The Dilemma Faced by All Beginners in the Bitcoin World. Choose the Right Path.

And on the illustration, the right path is on the left.

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After months, or even years for some, the moment has finally arrived: you've decided to get into the Bitcoin world.

First of all, let me congratulate you!

Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution that will not only change your worldview but also your future for the better. However, just as the price of Bitcoin never moves linearly, your journey through the Bitcoin revolution will not be a smooth one.

You will go through different phases.

After buying Bitcoin for the first time, you may find that the price of Bitcoin is not rising fast enough. You were warned about the volatility of Bitcoin, and now its price is stagnating. And yes, there are phases of sideways movement for the price of Bitcoin.

This is the first surprise for you.

Some people then turn to Altcoins. After all, you see stories every day of lucky kids who bought Sh*tcoins by betting several thousand dollars and eventually made a fortune. The lure of winning is too strong, and you end up turning away from Bitcoin.

You will choose to speculate without ever making the effort to deepen your knowledge every day.

You'll miss the point. It's a bit like choosing to go to a casino in Las Vegas and gamble away all your hard work at roulette. Some people win, but it never lasts very long. You will always end up losing big due to greed that will only get bigger and bigger.

You will lose time, and you will not understand why Bitcoin is a revolution that liberates the people. Your chances of understanding that Bitcoin is a freedom technology will be dashed at this point. Not indefinitely, but at least for as long as it takes for your dreams of fortune to fade with these Sh*tcoins whose value will eventually fall.

Some people go so far as to make excuses for themselves by saying things like, “Yes, I know I'm buying Sh*tcoins, but it's only so I can have more fiat currency to buy Bitcoin with”.

You can be pretty sure that these people will never do that. They won't be able to get out at the right time and stop in time to get more BTC than when they started gambling. You may well be one of the counterexamples, but that is not the norm. The norm is that more than 95% of people who follow this path lose big.

That's the reality!

Once you are disappointed in your dreams of a quick fortune with Altcoins, you will eventually go back to basics. You will return to Bitcoin, which is the real revolution. If you know how to learn from your past mistakes, then you will no longer give in to greed. You will be able to resist it.

You'll finally have time to focus on what's most important: constantly deepening your knowledge of Bitcoin and money in general. That's how you'll get back to what I call the Four Keeps of Bitcoin: Keep Learning, Keep Buying, Keep Stacking, Keep HODLing.

It's not as exciting as the false promises of Sh*tcoins founders, but it's something more solid that will stand the test of time. You will discover the seven deadly sins of the current system that will lead to its collapse sooner or later. From then on, your convictions about the absolute necessity of Bitcoin for the world of the future will grow stronger.

This strength of conviction that you will develop over time will allow you to have the patience to take full advantage of the Bitcoin revolution. While there is no substitute for making personal mistakes to get ahead in life, I can already give you a clue as to the path you should follow as you enter the world of Bitcoin.

That path is the one shown on the left in the illustration in this article. By going straight to the winning approach with Bitcoin, you will save valuable time, but also money. You'll protect the fruits of your labor, and you'll be able to thank yourself in a few years for choosing the only path that is sustainable over time.

It's up to you.



In Bitcoin We Trust





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