Antelope Swiss Workshop 17 - December 9th, 2022 - End of Season 3

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Gamification of Antelope with an inter-nested fractal paradigm through collaborative circles

It is important to have collaborative circles, this has already been addressed during previous Workshops by NovaCrypto. But this now becomes even more important as Open-AI grows and directs us towards more Sybil protection where it becomes clear that systems based on human trust (some centralization) with smart contracts (maximally decentralized) allowing a disintermediation of this trust is a key for healthier ecosystems with cooperations inside these to finally have the most fragmented interoperability between humans.

The tools exist and are under iterative development with steps involving Brainstorming, to give yourself the chance to update your mindset, where you give yourself the right to destroy, recompose, and be aligned for better collaboration. We find out here with several interviews in this Antelope Swiss Workshop, the last of season 3 - December 9th.

With Jesse Jaffe - CEO EOS Bees
It's a journey seen from the inside in Cockpit mode where we understand that the very mode of operation of the Bees is their system of comments and retweets, better interoperability between Bees and Antelope coalition networks, such as WAX, to allow other Antelope-based Networks to land on EOS Mainnet as an entry point, the reason being that EOS has the most TVL (Total Value Locked) and is the channel/network that serves as a settlement layer for micro-transactions with an instant finality close to 3 seconds.

With Matthias Schoenebeck - Founder of ZEOS - Private Transactions on EOS
We understand the importance of Pseudonymous Systems and the DAC side that gives more decentralization for decisions on proposals. Also, we discover how it is possible to fit within a block, a maximum of actions but also how to go beyond thanks to the DAPP Network technology and its services.

With Dan Singjoy - Tadas Vaitiekunas - Eden Fractal - Platform Model Ecosystem
It is the proof of use (Proof-Of-Usage) of on-chain governance processes, such as Eden+ Fractal, Cagendas, and its variant Vlalendas, which are agenda systems optimizing the time that any other fractal will owe face when it comes to making a group of people interacting around ideas, data and who must structure them to make a knowledge base. To do this, we use MindMaps as a collective memory reducing the Rashomon effect.

With Vlad - Co-founder of CETF
This is DEFI in all its glory with maximum tokens in one box, EOSETF. We understand the participating players and why smart contracts are important and why funds are safer inside a contract. Transactions must be conducted privately using ZEOS technology.


Finally, during this workshop, we share some Pomelo Season 4 exclusives and we encourage you to support them:
EOS Bees - Jesse:
ZEOS - Matthias:
ALBEDO - Tadas Vaitiekunas:

Eden Fractal - Dan Singjoy:
MindWeb - NovaCrypto:

MindWeb Pomelo Collections MindMap

I hope you have a great time with these educational videos, with direct access to the chapters.
This is the last workshop of this season 3, but on December 23 you will have the pleasure of having a HuFi Workshop ending season 1.

As for me, I'll meet you on January 23 for an Antelope Swiss Workshop which starts season 4, as well as a HuFi Workshop which begins season 2.

To all of you, I wish you happy holidays and a good start in 2023 with Heart, Soul, and Mind. Go EOS!




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