mechanism for the EOS mainnet. For achieving efficient consensus, fractally is where it's at, or where it will be at once the tech is operational. There’s a lot going on in fractally, but with tech in-development, you’re encouraged to join the whitepaper discussion (and earn some RESPECT while you’re at it). For members looking for something fractally faster, try Brainstorming Sessions (#8). On EOS, check out Mandel meeting #14, the recent Fireside Chat, and Chief Delegate meeting (#5). This past week, Bywire also introduced Eden Town Halls. Note that Bywire’s Michael O’Sullivan was recently interviewed by Nova Crypto.

Meta Collect Community

Looking for a fun way to get involved with the EOS community and sister chains? JoinMeta Collect Discord for info about Mongs, Crunks, COLLECT tokens, and of course, our beloved Finney. Discord is a great place to get alerts about live shows and breakout twitter spaces. You can also just come to chill or learn about engagement rewards. Never know when there’ll be a popup giveaway event. And then there’s the ongoing poker tournament.


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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