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Dan Larimer and the ENF plan a new codebase and a fresh community driven era of independence for EOS.

Credit: Bywire News, Canva
Credit: Bywire News, Canva
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LONDON (Bywire News) - Having broken away from its founding company B1, EOS looks set to be redesigned and rebuilt under the guiding hands of the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and EOS architect Dan Larimer.

Larimer left B1 last year as concerns began to be raised about its role in the development of EOS. However, he soon returned to the community through his new venture ClarionOS. With the successful launch of the ENF and the effective side lining of B1 in EOS, he recently announced he would be working, alongside the team at ClarionOS, to replace the existing EOS code repository with an entirely new codebase.

Working with his team, Larimer will fork the EOSIO codebase into a new repository which, for the time being, will be called Mandel. To ensure flexibility it will come with two major upgrades: version 2.3 which Larimer sees as the natural successor to EOSIO 2.2. and Mandel 3.0.

The candidate for Mandel 3.0 will be released on January 31 and has been made possible thanks to funding of 200,000 EOS from the ENF. This represents another in a series of strong statements which shows the power and commitment of the community to take control of EOS’ future.

Anger had been growing at B1’s lack of activity throughout 2021, coming to a head when the block producers voted to stop ongoing block reward payments to B1 on December 8, 2021. It effectively signalled a power grab with Yves La Rose and the ENF putting power back in the hands of the community.

“Taking over the EOSIO codebase is a top priority for the ENF,” said Yves La Rose, lead at the ENF. “Partnering with Dan Larimer, the original architect of the EOS software, was a natural first step in accomplishing that goal. Since resigning from Block.one a year ago, Dan Larimer and his team of engineers at ClarionOS have remained as key active members of the EOS community. With the team and the rest of the EOSIO family, we will put an end to the technical stagnation that EOS has suffered under Block.one’s leadership.”

“The Mandel code fork is the shortest path to EOS independence", added Dan Larimer. “It is the first step on a multi-year plan to revitalize EOS. I'm excited to partner with the ENF, and I have never been more optimistic about the future vision for EOS. It is on the path to becoming the DAO of DAOs where new users won't have to pay for accounts and countless people will be rewarded for contributing and inviting others who do the same!”

Plenty of uncertainty remains. However, after years of stagnation, the EOS ecosystem is transformed. Under B1, its software remained more or less unchanged aside from a couple of minor upgrades. Even those initiatives which B1 did announce never saw the light of day.

Mandel, together with other initiatives spearheaded by the ENF, has injected renewed momentum into the ecosystem. This is a network playing catchup fast. With the ENF taking the reins alongside Dan Larimer, and a vast network of developers, EOS is well on its way to full independence.


(Writing by Tom Cropped, editing by Michael O'Sullivan)

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