How to Transfer TLOS to EOS with UX IBC

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This guide will help you transfer Telos to EOS using UX IBC.

You must have an EOS account, a Telos account, and the Anchor wallet for this process.

If you use another wallet, you may wish to try the beta Alcor Bridge, but use caution as it is still being developed.To purchase a new EOS account, visit the EOS Account Creator.

Note: This process requires two transactions: one on Telos to send the tokens and one on EOS to receive them. You’ll need to wait a few minutes for the first transaction on Telos to reach irreversibility before you can claim the transaction on EOS.

1. Go to and in the Select Source Chain drop-down menu, select TELOS.

2. Under the Select Destination Chain drop-down menu, select EOS. The Amount will read TLOS.

3. Login by connecting your wallet for Telos and for EOS.

4. Enter the amount of TLOS that you want to transfer. It is always a good idea to test with a small amount before sending larger amounts. Click Transfer and Prove.

5. Keep the page open while the bridge transfer completes. You need to confirm two wallet transactions. Keep Anchor open after confirming the first transaction. It may take up to three minutes for progress to reach 100% and prompt you to submit a transaction proof on the EOS blockchain.

6. Wait until you see as shown below, with 100% complete on all and the New Transfer button appearing at the bottom.

If something goes wrong

If your transaction fails, attempt to resubmit the transaction with the yellow Retry button. If you close the page before your transfer is confirmed, go to the same destination and source chains as your initial transaction. Then, log in with the same accounts.Find your lost transaction and click Retry.

4. Open your wallet to view the transaction and click approve. If the prompt doesn’t appear automatically, sign manually using a QR code. A few seconds later, the transfer will be completed.

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