Zaisan’s CEO Rhett Oudkerk explains the European Conference and Go-to-Market Strategy for EOS

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Until recently EOS has not made much of a flash on the crypto conference scene. However, all that’s about to change with a series of events planned around the world, especially in Europe. 

Heading this up will be blockchain marketing firm Zaisan spearheaded by the CEO and founder of EOS Amsterdam Rhett Oudkerk. He was inspired to work with EOS block producers to create a Euro-centric Europe chain due to concerns about the implications of EU privacy laws. 

When the ENF was founded its CEO Yves La Rose approached Rhett’s team to see if they were interested in writing the blue paper strategy. This led to the writing of the core plus whitepaper as well as taking the initiative to launch EOS.BUSINESS a few years ago.

EOS.BUSINESS is a network of companies and individuals that are more focused on B2B applications. Its members include EOS Costa Rica and Rewire. They additionally invited a host of companies to assist them with their tasks.

According to Rhett, La Rose liked the fact that he already had everything in place for a company including staff, a legal entity and lawyers. To Yves, Zaisan represented a perfect partner to try and help benefit EOS. 

Rhett believed Zaisan could be in a position to help with the marketing of EOS as well as being a foot in the door of Europe. This led him to write a business plan consisting of three parts: 

  • Partnership With Gartner 
  • Feet On The Ground (11 events in Europe and Dubai) 
  • Business Development

Events will be at the forefront of their strategy. EOS will have a booth at the Token 2049 event in Singapore which will be staffed by the ENF themselves. They will also be attending Token 2049 in London which will have around 3,000 in attendance. 

Rhett will be attending a further nine events, including the Techex in Amsterdam which will be the first time they have a booth with an expected 5,000 people in attendance. One event which will not have a booth is the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. However, Rhett will be there to meet and network with people. 

The Amsterdam and Cologne events will have Rhett speaking and the W3 Vision in Cologne will have 38,000 people. They hope to get in contact with 234,000 people in total when collecting all of the expected attendees at these conferences which will place EOS in the eyes of many blockchain enthusiasts.

Once these events are finished, they expect to have a better view of where the market is heading and will include that in their strategy moving forward.

(Writing by Samba Jallow, editing by Klaudia Fior and Tom Cropper)

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