EOSweekly: TrustEVM Token, Unicove, Coalition, Yield+, Chintai, Dapp Map

There’s no stopping EOS momentum. What will the ecosystem look like with a TrustEVM token tied to EOS? Greymass stealfully advances Unicove. The party quickly grows as EOS Coalition and Yeild+ advisors settle in. Hope the Bees can keep pace with the new dapp map. Tip bit: Bywire goes mobile.

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There’s no stopping EOS momentum. What will the ecosystem look like with a TrustEVM token tied to EOS? Greymass stealfully advances Unicove. The party quickly grows as EOS Coalition and Yeild+ advisors settle in. Hope the Bees can keep pace with the new dapp map. Tip bit: Bywire goes mobile.


TrustEVM and EOS Token Holders

Last week the ENF announced TrustEVM as its first released product. A text transcript of the launch event is now available. In regards to what the EVM means for token holders, Yves La Rose said:

"The $EOS token holders are the largest shareholders of the @TrustEvm product, so there's direct benefit to #EOS if the $EVM becomes successful." - @BigBeardSamurai

The ENF’s Zack Gall discussed his conversation with the TrustEVM team in a recent Fireside chat. He goes into the developer experiences both in and outside of blockchain. TrustEVM developers are open minded and dedicated to excellence: 

“... they're very connected in the Ethereum ecosystem and wider crypto ecosystem … a team that can execute." …

The ENF is essentially incubating TrustEVM until the project grows large enough to stand on its own. Trim Bot touched upon a new token and expects to examine the topic further in the coming days:

… it’s own token… Tokenomics still TBD… benefits for $EOS token holders (airdrops?). More news soon.

Other news circulating around the ENF includes WordProofio and the EOS Recover+ site.

Greymass Unicove Update

When you’re in EOS long enough, you come to know Greymass as the quiet, productive type. Like the reassurance that an anchor provides a ship amidst rough seas, the wallet developer provides a strong foundation for the mainnet and ecosystem. Check out the latest unscheduled tweet of another potentially impact project, Unicove:

Unicove, the open source web wallet interface our team is building and one of our newest projects, was updated today to match the brand we have been hard at work on.

In the same tweet, Greymass clearly stated its objective:

Our development team continues to push a truly easy to use interface for #EOSIO! Unicove.com

EOS Coalition

How fast did the mainnet community come together once the ENF emerged? The community saw things like EOS PowerUp, Pomelo, EOS Support, and EOS Bees join the party. These new projects began producing from the start. The impact rippled across existing projects and new initiatives. With EOSIO+ Coalition, a new dawn more inline with EOS’ vision is just about complete. Get ready for take off! Read the April Report for more about the newly formed coalition and its $8 million annual fund. In addition to development concerns, the coalition has its sights on:




And more

As Brandon Lovejoy put it:

This is what I imagined, from the genesis of $EOS. It's been a wild ride, but we're finally getting there! #EOSIO+ #ReadyToFormVoltron

Form.. blazing sword!

Yield+ Working Group

EOS working groups are not all about development. Take Yield+ for example. Here’s what EOS Nation CTO Denis Carriere had to say about the new working group:

"Yield+ has the goal to create economic incentives that bring more liquidity and yield earning opportunities on $EOS." …

Advising teams include:


EOS Nation


among others 

Yield+ will support both the TrustEVM  team and the mainnet. Rewards and will be denominated in EOS. Initially, EOS and Tether will be required to claim rewards. Tether acts to stabilize the EOS price. Listen to the Fireside chat (see video) for the full conversation on the planned Yield+ dynamic.

Chintai License


Among teams that wield great power is Chintai. News about a CMS license made it onto Yahoo Finance this past week. The Chintai team tweeted:

Chintai has received in-principle approval for the Capital Markets Services (CMS) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Yahoo article describes Chintai’s potential within capital markets:

…the issuance of securities and units in a collective investment scheme (CIS).

Chintai is thought to complement the EOS ecosystem alongside power players like the ENF and B1. Though, attention should be given to the similar target market that B1 initially seeks: 

… offer security assets tokenisation to accredited and institutional investors upon fulfilling the requirements set forth by MAS.

The team is aggressively hiring and is working with The National University of Singapore Business School.

Updates: EOS Bees Ecosystem Grafic, Bywire App, Tipbit

Unlike traditional development ecosystems, EOS dApps aren’t easy to keep up with. Even in open source development, flow isn’t as dynamic. From administration and funding to developer networking, EOS dApps are so much more challenging and exciting. This is why the EOS dApp Ecosystem infographic that EOS Bees produced is such a big deal. Unsure about a new project or if it survived the B1 era? Quickly reference the diagram. Afterall, gracefully maintaining one’s train of thought is a big deal. EOS Bees called for community feedback and suggestions alongside posting the infographic. Visit Atomic Hub (EOS) for the dApp ecosystem as an NFT. Speaking about dApps, both Bywire and Tipbit are projects on the rise. Bywire has a new mobile app for news on the go (potentially with AI). Tipbit released a bit of an update related to its extensions, gaming applications and income generation.

Fractally: Evolving the Onboarding Process

Are you interested in what blockchain can do for governance? If so, you’ll want to know what recently took place in the fractally community. Join the Weekly Stand Up meetings to be part of the discussion and view new contributions. Check out Joshua Seymore’s tweet about fractal sovereignty and the need for DAOs in the new world. Joshua has gone above and beyond in his role to make fractally meetings happen. For those inviting new members, expect some recorded format to help the onboarding process soon. This will allow existing members more time to work on new contributions. As for the ties that bind Eden and fractally, check out the additions at Eden Creators.

Around EdenOnEOS

Last week there was some confusion over the recorded Mandel meetings. This week there’s two new recordings (#11 and #12) ready to view. Nice having these types of problems that one might associate with flourishing development. When it comes to the value of Fireside Chats, this week illustrates what it’s all about. The second group of Chief Delegates already conducted meeting #3. It’s the second disseminated on Odysee (above image is from a screen grab at 01:36). Also worth mentioning are MyvoteEOS interviews and fractally brainstorming sessions.

Meta Collect Community

Looking for a fun way to get involved with the EOS community and sister chains? Join Meta Collect Discord (gen-chat) to get in the know about the Mongs, Crunks, COLLECT tokens, and of course, our beloved Finney. Discord is also a great place to get alerts about live shows and breakout twitter spaces. You can also just come to chill or learn about engagement rewards. Never know when there’ll be a popup trivia session, poker, game, or giveaways.


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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