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Credit: Bywire News
Credit: Bywire News
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Pomelo THIS Week

Pomelo’s third season begins on July 19th. That’s when applications are first accepted. Donations open a week later. All key dates and info can be found in Let the Pomelo Season 3 Festivities Begin. Matching grants are integral to Pomelo’s success. These are provided by organizations like the ENF. It’s important to hear what these teams have to say. Thankfully, the ENF values the people behind Pomelo grants:

 “Devs like @mschoenebeck1 need funding so they can do what they do best: BUIDL …”
ENF founder Yves La Rose

Yves goes on to describe how much funding has changed on EOS: 

“Just one year ago it was virtually impossible to get funding to build on #EOS. Now, there’s multiple-ways to receive funding, including @PomeloGrants, Hackathons and Direct Grants…”

Don’t forget about those spicy NFTs.

Greymass Update

What would EOS be without Greymass’ Anchor. The team’s keyman, Aaron Cox, was Eden’s first Head Chief Delegate. He ran on the idea of making account creation more accessible. An overview of user-friendly account creation using the Unicove web wallet is detailed in the first Greymass update since May. Other updates include:

  • New version of Anchor for Android and iOS on the way
  • Proposal to develop a series of SDKs to streamline development and help bring more developers into the ecosystem
  • Improved QA standards and practice

Greymass hired new developers since the last update. The team is still growing and actively looking for new members. See the update for specifics.

ENF Quarterly Report

The ENF Quarterly Report feels different from what Block.One provided over the years. B1 left to pursue its own agenda that seems to focus little on EOS. The ENF maintains a focus on core development and the third generation of its open source software (termed Mandel). There’s a lot packed into the 19 page download. Here’s a few highlights from the report:

  • Social analytics report (p. 3)
  • Coalition+ stands out among amazing teams that comprise the new working group dynamic
  • Working groups accounted for 80 EOS Enhancement Proposals (p. 4)
  • Coalition+ identified 22 top priorities (p. 6)
  • Pomelo season 2 contributions and direct grant framework 
  • Mandel progress report
  • Grant spending accounts for 66% of overall spending (p. 18)

See the last page of the quarterly report for the Q3, Q4 roadmap. In other ENF news:

  • The ENF reach an agreement with the Zaisan team to aid business development in Europe and Dubai
  • Touched upon scaling level 2 applications w/o centralized sequencers as it pertains to EOS EVM
  • How Recover+ will bring an insurance layer to DeFi 3.0
  • Found a way to mention GameFi again 

Faster Finality and IBC

The importance of faster finality and inter-blockchain communications (IBC) have been mentioned in previous newsletters. Both are hot topics on the lips of core developers. They underride several aspects of what working groups like Coalition+ hope to achieve. Dan Larimer discussed IBC with Ivan on Tech back in 2020. Faster finality enables developers to build more complex applications. IBC offers new opportunities and a broader audience. Gnome went on Everything EOS this week to discuss both. He singles out the Coalition as a key player in faster finality and IBC. He believes the irreversibility of EOS transactions can be shrunk from minutes to a few seconds. Achieving this operational speed would benefit both developers and end users. Faster finality also allows for more block producers (perceived better consensus). Since Coalition+ involves several EOSIO chains, it’s expected that inter-blockchain communication, as well as faster finality, will gain momentum across the greater ecosystem, not just on the EOS mainnet.

EOS Bees: Swarming is in Their Nature

If there were a lone marketing arm for EOS beyond the services provided by the ENF, that title might fall to the EOS Bees. One day, swarms that grew out of a Pomelo grant may propel EOS to new heights. The growing community of Bees are active on a daily basis. This week the team announced its entrance into the Beta stage. The news comes just days ahead of Pomelo season three. If you’re interested in promoting EOS in a responsible way, and enjoy connecting with bright blockchain minds, you’re encouraged to explore what the Bees have to offer.

Next Level GameFi

The ENF is methodical in its approach. Combine this with Ironman-like consistency and there’s bound to be a rumbling when a topic spills over into the next week. Gamers demonstrate that there’s no containing creativity. From the beginning, the ENF-GameFi discussion seemed to generate more energy than most topics. Well, the mainstream media did involve itself in the matter. This week’s spill over sees ENF founder, Yves La Rose, revisit how EOSIO chains lead GameFi market share and highlight competitive advantages like:

  • 100m+ daily transactions
  • Virtually free transactions
  • Less than a second latency
  • Dapps that pay for user resources

Read Yves most recent writing about GameFi, DAGGs: The DAO Evolution Of GameFi, published on International Business Times.

EdenOS Governance

Eden Chief Delegates have their own twitter account- brilliant idea. Find the minutes to the first meeting on Bywire and the associate Odysee video in the list below. If you missed the election, or just want a refresher, Felix Ruiz provided a recap of the third election. EOS Vision (link below) continues to deliver high-quality daily EOS news. The Vision team announced this week that it will be “fully supporting the Official EOS Community Reddit”. Other weekly news and events include:

For those not aware, Eden has its very own fractal. Earn EOS AND the new Eden token by sharing your contributions or just participating in consensus. This week introduced discussions about a new UI, teams, a token liquidity pool, and interim consensus process. The document circulating this information loosely ties to Dan Singjoy and Joshua Seymour. Announcements for Eden Fractally coordinate through gofractally.com. Participation in the Genesis Fractally discussion about the whitepaper has not yet been deemed a necessary prerequisite; neither has Eden membership. Just respectfully participate in consensus to be compensated for your time and consideration.

Fractally Consensus

Discussions around Fractally began gaining momentum (beyond the whitepaper) and attracting new members. Recent successes and key adjustments inspire new contributions. In addition to the Eden fractal mentioned in the previous section, a fractal recently appeared on WAX courtesy of Alien Worlds supporters. The first Fractally Newsletter (by the core team) hit the community this week. In other news:

Besides fractally revolutionizing the structure of DAOs and blockchain databases, Bytemaster7 also tweeted about:

For information and notifications about both the AW fractal and the Genesis fractal, join gofractally.com.



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