WhiteWhale Protocol: Democratizing Arbitrage

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There has been some excitement around WhiteWhale Protocol and they have finally launched their litepaper! Let’s dive in.

Token Distribution

Prior to the token generation event (TGE), unassigned tokens might be burned to limit total supply or redistributed to the treasury (Community Fund).


Nov-Dec 2021 - Testnet, live arb testing Jan 2022 - Community IDO Events Jan-March 2022 - Mainnet launch Q3-4 2022 - V2 Expand Arb Vaults to addition assets 2022-2033 - Cross-Chain arbitrage


WhiteWhale Protocol democratizes arbitrage for the average DeFi user and safeguards the $UST peg. What more do I have to explain for you to get behind it? NFA.


Website: https://whitewhale.money/

Twitter: @WhiteWhaleTerra

Litepaper: https://www.whitewhale.money/Litepaper.pdf

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