Two new polls show the Tories' lead over Labour is falling dramatically - but Johnson and Starmer are still equally unpopular

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Two new polls released today show that support for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has fallen dramatically over the past fortnight - with one of today's surveys also showing Keir Starmer’s Labour closing the gap to the government to within just two points.

The headline figures of today’s Survation poll showed the Tories on 39%, with Labour gaining a point to 37%:

These figures compare to an 11 point Tory lead in Survation’s poll conducted just a fortnight ago on July 13th.

Whilst another poll released today, conducted by Redfield and Wilton, shows a four point gap between the two main parties - with Labour on 36% and the Tories on 40%:

These figures also show Labour are closing the gap to the government - gaining five points on the Tories since Redfield and Wilton’s last poll on July 19th.

In addition to the positive headline voting intention figures for Labour, Boris Johnson’s personal ratings have also taken a large hit.

Today’s Redfield and Wilton poll shows that 47% of people now disapprove of the PM - a large increase of six points in a week - whilst just 32% of voters now approve, down a full eight points since July 12th:

However, in the same survey, Keir Starmer’s personal rating has also dropped - albeit only by a single point - meaning that Starmer and Johnson are now equally unpopular with the public, both on -15%

Conversely, today’s Survation poll shows a large jump in Keir Starmer’s popularity - with the Labour leader gaining 12 points in a week, to go from -14 last week to just -2 in the last seven days.

In comparison, Boris Johnson is now on a personal rating of -10 in today's Survation survey, an increase of 3 points from -7 last week:

Moreover, the public increasingly view the government as incompetent - with today’s Redfield and Wilton poll showing the Tories’ lowest competency rating since October 2020:

However, when it comes to who would make the best Prime Minister, Keir Starmer still trails Boris Johnson by seven points:

In terms of policies, voters heavily distrust the current Labour Party on both Brexit and the economy - whilst the government do not poll under 30% for any single policy area:

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