Weekly Chief Delegates #10

After a week in which one of the chiefs caused a minor storm in the EOS sphere, there is progress on accounts permissions and developing support circles for EOS.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Time is counting as the chief delegates try to fix all the problems which have been plaguing them. This week the prospect of a delayed election became virtually inevitable, although there has been progress on account permissions. 

Key points for this week. 

  • A possible solution for the accounts permissions problem. 
  • A meeting is proposed between the Chief Delegates and the ENF. 
  • The upcoming election is likely to be delayed. 
  • Fears over legal liabilities for chief delegates and Eden members.

We begin, though, as ever with individual updates. 

Gracie Lau 

Eden CN conducted a second trial election on June 12th. So far from their first trial election EOS Papa has received 1,000 EOS and completed their account creation tool ahead of schedule. So far, it has been used to create more than 3,000 new EOS accounts. The other two projects have completed technical plans. 

The second trial election will support a project to build an e-store on EOS. The next election will be held on August 13th.

Michael O’Sullivan 

Michael used his funds to create the Eden Discord show. He also sparked a bit of controversy with the Eden Declaration of Independence which prompted a sharp response from Dan Larimer. He is continuing to work on the bylaws and is gathering information for the MSIG which will be needed to transfer account permissions. He has made an MSIG account for the chief delegates if needed. 

Brock Pierce 

Brock had his latest treasury report: He has 1503 unclaimed E0S and 2119 is still available to spend. 

Planning for a virtual Ideathon is still in progress. They have an open meeting in Discord for anyone to join. Working on a conference proposal plan. He is pleased to see the ENF talking about participating at conferences and makes the point that he has been calling for this for some time. 

Edgar Fernandez

Edgar has claimed the head chief delegate funds and sent that allocation to each person as per the ratified bylaws. He helped create a repo for this multi-SIG. The transfer of keys will hopefully be something which is recurring, he says, so his team has taken it upon themselves to make an open source tool which could be used by future chief delegates. 

He has shared the repo of that tool in the Telegram channel so it can be ironed out and left for others to use after them. 

Chuck MacDonald

Chuck has been travelling and has been doing a lot of writing. He expects to have something in the next few days to present a summary of where he is as a chief delegate. He notes that there is still much to do if the chief delegates are to make progress. They spent a month ratifying the bylaws which, he says, has created a lot of unintended consequences. 

There are a lot of discussions and concerns about the active permissions for the account. They need to talk about safeguards, time delays and oversight. 

Account permissions 

This has been an issue for a long time and is becoming a top priority. There has been a considerable amount of discussion about this in the Eden members group. The declaration caused plenty of debate about intellectual property and the future of Eden. Dan Larimer produced a blog post raising concerns about liability if the chief delegates behave inappropriately. He was not keen to transfer the active keys without the go-ahead from the block producers. 

Dan and Yves held discussions about moving forward and agreed on a process. They would have to create an MSIG which would have all of the code to automatically transfer permissions. They would get the keys after a 72-hour delay which gave the block producers an opportunity to intervene if they wish. 

Legal liabilities 

Even once the account's permissions are in place, Brock Pierce brought up the question of legal liability. Without a legal entity limiting their liability, he believes, they could be personally liable for anything Eden does. Liability could potentially extend to all members, not just the elected chief delegates. This will be a major concern for not just the delegates but also all Eden members. 

Backstop options 

Although they appear to have found a way forward, they still need to consider backstop options if they cannot get the active permissions. If they cannot solve this, they cannot change the code which, in turn, will mean the bylaws ratified cannot be enacted. 

Edgar points out that he raised the problem of code changes involved with ratifying the bylaws back in the first meeting. If they do not have the permissions to enact the bylaws, he asks, what’s the point? Bylaws, he suggests, should only be proposed if they have a clear vision for how they will be carried out. 

He suggests there are a number of scenarios:

  1. They announce at short notice, rush through the process and end up with low participation. People say they did it for their own interests and that the process has failed. 
  2. They get active permissions but they delay the election which means they have to un-ratify or propose new bylaws and that the next group would do that. This would have reputational problems because they would be seen to have ratified something and failed to follow through. 
  3. Permissions aren’t transferred and they don’t propose any changes. They could be forced to delay and un-ratify.

Election dates

Michael suggests it’s getting to the stage where it will not be possible to hold the election on the original date. Even if they get them now it would be difficult to run before July 9th without extreme actions. 

Chuck says they will need to change the contract because the election cannot be called less than 30 days from the election date. Right now it’s set for October, but they will be unable to change it for their original July 9th date. Changing that 30-day buffer could have unintended consequences. 

He also points out there is ambiguity in the community about the date because there are conflicting dates being given out to the community. 

Nothing is official, he says, until it’s onchain. Once they make a decision in a meeting they should add something on the chain to make it official. They have never made the appeal to change the active keys until the declaration of independence. Although they made their opinion clear, there was no force behind it. 

The announcement of their decision is never made official. He suggests they need to write MSIGs putting their motions onchain. The more people can see onchain, the more legitimate this DAO will become. 

Getting budgets

Gracie adds that they still need to figure out how they can get the budget. They had assumed they would get the budget from the Eden treasury once they get the permissions, but now they are not so sure. There is a concern from the community that if the chief delegates get permission, they may misuse the treasury. Perhaps, she says, they need an addition to the bylaws about the circumstances in which the treasury funds can be used. 

If they need another way to get the budget to enact the changes, she suggests, they will need to request funds from the ENF or get them from Pomelo. 

Chuck mentions that Yves has been waiting for a request for funds from Eden to cross his desk. If it arrives too close to the election date it could sound like an ultimatum. He suggests they need to appeal to the ENF for help with this. 

They also need an MSIG for ownership and active permissions for Eden to create sub-accounts to support the key circles. The critical one they need is one which handles tech and another which can handle elections. Each account could have a delegate who is appointed to run that circle. 

They may create individual circles which could apply for funds from the ENF. Money could be released to the circles based on milestones. He proposes they draw up a proposal to approach the ENF for funds.  

Brock suggests it would also be helpful to set up a meeting between Yves and the chief delegates as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the election will almost certainly be delayed to maintain the 30-day rule in place.  

In summary 

Overall, there is progress with the account permissions. However, they have spent so much time working on this that time is running out. The election will be delayed and a meeting held with the ENF as they look to define a way to fund the Eden support circles they have been trying to create. It has been a bumpy ride, but as they enter the final weeks of their term, there are real prospects of them putting solid measures in place which will make the lives of future chief delegates and other versions of Eden around the world a whole lot earlier. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)

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