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Do you trust EOS? It’s going to be hard to avoid that question now that the EVM Trust Network is here. No account needed to go private on EOS- What? ENF flies right by milestones while Pomelonians await their matching funds. What causes more turbulence, EOS+ETH, or the return of Voice and growth of Bullish. Ah heck, Let’s just talk fractally about EdenOnEOS.

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Do you trust EOS? It’s going to be hard to avoid that question now that the EVM Trust Network is here. No account needed to go private on EOS- What? ENF flies right by milestones while Pomelonians await their matching funds. What causes more turbulence, EOS+ETH, or the return of Voice and growth of Bullish. Ah heck, Let’s just talk fractally about EdenOnEOS. 


EOS EVM: A Trusted Network

In preparation this week, I nearly collected as many EVM links as all others. Bit of an exaggeration, but take it as the kind of impact EVM could have for EOS. EVM forces crypto masses to acknowledge EOS. I won’t go into how I was just triple charged by another ETH app (first rejecting my transaction, then requiring I pay again to ‘claim’ onto the app). Not surprising that Solidity doesn’t do microtransactions well. After all, it did follow a Bitcoin-type philosophy. In contrast, EOS was founded as a function, nimble chain. Maybe the best way to introduce the new EVM info is through bullet points:

Watch video (above), read EOS Introduces EVM Support…(by ENF), follow @TrustEVM

TrustEVM offers a highly scalable, secure, and reliable turn-key dapp solution on a fully ETH compatible chain

Officially named the Trust Network

Revolutionary nextgen DeFi/GameFi by streamlining Solidity 

web2 latency for web3 Solidity developers

Projects already integrating with TrustEVM (video)

Nearly 400 people attended the launch event + AMA

It’s Here”- join telegram and/or discord for more

If you want an outsider's perspective, check out the article by CryptoSlate. In somewhat related news, Helios tweeted about an all-inclusive EOS EFT and the ENF about the return of CWC reports.

ZEOS: Next Level Privacy

Remember Monero? The standard for privacy coins rarely makes headlines these days. Probably a good thing for a private community. Thing is, the ZEOS team believes that it can do privacy better for:

…ALL assets on EOS…

Seems too good to be true... Consider though that this isn’t the first attempt at an EOS privacy coin. Remember pEOS? ZEOS examined those early concepts, weighed the pros and cons and is ready to help take the EOS mainnet to the next level. Imagine securing your privacy:

…without having to own an EOS account…

This becomes a reality when ZEOS is used to pay transaction fees. More details available on that last twitter link (see thread), like proxy accounts and navigating legal issues through the:

… 'user space' of EOS and not at the blockchain protocol level…

Here’s the telegram channel for those interested in joining the discussion. [Image adapted from the ZEOS Wallet tweet.]

Pomelo Donations Closed on April 23

Well, Pomelo Season 2 donations are finally closed. According to the ENF, the final tally is:

140 proposals


1790 contributors

Of that more than one million USD, $100,000+ comes from contributor donations and $900,000+ from the matching pool. What really stands out is the nearly 1,800 contributors. Team Pomelo demonstrates consistent success and growth. From new NFTs, to adding website functionality and partnerships, Team Pomelo exhibits a steady hand on the control stick (yoke). Adding the second half of Port to boost Trust Bonus illustrates their commitment. If one were to look at the current horizon from the vantage point of season 1, we’d see how high Pomelo soars today- even given dome distance illusion. Pomelo has been that good. When weighing the achievements of the Pomelo team, remember to factor in the impacts upon the mainnet of all proposals.

