VanEck's Spot-Market Bitcoin ETF Is Rejected - SEC Continues To Act to the Detriment of US Investors

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This ratio gives you an idea of the billions of dollars that will come into the market the day the SEC validates a Bitcoin ETF based on the spot market. Because it's only a matter of time in my opinion before the SEC finally approves such an ETF.

The political pressure is starting to build with more and more voices in Washington advocating such an opportunity to be offered to American investors when the rest of the world has already been offering it for a long time now.

The SEC will sooner or later have to be less dogmatic and approve Bitcoin ETFs based on the spot market. It's only a matter of time

It's time for the SEC to be less dogmatic to consider the interests of American investors. They want real exposure to Bitcoin. While I don't think it will replace buying Bitcoin directly, these investors would feel more comfortable investing in an ETF that buys Bitcoin for them on the spot market.

Billions of dollars are waiting to flood the market and put pressure on the available Bitcoin supply. The ETF market is now worth over $9.4T worldwide, with an annual growth rate of 26%. It is certain that the day this happens, the price of Bitcoin will be boosted even more.

In the meantime, American investors who do not wish to buy Bitcoin directly will have to wait. Some may find it advantageous to invest in Bitcoin mining companies on the stock market or in a company like MicroStrategy that has chosen Bitcoin to manage its cash reserve.

Finally, it is also worth considering that the approval of the first Bitcoin ETFs based on futures contracts in America could be the beginning of a path leading to the approval of ETFs based on the Bitcoin spot market. It is only a matter of time before the SEC realizes its mistake in this area.

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