How Do You Find Unbiased News Sources in the UK

If you’re looking for unbiased news sources UK media offers slim pickings. Everyone has an agenda which is why trust is plummeting. 

Trust in the media is a phrase you hear bandied about a lot in at the moment. Namely, because there isn’t much of it. According to various studies, trust in the media is at an all time low. The idea of finding unbiased news sources in the UK seems like one of those quaint ideas that belongs to yesteryear. So where did it go wrong for the media? 


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The lack of faith in the media has led to the rise of alternative news in the UK. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the left we have the likes of Evolve Politics or Squawkbox. In the middle we have Byline Times which has been putting the mainstream media to shame with its coverage of the PPE scandals and failures, and on the right we have the likes of Breitbart and Guido .

The existence of alternative news in the UK has been the subject of intense hand wringing among the mainstream media. And while the web may be awash with disinformation and hate speech it is the failure of the mainstream to fulfil its role as impartial chroniclers of the world, we live in which has given them their foothold. 

Much of the distrust comes from politicians. In the US Donald Trump launched a war on what he called ‘fake news’ as he sought to erode trust in the institutions designed to hold him to account. And it worked. Plenty of people in the US would stick with Trump through thick and thin. As he put it ‘he could shoot someone in the head in Time Square and people would still vote for him’.

However, the mainstream has also had a hand in its own demise. Multiple studies show how bias and misinformation has crept into the biggest media outlets on the market. We’ve come to accept that the daily Newspapers exist less to inform rather than promote the agendas of their billionaire bosses. 

However, it’s when we see this same disease creeping into the supposedly more respectable broadcast media that we truly see how sick the media has become. The BBC is supposed to be a bastion of independent journalism. Decade after decade it has stood firm against government attempts to bend it to its will, but today those defences are beginning to creek. 

The BBC’s coverage has ceased to be impartial. Decision makers move freely between the Beeb and the Tory communications office. The ‘anonymous government source’ is quoted without scrutiny or context by reporters who seem contempt to indulge in the kind of client journalism which would have made Goebbels envious. 

Thanks to them, the search for unbiased news in the UK has become a bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can see where it should be but try as you might you can never reach it. While they fail in their duty alternative news in the UK will rise to fill in the gaps, and Bywire News is part of this solution. 


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