Epic News for EOS as ENF Welcomes Experienced New CMO

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The steadfast work of many teams has breathed new life into the EOS ecosystem. With multiple ENF sponsored initiatives beginning to reach maturity, the renewed momentum is becoming evident. Joining the team at the EOS Network Foundation in this pivotal moment, Chief Marketing Officer Patty Fisher is well positioned to leverage her considerable industry experience to help EOS step into its own as a global brand.

A founder, entrepreneur, and senior global marketing leader, Patty Fisher draws from over twenty-five years of hands-on experiences across Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, and global organizations where she has designed multiple programs for building brand value while growing customers and communities to deliver business impact.

Patty’s experience spans generations of technological innovation across several different media landscapes. Beginning with telecom titan AT&T and early internet pioneer AOL, to Gannett Digital Media networks, USA Today and associated print and broadcast properties, to Verisign, Sage Software, and OVHcloud; all formidable multi-market, multi product, international brands with products and services ranging from Web Domains to SaaS, and Web Hosting. Patty has carved an impressive career through the marketing and communications world, frequently overseeing multi-million dollar budgets as Senior Vice President of marketing, communications, and global brand operations.

Patty is also deeply familiar with EOSIO, from her time spent at Block.one as Senior Vice President of Marketing, and is no stranger to the long road the EOS community has traveled. After leaving Block.one to start her own marketing and consulting firm, she worked with multiple clients and projects in DeFi and blockchain including Defactor and Protocol Labs.

During this time Patty also began serving as an advisor to the ENF, and after some months of consideration, in a similar vein as several other legendary figures who have joined the comeback, she decided to team up with the ENF and bring her talents to bear on behalf of the EOS community.

“The work that I had started at Block.one, and the opportunity that I saw, it was exciting to be a part of. It was my first assignment in the blockchain industry. There is so much innovation that’s yet to happen in this space. I wanted to be part of it, and be a part of an organization that is able to make a positive change, an organization that has the backing, the technology, and the people behind it.”

Marketing for Impact in the Web3 Era

Patty is genuinely passionate about the craft of marketing, and importantly, marketing something she believes can make a positive impact in people’s lives.

“To me, marketing is that great balance of the creative and human side of things with the data, the analytics and the science behind it. Depending on the project, the challenge is how to best tie those together to make a business impact. I really like to figure out how things work, how people work and through storytelling and experiences, how to start connecting to those emotions or aspirations or the problem to be solved.”

Having lived through some seismic technological shifts, from the days of print media first contending with online content, the first major internet portal, Web2, and now the emergence of Web3, Patty is in a unique position to have seen the co-evolution of brands that adapted and thrived alongside emergent, more interactive forms of technology.

“One of the big shifts that I saw over time is this transfer of brand ownership. No longer do companies control their brand, not like it was, where before it was like—hey, you can’t touch the logo, you can’t touch the color, you can’t do it this way—but really, today admirable brands extend ownership– shared with the community, with customers, with stakeholders, with the people that matter. I mean, people want to and expect to experience it as well, in events or on YouTube, TikTok, with other people or in gaming, in so many different ways. You want that brand to be threaded throughout people’s lives now.”

A perennial student, in recent years Patty made time to continue her education and earned her Masters in Natural Science with an Emphasis in Global Sustainability from Virginia Tech. Being someone who walks in both worlds, she sees some potential connections.

“I believe we are at a pivotal point in our history and there is an opportunity to provide new models to move the global community forward. I think that blockchain, more broadly, is going to enable new technologies and new thinking that will give people opportunities for new economic paths that they may not have today. Blockchain technology and innovation is a catalyst to help solve problems as a collective community for managing our resources more efficiently while bringing more transparency and accountability around that as well. I believe EOS is well positioned to be part of this movement.”

Building a strong future for EOS

While momentum for EOS is certainly growing, as stewards of the EOS rebirth, the ENF still faces a steep uphill climb. In the role of CMO, Patty will be responsible for bringing many elements from a complex web of initiatives, partnerships, and community led projects into a coherent, holistic relationship with a global EOS brand strategy. The prospects for EOS to position itself as a leader in the fast moving Web3 space are up for discussion.

“It is clear there’s a lot of opportunity, but we’re coming from behind having missed the last few years of unprecedented growth. So, our challenge is how we create the right spaces and meet the community where it is today? How do we make ourselves really different, really understand what our special sauce is, and deliver? 

Leveraging the stakeholders and community is a critical component of our growth. So not just the fantastic community we have today, it’s really about how do we bring more people into our tent and make it easy for them to do what they’re trying to do, whatever their mission is: building users, building apps, building new revenue models. There may be certain areas that we focus on, but building an open, global, and vibrant community is at the center. 

The ENF has already assembled a strong team, I’m excited to be a part of it, and I look forward to going on this journey together with the EOS community.”

The EOS Network Foundation is growing, with some of the most passionate and talented developers, project managers, operators, analysts, and communicators in the space, and the tide is certainly turning. 

At the ENF, we are absolutely thrilled to have someone of Patty Fisher’s caliber to lead the way on global marketing. 

Our wholehearted thanks to the community for your support and encouragement as we continue to bring good things, and people, to EOS! 

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