Unleashing Interactions with EOSDEN: A Web3 Platform Enabling Collaborations

EOSDEN is an aggregator of Web3 Solutions built on EOS.

Powered by Patrick Schmid - NovaCrypto/EOSDEN - Music mixed & Video produced  - May 2023 | Credit to Jesse Jaffe - EOSBEES who produced this EOSDEN Story and narration - May 2023.
Powered by Patrick Schmid - NovaCrypto/EOSDEN - Music mixed & Video produced - May 2023 | Credit to Jesse Jaffe - EOSBEES who produced this EOSDEN Story and narration - May 2023.
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Meet Sophie, a brilliant software engineer who has developed an innovative decentralized application (dApp) on the EOS blockchain. She's eager to share her creation with the world but needs a platform to help her find verified users to interact (rate, review, use, validate) with her solution. 

She then discovers the EOSDEN website and platform. By studying the whitepaper, she learns that EOSDEN is an aggregator of Web3 solutions, built on EOS, that connects affiliates (Web3 Solution Provider, Networker/Advertiser, Content Creator) with verified users, who are rewarded for rating and writing a review of their solutions. 

Step 0: Verifying users by EOSDEN 

EOSDEN smart contract first verifies the new users by reading EOS Atomic Hub Assets table to find if they own a non-transferable token (NTT) from EDEN ON EOS or from Pomelo. If they do not, then the EOSDEN core members manually validate the new users (MSIG).

As Sophie explores the EOSDEN platform, she realizes that not only can EOSDEN help her find verified users to interact with her dApp, but it also offers a powerful suite of collaboration tools.

About Sophie’s dApp

Sophie's dApp is called EcoMedia. It’s a social media application designed to promote sustainable living. Users share their eco-friendly activities and earn $ECO tokens when their posts receive likes from others. These $ECO tokens can be spent within the EcoMedia marketplace or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Let’s follow Sophie's journey within EOSDEN, discovering its features and functionality, and witnessing the evolution and growth of her innovative dApp.

Step 1: Add Solution to EOSDEN 

Sophie submits her dApp on EOSDEN, which must be approved to become public. Once her submission is approved by EOSDEN core members through an MSIG entitled with Sophie’s EOS Account name, her solution is added to the EOSDEN platform. 

Step 2: $NCO token rewards! 

By submitting her EOSDEN approved solution, $NCO tokens are issued to Sophie’s EOS account. Verified users are rewarded in $NCO tokens into their EOS account when they rate and review Sophie’s solution. Sophie will also receive $NCO by accepting a collaboration with another EOSDEN affiliate.

Step 3: Staking $NCO for EOSDEN Verified Users

In order for Sophie to attract EOSDEN verified users, she transfers $EOS into her EOSDEN affiliate pool, which technically speaking, is a section (scope) into an EOSDEN smart contract table. It swaps $EOS for $NCO, which contributes to Total Value Locked (TVL) on EOSDEN. 

As an EOSDEN affiliate/solution, Sophie specifies posting on EcoMedia as the action to perform for EOSDEN verified users. Once the verified users have interacted with Sophie’s solution, they receive $NCO into their EOS Account, which they can decide to hold or swap on the NCO Defibox liquidity pool. 

Step 4: User Interactions and $NCO Rewards

Sophie’s first rating comes from Mike, who got verified on EOSDEN by owning an Honorable Donor Badge from Pomelo. Mike always felt on the edge about putting in the extra effort to live more sustainably. He realized he could receive $ECO for posting on EcoMedia, and receive $NCO for rating and reviewing Sophie’s solution on EOSDEN. This motivated Mike to post an image of himself reading by candlelight, a simple thing he could do right away to show sustainable living.

On EOSDEN, Mike gives EcoMedia a 5/6 star rating, explaining that he appreciates the user-friendly interface and the unique concept of rewarding verified users for their eco-friendly activities. Mike wrote that EcoMedia could benefit from a more extensive marketplace to spend the $ECO tokens. Mike receives $NCO tokens for his rating and for his review. This further incentivizes him to continue engaging with EOSDEN and their affiliate solutions.

Sophie became motivated by the review to attend networking events focused on sustainability, hoping to connect with like-minded individuals and companies to grow EcoMedia’s marketplace. 

Step 5: Exploring EOSDEN's Collaboration Mechanism

EcoMedia gains tremendous popularity on EOSDEN, becoming the top-rated dApp on the EOSDEN Platform. This success catches the attention of Mark, a fellow EOSDEN affiliate (in this case, a Web3 Solution Provider) and an executive at a crypto exchange.

Mark believes that listing $ECO tokens on his exchange could boost the visibility and utility of EcoMedia's token, and attract more verified users on his exchange. Mark sends an EOSDEN collaboration offer to Sophie’s solution, who can accept or deny.

Sophie accepts Mark's collaboration request, which unlocks $NCO rewards into their EOS accounts. They schedule a virtual meeting to discuss their ideas and vision for their collaboration. 

Step 6: Uniting through EOSDEN's Knowledge Management (KM) Suite

Sophie and Mark use EOSDEN's KM Suite, which includes document sharing, WebRTC chat and video, mindmapping, brainstorming activities, and the EOSDEN cockpit. They communicate effortlessly, share ideas, and strengthen their collaboration. It highlights EOSDEN's ability to bring together like-minded individuals and projects, fostering innovation and growth in EOS Digital Extended Networks. 

Step 7: Growth and Success

Thanks to EOSDEN's platform and collaboration tools, Sophie's EcoMedia flourishes as a widely-used solution on the EOS blockchain. She not only finds EOSDEN verified users to interact with her affiliate/solution, but also uncovers an invaluable partner to lift her project to greater heights.

EOSDEN's potential extends beyond EOS. Any affiliate using AntelopeIO-based networks, such as EOS, WAX, TELOS, and UX, can leverage EOSDEN to obtain valuable interactions on their solutions, opening up endless possibilities for growth and expansion.

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