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From working groups to working together, the ecosystem’s new motto: “action, action, we have action”. EOS Shareity delivers its report while ENF goes sight seeing for developers. Eden being down by law nicely compliments Yield+ liquid refreshments and EVM token capital demand. On the horizon, Mandel and fractally gain momentum.

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From working groups to working together, the ecosystem’s new motto: “action, action, we have action”. EOS Shareity delivers its report while ENF goes sight seeing for developers. Eden being down by law nicely compliments Yield+ liquid refreshments and EVM token capital demand. On the horizon, Mandel and fractally gain momentum.



EOS Shareity Monthly Report

Even those new to the EOS community cannot miss an overwhelming drive to do good. Traditional financial incentives are as alive on EOS as anywhere else. That’s what makes charitable contributions all the more impressive. EOS makes it easy to give. Common obstacles like high fees and slow transactions don’t exist here. This means streamlined value transference with immediate global impact. All this comes to light in EOS Shareity’s monthly report. Recent impact includes:

Food And Medicine (Santa Lucia Church)

Medicine and Medical Supplies 

Help2Ukraine Donations

Over 800 EOS was received by 36 individuals, with life altering effects sure to be far greater. The team also launched new NFTs and Shareity Coin. Qualifying for a proof of donation NFT starts at 2 EOS. Or maybe you wish to purchase a Help2Ukraine NFT. Visit the blog post for more details. Thanks to EOS Vision for bringing this project to light.


Eden Chief Delegates Approve Bylaws

If you’ve been following the progress made by Chief Delegates, then you’re aware of the emphasis placed on bylaws. Technical implementation of bylaws was among the key issues during the CDs 4th meeting. Edenia was suggested for the tech role during the 3rd meeting. Bylaws were officially ratified during the 4th meeting. This sets the next election for July 9th. Ratification of the technical lead was hoped to take place alongside the bylaws. This didn’t officially happen.  However, the CDs are confident that their choice for the tech team will satisfactorily implement the bylaws. One of the earliest mentions of the bylaws was on March 26 by Chris Barnes. Here’s a direct link. Also note that Eden discord is now in the hands of the CDs allowing for more elaborate community engagement.


ENF Developer Spotlight Series

It’s good to see attention being given to developers. Non-developer contributions need attention too. It can be argued that EOS token holders dominated mainnet decisions to the point of negative impact. Maybe if contributions were given more attention, B1 would have prioritized core mainnet development. Developers cannot do it all. They need support, creativity, and diversified ideas. However, start with developers and all the pieces can be tied together. Developers and contributors are also less likely to prematurely leave than token holders. The first spotlight is on ENF Director of Engineering Areg Hayrapetian:

"With blockchain, I feel like the critical time for the history of that technology is the present."

Read the full interview by Brandon Lovejoy. Here’s Brandon on why the new series:

It was a pleasure to interview @AregHayrapetian, a legendary developer and deep thinker, for the debut of my new series with the @EosNFoundation "Architects of Consensus", highlighting the unseen figures who make the magic of #EOS, #EOSIO, and blockchain in general possible!


Understanding Yield+ Rewards


Yield+ seems to be among the more popular working groups. Its reward mechanism was discussed midway through a recent Fireside Chat. Denis Carriere went into some of the details. Here’s part of an ENF selected quote:

…it's actual liquidity in the #EOS ecosystem doing DeFi work." @DenisCarriere on Yield+

The primary objective is to promote active defi protocols. This means it's entirely liquidity driven. There are no rewards for voting. Liquidity determines activity. EOS and Tether will be initiall supported. Other tokens expect to be added in the near future. Examples of  projects that qualify now include:


Defibox lending

Swap pools

Check Defi Llama for a list of other eligible projects.


TrustEVM Token IDE


Later in the same Fireside Chat, Yves explained the value of holding an IDE. In two words (and following with a long pause):

external capital

The pause was indicative of the potential for controversy. It’s about the immediate advantages of an IDE vs. a 100% airdrop. A partial airdrop remains possible. However, the real issue for the EOS community is the value add. EVM tokens via IDE will positively impact EOS token holders and the mainnet economy. ENF’s promise maintains a direct EOS price impact. Yves went on to say that the team is still:

ironing out the details 

The biggest take from the EVM token IDE is the capital influx right from the start. This means EOS will experience a net value increase. Essentially, at least someone will be paid without drawing value out of EOS. Yves was all but certain that a 100% airdrop would result in tokens being initially sold and subsequently devaluing mainnet assets. A couple of things to look out for might be the controlled value-to-use_case of the new EVM token, as well as, to whom the external capital flows.


Collaboration Updates: EOSIO+ Coalition, Vigor Origin, Chintai


Networking opportunities fostered by the EOSIO+ Coalition already show potential. Represented chains include:

… #EOS, @HelloTelos, @WAX_io, and @Network_UX.

