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EOSDen is an aggregator of Web3 solutions built on EOS. NovaCrypto will cover every 2 months the current iteration with EOSDen

The platform is built in collaboration with CAC and VLAD and will welcome Networker/Advertisers, Web3 Solutions Providers, Content Creators, and users

Whitepaper is coming, at this point, we share a landing page with a lite paper/one-pager all accessible through

The NCO Token is also available on deFi Box.

Learn more about WEB3  and how its model on Antelope Networks, particularly on EOS blockchain-based Ecosystem.

Web3, Information, Ideation, Data, and Users jumping from one Antelope network to another.

Interoperability & Collaboration On Antelope Networks

Diving into the USE-CASE with Pomelo and the Astronauts with Martin Breuer

The mini swarms are affordable content on Twitter and learn about the Social Sentiment Metric with Jesse Jaffe

In the Mexican Jungle, discover the project Camazotz Cohaven with Gavriel Shaw

Discover the Catalyst to sandboxing and collaboration with fractal democracy with Dan Singjoy and Vlad of Eden Fractal

CETF Protocol and how it can deliver liquidity to EOS with Vlad Hramtsov

Discover the Firmament Protocol and the directory of DAO explained crystal clear by Tadas Vaitiekunas


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