HuFi Workshop 14

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Focus on Web 3.0 Era on EOS

NovaCrypo continuously produces those HuFi workshop interview videos since October 23rd, 2021.

Thank you Maurice for all that you are doing for EOS and empowering the people! Respect!

Hope you like it!

Watch the video interview

We talk about:

1️⃣ EOS TRANSFER TRACKING - Research your expenses and download transsction hashes and real time value in dollars at time of transfer.

2️⃣ Hu-Fi community members beginning to open credit P2P through sales on credit. Hu-Fi tools update balances upon payments seamlessly.

3️⃣ The cycle has to be started by an action. We have relied on fiat and government. Now, we have a better choice, regular people.

4️⃣ MULTI TRANSFER OF EOS - Tool to send multiple EOS accounts varying amount of EOS along with different memos. Best part code created by a HU-FI community member in Nigeria. I am using the tool and can send MLT tokens as well.

Love this. Proof that the world can be more connected. What drives me is the empowerment of intelligence in developing countries .

5️⃣ Cover sentiment on EOS price. Conviction that change is needed is all that is needed. Review the documentary if dropping price is testing your resolve.

Of course we open up and close with the catchy HuFi song. Take a look and hit Subscribe and support NovaCrypto Youtube Channel.


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