Watch the video to see what was said at the April 28 coalition meeting. This past week, Charlie (of Meta Collect community) pointed out a key Vigor protocol update:

0rigin… entered into an agreement with the Vigor DAC… to assume the ongoing development, substantial restructuring, and multi-chain expansion of the Vigor Protocol… accelerate the release of Vigor 2.0…

Chintai may be the last update listed here, but its potential to impact the EOSIO ecosystem is profound. The team announced a partnership with Hubbis. After gauging the sentiment of 96 replies from Asian wealth management professionals, it was found: 

…some private banks and wealth management firms remain sceptical about cryptocurrencies… and …non-fungible tokens, but more positive about digital tokenisation via fractionalisations of underlying physical or financial assets … And ….private banks … and …independent wealth management …believe digital assets are core to our collective futures.


fractally Eden

fractally is not Eden and Eden is not fractally. fractally Eden can be the onset of a new paradigm that ensures the fractal growth of the ecosystem. Many of us meeting attendees hope that fractally can work with Eden governance. An Eden CD expressed interest in fractally tech for elections. Eden must remain on schedule and fractally isn’t ready just yet. fractally may choose EOS as its primary environment. However, it exists as a stand alone communication mechanism that can cross, not just blockchains, but traditional platforms as well. Now wonder why fractally Brainstorming Sessions (#7) continues to gain steam. On the EOS side, this week saw Mandel meeting #13, a scorching Fireside Chat, and a Chief Delegate meeting given its own section this week (see above). Maybe also take note of the chart (above) presented by Eden Capital of Mandel’s increased code activity.


Meta Collect Community

Looking for a fun way to get involved with the EOS community and sister chains? Join Meta Collect Discord for info about Mongs, Crunks, COLLECT tokens, and of course, our beloved Finney. Meta Collect co-founder was on GenPool Spotlight taking a fun look back at how it all got started. Discord is also a great place to get alerts about live shows and breakout twitter spaces. You can also just come to chill or learn about engagement rewards. Never know when there’ll be a popup trivia session, poker, game, or giveaways.



Twitter avatar for @BigBeardSamuraiYves La Rose @BigBeardSamurai
4 out of the 5 top games are built using the #EOS VM, an extensible #WASM engine capable of bringing web2 cost and speed to #GameFi with web3 principals - #DAG. dApps like @UplandMe that abstract the $EOS blockchain from their users are leading the way! cointelegraph.com/news/gamefi-is…

League of Guilds @log_games_

👑TOP CRYPTO GAMES BY ACTIVE USERS LAST 7️⃣ DAYS 🥇@splinterlands 🥈@AlienWorlds 🥉@MOBOX_Official #NFTFARMER ✨@FarmersWorldNFT ✨@UplandMe ✨@0xSunflowerLand ✨#GalaxyBlocks ✨@PegaxyOfficial ✨#JellySquish ✨@SecondLiveReal #Metaverse #Polygon #BSC #ThunderCore #WAX #EOS https://t.co/IZjz78X7F7
Twitter avatar for @BigBeardSamuraiYves La Rose @BigBeardSamurai
The biggest winners here are the miners on Ethereum who had a major payday without significant increases to their infrastructure costs as gas prices got bid up. On #EOS, the staked token holders absorb 100% of $EOS CPU resources spent for transacting, including with @TrustEvm.

Will Papper ✺ @WillPapper

Nearly $100M has been spent on gas for the BAYC land sale in one hour. This is money that could have gone to Yuga or stayed in user's pockets. The contract had nearly zero gas optimizations. I'll explain a few gas optimization tricks that could have saved many millions below 👇 https://t.co/CsYvWdEQKc
Twitter avatar for @helios_rising_Helios @helios_rising_
#EOS @EdenOnEOS Chief Delegate, at @Nasdaq HQ participating in the iconic opening bell ceremony with @tedxwaterstreet!

Brock Pierce @brockpierce

3...2...1 🔔 Started the morning at @NASDAQ headquarters participating in the iconic opening bell ceremony with @tedxwaterstreet https://t.co/oroDQeTj0R
Our team is translating the documentary youtu.be/5y1KFGr9hRk, produced by our team & basis of the #HuFi communities, to French, to start #HuFi-ing in the DRC, and to Vietnamese. Best part, we're using the #HuFi tools to pay empowering citizens in emerging countries. Go #EOS !

MyvoteEOS DAO @MyvoteEOS

#MyvoteEOS BP interview series #5: EOS PGL.MLT @EOSPGLMLT_BP has developed numerous #HuFi tools, including @eosmarketp, EOS Micro Loan, EOS Template One, and EOS Dtrack. They are using EOS to change people's lives!👥 https://t.co/SurNPE9pdJ

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


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