Seven Reasons Why Independent News UK is Best

Independent news media is on the rise, and it is providing a vital service which many in the mainstream seem unwilling or unable to deliver.

Credits: Bywire News (Canva)
Credits: Bywire News (Canva)
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(Bywire News) - Are you tired of reading the same old same old from the mainstream media? The good news is that there is an alternative news offer. Independent media is on the rise and it is challenging the comfortable old world of the establishment. Here are seven reasons why you should make the switch if you have not already. 

1. It’s independent

We’ll start by stating the blindingly obvious. They are independent. That means they are free from state or corporate control. Editors are free to pursue stories without being hauled over the coals for how many flags they have on their presentation. 

2. No billionaire owners 

In a world in which billionaires own most of the newspapers, they will set the agenda. Time and time again they have shown a willingness to interfere in editorial output. At the Leveson Inquiry, Harold Evans, former editor of the Sunday Times told how he was often rebuked for not doing what Rupert Murdoch wanted in political terms. If the owner didn’t like a headline, the editor could expect an angry phone call the next day.

3. It’s not about the money

Well obviously it is to a point. Like all organisations independent news media outlets need money in order to survive. Unlike the mainstream, money is not the most important factor. All independent outlets were started by people with a passion who wanted to bring something to the media scene they felt was missing. 

As such they will always prioritise the truth over business. That’s not the case for the mainstream outlets. They are owned by corporations who have obligations to shareholders to seek eternal economic growth, regardless of the consequences. 

4. It’s more truthful  

In an age where mainstream media outlets are being found to have misled their readers, independent news UK is demonstrating a much better track record with the truth. When it was set up, the IMA and Bywire News signed up to abide by NUJ codes of conduct. Those independent outlets which are part of its network make a commitment to be truthful in their reporting. 

It’s a commitment which is not always shared in the mainstream.  

5. Free from political connections 

Mainstream media often finds itself aligned too closely with politicians. They socialise together and often went to the same schools. In an environment where both sides know each other well, things can often get too cosey, lines are blurred. The increasingly common appearance of ‘the unnamed government’ source makes it easy for politicians to quietly place the stories they want in the press. 

During the election for example, BBC and ITV were quickly reporting government sources who had told them of a punch thrown by a protestor against an aide of Matt Hancock. The punch turned out to be a fragment of the source’s imagination but that didn’t prevent Laura Kuenssberg and Robert Peston both reporting rumours as facts. Only when conclusive video evidence disproved their versions did they retract the story. 

6. It’s more diverse 

The media industry is dominated by middle class white men who went to public school. It’s a chummy club in which everyone knows everyone else. No wonder they get so hostile when people point this out. When Kerry Anne Mendoza did just that on Question Time she was booed by an audience of mostly white middle aged men.

7. It’s biased 

The media has become heavily biased and there is extraordinarily little unbiased news. Newspapers routinely tell their readers who to vote for, and even broadcasters where rules are supposed to inform strict impartiality, cannot be trusted. As the Independent shows, when you look at the people who appear on the BBC, you’ll see a centre right bias.

For years, their flag ship politics show was hosted by Andrew Neil, an unashamedly right wing, misogynistic climate change denier. Nick Robinson was chair of the Young Conservatives. Senior staff have moved freely from the Beeb to government communications jobs. The current Chairman is a Tory donor.   

This is the BBC which at least maintains a pretence of independence. Other outlets are less shy. Andrew Neil is coming back to the airwaves with GB News with the mission of waging a war on woke. Rupert Murdoch will be streaming his news service online specifically so he can get around impartiality rules. 

The mainstream media and news outlets have shown time and time again that many cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, that’s a major problem. A free unburdened, transparent press is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy. 

When one breaks down the other will follow. That is why independent news media has never been more important than it is today.


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