ENF Milestones Achieved

Trust EVM wouldn’t be possible without the ENF. Neither would a lot of other fundamental mainnet technology. The team certainly warrants a unique measurement metric. Check out a bit of boasting in an ENF tweet:

We're only 3 weeks into Q2 and the #ENF has already achieved some of its Q2 milestones…

✅ Direct Grant Framework

✅ EVM Testnet Deployment

Notice in the ‘What’s Ahead’ graphic (above) that the ENF plans through Pomelo Season 4. No, I didn’t make a mistake in the previous post listing the closing of Pomelo’s second season. Maybe the mainnet should consider judging the success of ENF by its leadership and planning as well as deliverables. Maybe the community should reconsider its expectation now that we’re flying with Class A leadership. BTW, the other part of that tweet goes:

We're like the #EOS postal service... always pushing the envelope and always delivering! 📬

Maybe you’re not an aviator and don’t fully grasp “pushing the envelope”… there’s a lot of ways to look at that flight terminology; and I know a trek’n samurai wouldn’t always want to pack for a jumbo jet. That last part:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift…

Well, even if Cliff Claven is in the room, and you're not a child on a snow day, RESPECT is deserved- across the board.

Voice NFTs on EOS

How does one follow up an ENF story with one about the B1 company? For starters, B1 maintained that EOS would remain in its long term plans. Mainnet community members harbored feelings of skepticism and distrust. The mood may change following Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo’s recent announcement:

Voice NFTs can now be wrapped on #EOS for self-custody in @greymass's Anchor wallet and EOS-to-EOS trading on @AtomicHub. Multichain is finally a reality.

In layman terms:

That means: 🔗 Ability to send #VoiceNFTs to your Anchor wallet (@greymass) on EOS + sell on @AtomicHub

(royalties go with 🤝)

That last part, “royalties go with” seems interesting. Is Voice using AtomicHub in a new way? Maybe it was worth the wait. Bywire News went into more detail mentioning that EOS is not Voice’s only option:

… export NFTs from Voice to EOS, Polygon, Solana and other…

That seems about right. Guess it’s a wait and see as for what Voice (built on EOSIO) means for the mainnet. In other B1 news, Bullish announced the listing of Chainlink and Litecoin. 

Let’s Talk fractally

Fractally is the newest among mainnet tech. What might seem low key and progressing slowly, I assure you, as a regular attendee of weekly meetings, isn’t. By comparison to other tech in development, fractally is an F1 race car. If you’re into governance and joining in on development conversations, you’re encouraged to join now. Otherwise, you can join as fractally becomes more easily accessible. What is fractally? Know that the team rebranded from ClarionOS and that the platform is multidimensional. Fractally improves the communication standard and rewards RESPECT tokens based on fair community consensus. In addition to weekly Standup Meetings, here are a few recent posts and events for non-attending members to gauge where the community stands now:

ƒractally Teams

Empowering Eden Contributors

ƒractally Brainstorming Sessions - MindMap Collaboration

BTW, the image was adopted from Fractally Genesis telegram.

Around EdenOnEO

View the Chief Delegate Meeting #2 on Odysee. Eden and fractaly, while symbiotic, are not synonymous. Eden’s mandate is to govern the mainnet. That’s why there’s an enduring grilling process in selecting Chief Delegates. For more laid back, small (fractal) teams, fractally is your answer. While the new set of CDs settle in, you may wish to monitor EdenOnEOS YT channel for future meetings. As of today, only the first meeting is posted there. CDs met out of the gate, so maybe they’ve chosen Odysee as the new dissemination medium for future meetings. Also, last week Eden Members Recaps were delayed. There's a lot to catch up on. April 18 recap is where we left off. Election week sure was something. Good thing Jesse Jaffe is helping CDs with communications and Dan Sinjoy plans to empower Eden creators. Bugs even at Mandel meetings with last week’s tweet including a link to #8, not the listed #9 (this link goes directly to YT). Here's the link to Mandel meeting X (recorded on April 13). For those less-technically inclined or wanting a laid back way to interact with the mainnet community, join the weekly Fireside Chat. While I tab both fractally and Fireside Chats as ‘laid back’, know that fractally is action oriented. It’s the innovative team dynamic and overall fractal design that enables fractally to execute so nimbly. 

Meta Collect Community

Looking for a fun way to get involved with the EOS community and sister chains? Join Meta Collect Discord (gen-chat) to be in the know about the Mongs, Crunks, COLLECT tokens, and of course, our beloved Finney.  Or maybe you just want to chill, earn engagement rewards, and join a live event. Never know when popup trivia sessions, games, and giveaways will emerge. BTW, Finney is said to have turned 1 this past week. Happy Birthday Finney!


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