Briefings: Mandel and Dune, Pomelo Live, Fractally Addendum, Helios Earn, EOS Support, EOS Film

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Dune 1.0.0-rc1, Mandel and More

With all the discussions centered around Mandel 3.1-rc2 and an EOS EVM, sometimes important advancements get lost in the mix. It’s understandable considering how development teams focus on the release of key applications in advance of Token2049. So when EOS finally delivers on what outside developers have most criticized, it’ll be all that much sweeter. Dune 1.0.0-rc1 makes developing on EOS much easier for experienced professionals who aren’t familiar with the code. ‘Just try EOS and you’ll be hooked’, is a prevailing sentiment that never caught on with mainstream developers. Dune’s:

     “...Node management, compiling smart contracts, and running tests…”

Radically shifts the development paradigm in EOS’ favor. It comes just as the third version of the mainnet (Mandel) and cross-chain applications to Ethereum (Trust Network EVM) set to go live.

Pomelo Applications: “And They're Off!”

Pomelo applications are being accepted. Donations open on the 27th. The ENF set aside a $350k+ matching pool. Pomelo is about funding:

     “ Web3 public goods…”

Also, visit the link above to win NFT prizes. Pomelo NFTs are fun. This season you can launch rockets to exotic destinations. Never took part in a Pomelo Season? The first two were special. Pomelo brings the community together with uplifting, meaningful conversation. Events like Season 3’s first twitter space are as much about finding what the community needs as they are a party. Find out more on EOS Nation’s Hot Sauce #161.

Latest from ENF’s CEO and Founder

Has anyone on EOS been as active as ENF CEO, Yves La Rose? Here’s some highlights of his reports this week:

  • Systems are now in place for EOS to reach its potential
  • Stressed the importance of Greymass, wallets, and SDKs, highlighting associated funding $300k+
  • ENF grants extends beyond developers to all valued contributors of the community
  • Announced a partnership with Zaisan to expand EOS’s global presence (particularly in Dubai)
  • Stressed the importance of the Coalition delivering faster finality for IBC and unlocking limitless horizontal scaling
  • Summarized the ENFs combined work over the past few months including talent acquisition, funding, IBC…
  • Wished a happy birthday to WAX, a member of Coalition+

Bywire to Make an EOS Film

It’s time for an EOS film. Community members would say one is long overdue. Afterall, the EOS mainnet and underlying open source EOSIO software introduced unparalleled speed (combined with security) to the blockchain industry. Core developers came together to show that progress is possible and at a much lower cost than the $4 billion that B1 ran away with. Sounds like as good of a script for a Hollywood movie as there is in blockchain, besides the Bitcoin Pizza story of course. Bywire News is promoting the project as “Reclaiming EOS”.

Helios: Earn EOS via Twitter and 4rth Incubator Wave

You read that right. Both Helios and EOS Bees have a growing presence on Twitter. This week, Helios promoted earning EOS using your twitter account at a recent Twitter Space. Given EOS’ superfast transaction speeds, the concept could really take off. Since EOS transactions are low cost, the sky’s limit to what can be designed. Team Helios specifically mentions EOS Bees’ powerful new swarm technique. There’s more news from the Helios team this week. You’ve heard of hackathons. How about setting aside $75k for an Ideathon. The 4rth wave of the Helios incubator program was also detailed this week. Since the focus is on incubating projects, not much fanfare surrounds the program. Eight teams make up the 4rth wave. Want more? Check out Helios’ Q2 Report.

EOS Support Semi Annual Report

When Yves La Rose takes time to share the spotlight, you know you’re a valued member of the EOS community. Yves mentioned how EOS Support and its live agents are available to help the community. He was responding to EOS Support’s Semi Annual Report. The report details the advancements and outlook for EOS Support’s ticket system, scam prevention, Learning Center, advanced services, community outreach, and more. Another example of EOS Support’s community contributions comes via a recent feedback inquiry. Developers are asked to offer their insights into the EOSIO History Tool.

Eden on EOS

The first couple of weeks of a new term are often quiet around Eden. That is, in terms of actionable events. One thing that stands out this week is the Chief Delegates taking the possession of the domain. It’s not been finalized, but succeeding in the endeavor would put to rest a few things. First off, communicating with new and existing members will be much easier given an actively managed site. There’s also the matter of the issues encountered last election of the substantial amount of time between the smart contract update and site update. Below are links to meetings, events and news relevant to Eden. You can get a feel for where the CDs are by the opening statements of Third Term CDs meeting #2. They begin by discussing the metrics (kpi) by which the group will measure success. A brainstorming session is expected to follow, hopefully leading to a clearer path presented during next week’s meeting.

Go Fractally: Addendum to the Whitepaper Passes

Traditional governance takes way too much time considering available technologies. Eden on EOS is less than a year old and in that time has demonstrated profound advantages. Fractally comes from the same team that gave EOS the EdenOS software. Weekly consensus, rather than months long governance terms, is where Fractally places its focus. Fractally’s mission includes both a means of censensus and an advanced social platform. Additional applications are also in the works. There are currently 3 independent fractals offering their own rewards on different chains:

  • Genesis (independent)
  • Eden (EOS)
  • Alien Worlds (WAX)

This week, the Fractally Genesis meeting saw the passing of the first addendum to the whitepaper. Key topics include an adjustment to the second round and outline of token distribution. Join the discussion and make contributions by applying here, as well as find out more about each fractal.












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