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Crypto Section

Andrew’s comment on Terra (LUNA) is Now More Investor-Attractive after the Columbus Upgrade, Here’s Why

Great article!! I just have to add though, in terms of the IBC which is a Cosmos Development, as far as I know, Solana's Wormhole only connects SOL to ETH via EVM and Polkadot is not connected to the IBC at all, rather they have 'polkaslots' which are limited to 100 slots and only connect to eachother within DOT. In regards to ETH connecting to the IBC, there is a project within the Cosmos ecosystem called EVMOS which will shortly be linking the IBC to the existing EVM. However this is still in development and has no firm launch date nor good details as to how that is going to work. As far as I can tell tokens linked to other blockchains via EVM require to be wrapped whereas IBC connected chains can transfer sovereign tokens without the need for wrapping, hence the incredible fast speeds and infinite scalability of the IBC as now projects can have their own sovereign chains without the need for reliance on a L1 chain for reliability and functionality. So I'm still unsure as to how the IBC to EVM bridge will function

NFT Section

Sezgin25’s comment on BluDAC Rockets are Launching Soon on WAX

It's really nice that there is no liquidity mining on Alcor Exchange and that BluDAC is starting a business like this. I think things like NFT staking or liquidity mining will also add value to the WAX ​​community and their teams are doing well. I think they will get the job done and I agree with them early on. While memberships are cheap, you can get them from Neftyblocks.

EOS Section

Martin Saxton’s comment on Could become the My-Ether-Wallet of EOSIO?

Onboarding has always been a problem that Eos should have address long ago. It's really great to see that this is actively been addressed now. I beleive that the creation of Eden and grants that have followed will drastically help fix this onboarding issue. Alway top shelve information..... Thank you Mr Apologist

Ethereum Section

Pilscoop’s comment on What Will the Ethereum Upgrade Mean for the Industry?

Proof of Stake seems to be the best consensus mechanism for a blockchain in terms of power consumption. Hopefully Ethereum will work as expected when the upgrade is fully rolled out. People are tired of the high gas fees.

Bitcoin Section

Joseph Sadove’s comment on Bitcoin Adoption Accelerates in Africa, Driven by the Need for a Fairer System

This was largely inevitable and had begun way back in Bitcoin's early days and then it really took off with the most recent military coup in 2017. This was buying and selling exclusively to transact blood resources and purchase dollars without having to go through KYC, AML, BIS oversight or share with other competing corrupt players overseeing the institutions of government.

Since Africa is the largest source of all kinds of blood resources in the hands of corrupt governments and elites, this has been going on for a while. It is just becoming more public because, as in El Salvador. And those governments are permitting legalization of crypto because they then cannot be accused of being the only ones who partake in corruption. Now anyone can sell the blood diamonds, blood cobalt, blood oil, etc. and not have to run it through the hands of the corrupt institutions who take their piece.

In short, this is democratizing corruption, not improving the society. Of course, to be able to do this, you still will need all the infrastructure, knowledge, and access. Which, naturally, is mostly affordable and available to the upper end of the economic pyramid. And is controlled by the folks who have always profited.

Well done, corrupt African governments and elites. You have really assured the worst outcomes or, at best, the permanent state of things.

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