Mandel Meeting #18

Progress is continuing at a good pace on Mandel with most actions on or ahead of schedule. Here are some of the highlights.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - For the past few months, the EOS community has been working on the Mandel upgrade. This will be the first time that the EOS community is leading the development of the core software and will mark another important step along the way to demonstrate the independence of EOS. This week we had a number of updates including a very slight delay for Mandel 3.1, and a few changes due to developer feedback. On the whole, though, everything appears to be running smoothly. Indeed, there are some suggestions that testing could even be completed ahead of schedule. 

Feedback on D.U.N.E 

Last week we heard feedback from EOS Developer Artem Maluga about D.U.N.E.

He was using a testing framework which had never been officially released. They have now created a different package to add into D.U.N.E providing the support Artem and other developers would need. 

The new development environment will now be adding support for unit testing and debugging tools for smart contracts. 

All in all the ENF has now reached a consensus to drop native Mac support and replaced it with D.UN.E. This is now seen as the best answer going forward. 

Mandel 3.1 

Last week there were plans to have a go/no-go call on June 7th. They have decided to put it off for another week. They feel they could have gone ahead, but it would have been too soon. The belief was that if you release junk that’s what people remember. The preference is to have test cases run to ensure it is ready. They will have another go/no-go call but they are almost 100% certain that it is ready to go. 

They are comfortable with what they have and are already looking to 3.2. 


EOS Nation is continuing to test everything as it comes and everything continues to look good from their perspective.

They are still on track to upgrade to 3.1 RC1 on Jungle4 by the end of June and are aiming to have the final release in early August, although there are suggestions that, given RC1 is ahead of schedule, it is likely that they will be ready earlier. There are high hopes that there will be relatively few changes needed in RC1 and if that’s the case, the final release can be brought forward.

Consensus on legacy features 

There is a need to reach a consensus on which upgrade features they decide to turn on. Legacy features were put in place by B1 for their purposes. Going forward they don’t want to spend time turning on features they do not need. They want to make sure everything they build is shaped around the needs of EOS. 

Kylin Testing 

There was also a discussion on what role there would be for testing on the Kylin testnet. They will need to coordinate with Kylin block producers to ensure Kylin is in the right condition for testing. It would take time to get Kylin into the state they need it to be, or whether they should just start from scratch. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Dan Singjoy and Klaudia Fior)

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