Briefings: Antelope Leap v3.1, DUNE, Yield+, Telos Nation, Jeff, Fractally UI

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It’s here. OK, just the name. Still, we’re Leaping for joy. DUNE, Yield+, and Telos embrace EOS’ new antlers. Team ENF’s future is bright (and busy). Pomelo began its tally and analysis. Fractally teases a UI. Who is this Jeff guy? Telos Nation?

Antelope and the Coming Upgrade

The community got its first look at the September 21 hardfork delivering the 3rd generation of EOS. Mandel has officially been replaced by Antelope. To avoid past confusion associated with the C++ implementation of EOSIO, a distinct name will be given to new versions. Leap v3.1 will serve as:

…the first community-run implementation of the Antelope protocol…

Visit the Antelope website to learn more. The codebase is introduced as:

…an open framework for building next-generation Web3 products and services.

ENF CEO Yves La Rose talks more about the tech upgrades in a thread. EOS Nation goes into a deep dive into Antelope with him on Twitter Spaces.

DUNE, Yield+ Take the First Leaps for Antelope

Those who follow ENF working groups might have guessed which two names are most closely associated with Antelope during its first week. DUNE and Yield+ appear ready to keep pace on takeoff. DUNE:

DUNE v1.0.0-RC2 has been released to our new @AntelopeIO Github repo!

DUNE facilitates development on EOS. While Yield+ wasn’t spotlighted alongside Antelope, the liquidity initiative recently began taking registrations. Yield+ rewards commence on August 28. Telos is another one to keep an eye on. It appears the most interested, or at least active, of the other three Coalition blockchains. Though, Yves did touch upon a EOS-WAX NFT bridge

On the Horizon for the ENF

The ENF began the Antelope tour in its home country, Canada, at the recent Blockchain Futurists Conference. Next month, the ENF takes its show to South Korea.  At the end of September, following the Leap v3.1 hardfork, the ENF will speak at possibly the most anticipated crypto event, Token 2049. While September expects to be explosive, who knows how much momentum EOS will have going into the London conference (November). Here’s another Yves thread going into more detail about Antelope and what it means for EOS. Antelope is indeed about speed. However, developing EOS EVM alongside causes speculation about adaptability. Yves says:

…Antelope becomes a Swiss-army framework, with tools all use cases.

Pomelo Season 3 Closes with a Bang: Thank You Helios

Helios founder Brock Pierce helped close out Pomelo Season 3 on a very positive note. With 38 contributions and more than $17,000, Brock Pierce finished the season as 2nd all-time highest contributor. Among the recipients were the Briefings project for this newsletter. Most would likely agree with Helios that:

…With many amazing proposals this season, it was in our opinion the best so far…

While Season 3 donations are closed, the Pomelo team conducts a rigorous analysis. The community is encouraged to report suspicious behavior. Pomelo also reminded that Trust Bonuses can still be boosted.

ByWire Continues to Press for Mainstream Blockchain

Few players on EOS have ByWire’s reach. The numbers speak for themself:

ByWire provides both mainstream and crypto content. However, at its core is advancing blockchain technology. Stagnation can kill a venture. Diversifying how a platform connects with its users can be powerful, especially when care and critical thinking underpins every effort. Don’t let the cartoon nature of Jeff vs The Metaverse fool you. Creativity, artists, and NFTs are an integral part of blockchain’s future. Also, ByWire has a new show.

Coalition+: EOS Nation Elected as Standby BP on Telos

EOS’ most influential block producer, EOS Nation, comes to Telos as a standby BP. Coalition+ directs inter-blockchain collaboration for the ecosystem. Its impact upon development, and the days following Antelope activation, will surely be eventful. Now, with EOS Nation on Telos, the two blockchain communities are closer than ever. EOS and Telos already share a kinship. However, projects with assets that cross both chains are lacking. The advent of Antelope, as well as EOS Nation, promises to help bridge the gap.

New Fractally UI

For those wondering how much Fractally shares with EOS, know that Dan Larimer leads the team using an enhanced version of EOSVM. Hopefully Fractally and EOS will grow into a symbiotic relationship. Dan acknowledges his value of EOS from week-to-week. Most recently:

It is encouraging to see the positive narrative shift on EOS.

The new Fractally UI was used with mixed results. Issues were identified with promising solutions. All and all, Fractally UI exhibits a nimbleness for both blockchain applications and finding consensus among differing points of view. Truly amazing, especially at this early stage. On an emotional level, Dan (and the whole Fractally team) seem to be having fun.

Eden on EOS: Antelope, another Step Closer to September 21

Antelope (EOSIO/Mandel) is not EOS, EOS is not Eden. However, Eden is very much EOS (though EdenOS is open source for other chains to adopt) and EOS block producers will need to sync with Antelope Leap v3.1. September 21, when the first parts of Leap activate, marks a monumental milestone in the future of all three. Since EOS is the central community that brings together Coalition+ partners (Telos, WAX, UX Network), a successful launch invariably extends to the plans and development of the ecosystem. And when EOS launches with powerful new features, it also represents a profound opportunity for Eden. This week’s news was, as one might expect, disrupted by the announcement of Antelope, as well as conferences mentioned last week. Still, the community churned ahead in impressive form:

Go Fractally: UI Tests Positive

Fractally is indeed maturing as a tech, community, and process. The overriding topic during the post discussion was rewarding contributions. Measurements, perspectives, teams, employees vs. volunteers, appropriate allocations, and more heated up the post meeting discussion. All and all, it was a very constructive few hours. And of course, the new UI (discussed above) held the community’s attention. There’s currently 3 independent fractals (and another ready to take flight). Each offers their own participation rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent) - learn governing fundamentals
  • Eden (EOS) - contribute to the mainnet
  • Alien Worlds (WAX) - are you a gamer?
  • Bitshares (on its takeoff roll) - exchange on seasoned tech

For those wanting to learn more, and or to help start a Bitshares team on the Genesis fractal, check out recent articles by highsteam1900, nudmar, and merivercap. Join the discussion, make contributions, and inquire here.




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