Fried Frank and Linklaters Lead on £18bn Consulting Deal

Linklaters and Fried Frank take lead as PA Consulting signs a strategic partnership with Jacobs Engineering.

LONDON (Within the Law) - Linklaters and Fried Frank have landed plumb roles on Carlyle’s shareholder exist from PA Consulting. The two firms helped in the sale which saw control pass from private equity house Carlyle to Jacobs Engineering. 

London based management firm PA Consulting is being purchased by Jacobs engineering who took on the 65% shareholding from private equity group Carlyle. The firm has acquired the firm five years ago during which time PA made seven acquisitions. 

Under the strategic partnership with Jacobs Engineering PA expects to gain more of a reach in the US. Jacobs, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and provides professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector.  

Partners Chris Boycott and Alex Woodward advised on the sale of Carlyle’s holding along with managing associate Lauren Bretton and Frances Hibbert and John Tsui. 

Jacobs meanwhile turned to Fried Frank led by partner Dan Oates. He was supported by associates Angela Becker, and Hannah Luqmani while partner Neil Caddy handled the financing aspects of the deal. 


(Written by Tom Cropper)

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